Ambivalence Spread - For Indecision or Confusion

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Ambivalence Spread - For Indecision or Confusion

Inspired by the Wheel of Change Sixes

Originally Posted by
ambivalence: Psychology. the coexistence within an individual of positive and negative feelings toward the same person, object, or action, simultaneously drawing him or her in opposite directions.
I’ve been working with the Wheel of Change Tarot for a while now, and while exploring the Sixes and the Sixth Level of the creator’s (Genetti’s) Tarot Tree (thread forthcoming ), I became very inspired by how deeply I was connecting with this particular energy of choice and action and indecision.


The cards form two interlocking triangles, the Star of David. The downward-pointing triangle speaks of what pulls you down; the upward-pointing triangle, what raises you up.

1: Personality traits I allow to work against me
2: External “hits” I have taken
3: Pattern this leads to
4: Personality traits attempting to raise me up
5: Strokes of luck, opportunities, resources
6: Pattern this leads to

In designing this spread, I’ve steered away from an “outcome” or solution card. It was designed for those times when you feel equally pulled in two directions, when you have to make, as Genetti puts it, an “active choice”. This natural tension should be a feature of the reading. Cards 3 and 6 offer some indication of outcome, but not in any discrete sense. They merely point in a direction. I tried this spread last night, and it was incredibly powerful for me. I was very impressed, and would love to hear how everyone else gets on if you try it!

\m/ Kat
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Thanks Kat for posting this spread. Right now I am debating about accepting some temporary job and your spread is coming very handy. I will try it as soon as I am able to and will let you know my results. Peace,
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This looks like a great decision spread. Do you think it'll work if someone has a hard time deciding to use this spread over another, ha?
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