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Originally Posted by Nevada
I'm too empathic at times, and someone sitting in front of me or beside me, hoping and wishing for whatever they hope or wish for, is a major distraction.
This is why I prefer to read in person. Getting that "vibe" from your sitter is where the magic lies---the interaction between me and a live sitter. I find it much harder to read online because the "vibe" isn't there. In my opinion, it's essential to sit face-to-face with your sitter in order to give the best readings. I enjoy reading online sometimes, but I don't think the readings are as good.
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There's a simple answer to the original sea of questions. Come in, sit down , place your money on the table, get the reading . Unsatisfied? your free to retreive your money. The reader is looking through their eyes, their psyche, their interpretations. On the other hand you have asked if the person has studied the mind, you would be suprised to find the problems origination.
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These are all interesting questions for discussion but I don't think I'd be inclined to spend the time answering them all as a preliminary to even setting an appointment - some of them are just not relevent to whether or not I'm the right reader for you, some are too personal to answer for someone I've not developed a relationship with... and some are exactly what I'd like to discuss prior to a reading, but would happen at the reading, not before.

Originally Posted by LabyrinthOfDreams
How did you come into this profession?
This comes under the header of too personal - would you ask your doctor or accountant or mechanic about how they came to their profession as a criteria for choosing whether or not to hire them? Mind you, should we develop a professional relationship, this topic might come up, but it's not something I feel any need to discuss with strangers, and certainly not strangers who are seeking the information in order to assess my worth to them.

Why do you read for other people?
Same as above - obviously, the answer you're hoping not to hear is 'so I can fleece them off all their money and buy a mansion.' - if that IS the true answer, it's not what they're going to tell you. For anyone else, it's just impertinent and forcing a personal relationship well before it's organically developed.

Do you believe that you can solve other peoples problems via "spell work"?
This is a fair question to me, but reword it - do I professionally do spell work and will a suggestion that you purchase a spell from me come up in the reading? Answer - no. What I believe, however, is not your business.

What type of deck will you use and or will I have the option to choose my own deck?
Again, a very fair question - pre-appointment answer is "I will provide a small selection of decks and you are welcome to choose with one you prefer we work with." Long treatises on why I use the decks I use are great fun to ramble about, but not before or during a reading.

And in fact, a number of your questions are curiousity about Tarot (and specifically about my personal philosophy about Tarot) - which I LOVE talking about, but I would hold those questions until after a reading, at which point, if you'd like to stay on the clock with me, I'll be glad to share my views. And if I enjoy that discussion with you, I might point you to a few resources where you can discuss more with like-minded people.

But during the reading? For you to get anything out of it, you need to be focused on your situation, not on whether or not you think I'm reading it 'right' (ie, how you would).... if you're already certain of what each card, position, reversal, etc, will mean and you know how to read, you don't need someone else to read for you. Surely you're going elsewhere to get a fresh perspective? Let it happen.

Are you comfortable with the fact that I do read for myself and I am aware of the "book meaning" behind each card?
I love speaking with people who are already comfortable with Tarot - it lets me short cut a bit on the explanations (I love sharing my thoughts on Tarot, and will instinctively dip into 'teaching' mode rather than reading mode if we're not both careful to separate the two - so lets keep that part til after the reading). I'll be glad to discuss in depth why I interpreted as I did after the reading itself, if you'd like to stick around for that kind of discussion. But during the reading, please keep questions on the situation, not on the mechanics of the reading. Book meanings are a great start - but they are only a small part of actually reading Tarot.

How do you think that the tarot works?
Not at all relevent. Ask a milllion people, get a million answers, none definitive. I think *that* it works... if you do too, then let's read.

Do you use reversals?
Sometimes... and if I'm using them in your reading, I'll explain what they mean for the purposes of that reading. This is one of those things that I'll decide at the time of the reading, after we determine the path we're taking for the reading itself. (yes, we.)

Do you allow any particular religious beliefs to influence your readings?
It's rather difficult not to let one's spiritual views influence one's reading, but if you mean religious views on 'right' and 'wrong', then no. If your job is to stay open to my method, then by all means, my job is to stay open to your situation, without religious-based judgment.

Do you believe that the cards themselves hold any kind of "power"?

Have you studied psychology (Such as Jung) and do you apply that to your interpretations of the cards?
My interpretations stem from many areas of study and influences. Am I focused on any one of them, such as Jung? No. Do I find Tarot to be helpful in understanding psychological-based issues? Yes. Any answer beyond that again, would be something for a discussion-centered session, either at another time or after the reading.

Do you believe yourself to be psychic? If so, explain to me how that will come into play during my reading.
I am a Tarot reader. I do not advertise myself as a psychic. That said, I believe psychic abilities are something we all share, developed or otherwise. In my case, it tends to come out empathically and I 'hear' phrases to help me understand things the cards are showing me. I cannot pull out names or dates or eye color, and if you're seeking a 'psychic' specifically, I may not be the reader for you.

Are you comfortable with my active participation during the reading?
Absolutely as long as it is participation in understanding and gaining clarity about your situation, not debating me on the reading itself. If you see something in a card that speaks to you, by all means, bring it up! The insights you uncover in a reading are as valuable or more as those I raise. It's your life, and your reading - if you're not involved, there is a problem.

Are you put on the defensive by sitters who have a prior understanding of the tarot?
Nope. I am put on the defensive by sitters who come in defensively, though.... I understand it, but (hello, empathic here) I find it impossible to ignore the tone and it's very unsatisfying to read if we're both arms-folded suspiciously at each other, no?

What type of spread will you be using for my reading if any are used at all and why?
This is a key part of what we'll decide prior to the reading - you'll select a deck, explain your question, I'll clarify what aspects you want to cover, work out a spread (or at least make sure I know what needs answering), ask if this works for you and if so, we'll proceed. If not, we'll modify until it does.

I have some spreads I tend to use regularly, other times I draw as we go - either way, you'll know what we'll be doing and be comfortable that it covers what you're trying to get clarity about.

Do I sound like the Spanish Inquisition here? I'm just a tad bit over the bullshit and I'd like the reader to know that I'm SERIOUS about her claims to be serious. Think I'll offend?
A bit, yea. I understand the desire to be able to trust, and that these questions are intended to do that, but maybe shorten the questions to just a few and consider when you want to ask them... perhaps just 'if i want more explanation about how you work with the cards, can we discuss that after the reading?' might shorten your list considerably.

The catch with all this is that, while you're wanting to stress that you know Tarot and take this seriously.... all the questions seems to have an unspoken 'and if you don't answer all of these exactly how i would, i'm not going to take you seriously'. Of course the reader is going to be defensive.. it's pretty well designed to put them on notice that you are 'over' bullshit you half expect them to hand you.

The answer to that is very simple.... if you don't feel comfortable with me, please don't hire. in fact, if you can't trust professional readers, take break from them altogether. It' a process that doesn't work well if you come in wearing a coat of armor.
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Originally Posted by LabyrinthOfDreams
So reading all of the replies it seems that my questions have hit sensitive nails right on the head regarding abusive readers and other forms of assholery that have pissed off a lot of you during your reading careers. I did state in the beginning of this thread that I was simply seeking advice about my intended questions, and yes it does come off as aggressive and pissy because thatís exactly how one feels when they pay to get screwed over. I posted these questions to get honest reactions and again, they all are appreciated and I have been modifying my questions and shortening the listÖ. BUT considering the direction that this is headed I do want to make it clear that I posted this thread to AVOID being rude or abusive and it seems as if Iím being made out as such. Maybe Iím getting a touch sensitive myself. Iíve got no desire what so ever to attack anyone despite my hard feelings. In any I do plan to post the new and improved questionnaire/conversation after considering all of your replies.
I look forward to it.

I would have no problems answering these questions (not least because I am a sad person who just loves filling in every questionnaire I can see...) - but I wouldn't want to read for you, as I would KNOW there was no way I could live up to your expectations. And anyway - "how did you get into reading ?" - would you really feel better if I told you "because Simone made me do it" ???? I doubt it
That's one trouble with this - even a truly lovely and excellent reader might well not give you an answer you would like or expect - and then you might miss out on something really good.

It is also completely closed-ended. They might be able to tell you all sorts of things which would put your mind at rest - but because you are limiting yourself with a list of questions, you will never know this.

In your position, I would ask if you can book time for a chat - and just let things flow. See if you feel comfortable, if what the reader says resonates for you. Or as someone has said - ask for a 3 - or even one - card general reading and see how that feels.

I can see why you would have got pissy after being conned, and I am sorry you had that as an experience; I do sympathise with your trying to find a way to make sure it doesn't happen again - but any con artist could get around these questions. That would be my primary reservation about this whole way of approaching it. It is a lot harder to con someone if you can't see what they are watching you for; these (and indeed any list of) questions can be batted away just like that.
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And a really GOOD and accomplished Con Artist/Cold Reader can dance around your questions so easily, and still scam you...
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Originally Posted by Grizabella
This is why I prefer to read in person. Getting that "vibe" from your sitter is where the magic lies---the interaction between me and a live sitter. I find it much harder to read online because the "vibe" isn't there. In my opinion, it's essential to sit face-to-face with your sitter in order to give the best readings. I enjoy reading online sometimes, but I don't think the readings are as good.
That may work best for you, but I beg to differ that it's the best way for everyone. I think each person is best at picking up on a particular kind of "vibe". For me, the surface, conscious emotions come across stronger face to face than the undercurrents, or who knows, maybe it's my emotions or projections getting in the way. In any case, I think in a reading people are trying to get in touch with their own undercurrents and that's what they need the most help with. So, for me, distance works. For you, proximity must work better.

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I read professionally and have no problem with questions.

In fact I encourage them,,I figure its' my clients time let them use it..if I go over oh well.

I mostly do this due to the fact there are so many scammers out there.

Although, I don't read by the "book" I have a general idea what the cards mean..bit I read intuitively so I allow myself to feel what is coming out of the person more then the 'book' definitions I do tel people this beforehand.

I only use one deck....I tell people this as well.

I do reversals when I feel they are relevant.

But I do general readings with no props (sorry for the term) I use the Tarot to take the brunt off of me.

I feel you have every right to ask questions...phrasing some differently might be better.
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Big red flag for a difficult client. I wouldn't read for someone who asks so many questions even before the reading.
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I'm not a professional reader, and since I have an office job I don't plan to be one as of now. Regarding those questions, if a sitter would like to ask me about them of course I'd be willing to oblige, as long as the tone is courteous and civil. BUT to be fair, I would have to include the time spent talking about these things on the clock, meaning if she booked me for a 1-hour reading and we took 30 minutes to settle all these questions, she will only have 30 more minutes for her actual Tarot question. If she wasn't satisfied with my answers and decided to scrap the actual reading, she would be charged the rate for a 30-minute reading. I would make this clear at the very start tho, just so there's no misunderstanding.
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Because my professional readings are "on the clock" - 20 or 30 minutes depending on how much the client wants to pay - answering these questions could take up more than half the session. I have no real problem with any of them, but they would lead to a dialogue and leave insufficient time for the actual reading. They come across as an interview rather than an introductory exchange to kick off a reading. If the client wanted to pay for my time for such an exploratory discussion, I'd be happy to do that and book the reading separately (or not, depending on how the interview goes).

Some of the things asked here (such as the spread to be used and the expectation for client involvement) are already part of my 2-minute intro, and I do sometimes encounter "How long have you been reading tarot?" But for the most part this approach wouldn't play well in a typical reading scenario. As Monty Python famously said "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition."
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