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Originally Posted by Thirteen
The card, and yes, it's image, is about a united whole. When a priest and priestess have sex in order to represent the God and Goddess, their physical union on Earth is also a spiritual union. A psychic union, a magical union. Sex isn't, in this case, to be viewed as flirty, sexy, physical. It's to be viewed as representing that moment when the incomplete God and incomplete Goddess found each other and, in making love, were united and made complete.

Any animal can have sex for pleasure or procreation. But human beings, gazing at each other during sex, need to also have a connection of the mind, Love if you will, to carry that sex beyond animal enjoyment into something sublime and spiritual.

How do people see this person? Perhaps as someone who is together and whole and seems to be missing nothing. Perhaps as able to be both sides, yin or yang as required. Likely this is a person who makes connections very well, connections with people, connections between things. I'd say that they are far more than "flirty." When you look at them, you feel that they can connect with you, understand you, see into your soul and give you what you need. Because there, inside of them, is a mind that can find and provide you with whatever you need. And it is the mind, not the body, that is the most sexy thing about them.
Thanks for this Thirteen - you've explained beautifully as usual .
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Indeed, both Sulis and Thirteen give wonderful meanings of The Lovers especially with the Druidcraft card.
As I said this shows something beyond flirty, I see this as a union of souls with
great empathy as much a mind union as a body joining. A great fulfilment, deep
feeling and joy.
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But it's sex for a more spiritual purpose rather than sex confused with love. Too many people interpret the act of sex or the feeling of physical attraction to someone else as being love. Sex is not love, nor is the physical attraction to someone the beginnings of love. Love is something you grow into, not fall into.

As has been said, the Druidcraft Lovers card depicts the act of sex as being spiritually symbolic of the joining of the God and Goddess. I don't connect that with sex in the ordinary sense between two people in an "earthly" relationship or the finding of one's soulmate as some do.
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