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Originally Posted by gregory
India. Mine holilday of a lifetime (long story....)

I recommend it most highly. Also - the trip will cost you SO much that you won't NEED this thread any more; you will be working three jobs to pay it off.....
Can I recommend an entire summer in Kostroma Russia? It will be the longest weekend of your life.
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<covers hand with mouth>

Guess who just tried to ENABLE ME!!!
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Originally Posted by nisaba
<covers hand with mouth>

Guess who just tried to ENABLE ME!!!
Mags? Debra?

I know it wasn't me!
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Well, if you are referring to another thread where I tried to help someone else - I didn't ask you to look. And now I think I shall PM her, so as not to damage your reputation
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Originally Posted by Le Fanu
A kind of hallucinatory curio deck that will develop a cult following. You watch
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Roots of Asia looks MUCH Better in the scans than in person. The light sort of glows goldenly in the scans, vs kinda murky in person.....and the Elephants only just tease, they never really get down to the nitty-gritty.You want elephant sex, you'll have to go see them in person, they don't do Porn.
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Originally Posted by nisaba
<covers hand with mouth>

Guess who just tried to ENABLE ME!!!
Now who would do such a horrible, despicable, ghastly thing?! I am shocked to the core of my soul to hear you've been subjected to something so dreadful as an attempt at enabling!

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Elephant porn!!! I had that deck and I didn't see that! I didn't even see elephants having sex missionary position. In fact, I don't think I saw very many elephants of any kind.

Elephant nookie or not, it's a really disappointing, boring deck in my opinion. No offense intended to the author if they come here. I really do appreciate the intent behind the deck.
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Originally Posted by Le Fanu
...erm.... O they also had The Roots of Asia. It was a toss up between one or the other and IŽll be passing nearby tomorrow; The Roots of Asia is a French edition, LWB French only, so Im more or less (but not totally) de-enabled by that fact alone, as I donŽt speak French and I suspect it is a deck which really needs background stuff...
You find some wonderful decks Le Fanu. Now I'm going to need de-enabling from The Roots of Asia deck! There is something about it that is really appealing. I mean, who cares about it being a French edition. Tarot transcends the world's languages, don't you think. (Gee, I hope I'm not enabling you ... hehe!) I didn't mind the cavorting elephants either.

The only thing I can find so far that might de-enable me is that I don't want to be a collector. I want to use all my decks. Can you find some other de-enabling features about this deck? Anyone!!!

Ah, I read on in the thread - "it's boring" (Grizabella) and "better in the scans" (Magpie9) - I'm de-enabled. Phew! - wipes brow -.
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I just finished some preparations for the tax man.

And discovered, to my astonishment, that like clockwork I buy a tarot deck, bag, book or box every two weeks.

How could I JUST NOW realize this?

But there's the truth, on my paypal statement for the year.

JUNKIE-style buying.

(*That elephant? That's not sex. He's falling on his noggin.*)
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