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Originally Posted by All Is One
what is "Reepicheep?"
A valiant talking warrior mouse in the Narnia novels, most particularly featured in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
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You're safe, AIO! He's a valiant mouse in the Chronicles of Narnia series. Think recent film: Prince Caspian

It's hilarious to see all those Telmarine soldiers jumping, yelping and then going down into the forest brush- like magic!
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He will defend you from the buy it button..... He has a sharp sword and great bravery etc.

Come to think, why don't we all save our pennies and wait for a decent Narnia deck

Come to think, why aren't I in bed ??
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Originally Posted by gregory

Come to think, why don't we all save our pennies and wait for a decent Narnia deck
Now THAT is some serious de-enabling because the trust will never authorize a tarot!
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Knees of Bees 
Wonderland Tarot

Well, since this one is so tricky, how about a different challenge. I had an opportunity to buy the Wonderland Tarot while I was in college for $12, but being a poor student, I spent my money on ramen noodles instead. Anyone want to make me feel better about that?

Mind you, I don't need de-enabling on this one. My boyfriend would kill me if I spent half my rent payment on a deck. Ha ha!
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Originally Posted by All Is One
Cat, you and I are in deep doo doo. I have rooms with heaps of stuffed animals in the corners, piles of them. No one saw my new bassinet pic of all those animals? I've had those for years. I did NOT but those for anyone but me.

Ah, rooms full of old stuffed animals....now go immediatly to the first convenient pile, stick your nose in them, and take a few deep whiffs. That's right, dust mites, mold spores, a few small spiders, and maybe even a few tumbleweeds. Unless you're one of those nuts who actually washes them, they've been breeding headaches and allergies for years. When the baby comes, you'll end up putting most of them in a Hefty Bag and sending them up to the attic, where the mice will have a field day.

I have found that AJ's method always helps me...tell yourself that for every deck that comes in, one must go out....

Which deck that you own now will you sacrifice for you new Dustcatcher of the Forest?
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Good Greif. Leave you all alone for 5 minutes and

Fluffers of the maniacal forest. Huge eyes, no brains. And they all look alike, so you have to look like a fool reading the card names every time you use them. Thin stock, puke-ey colors. Lots of little sharp needle like teeth. Boring RWS symbology lifted straight off Auntie Pam's deck.
What are you thinking? If you sleep with them under your pillow, you will wake with bleeding fingers. All those pointy sharp teeth, innocent faces, evil intentions. Can't be trusted. Sure, they look innocent, but what is their background? Everything is misty....like the fetid fog in a backstreet alley somewhere in Asia where they were spawned in sweatshop conditions. What are their secret instructions?

Move on now nothing to see here.
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Wonderland Tarot.

I had it twice and sold it both times.

It's a disappointment. It should be clever but it is not. The art is crude and ugly; colors are garish and out of place; cardstock is unappealing; images look much better in scans than in hand. Better to get the book with nice illustrations from the library and enjoy that.
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Originally Posted by gregory
No no (de-enables madly) mini decks are rude and have tantrums and you do NOT want one.... They will undermine their big brothers and sisters, so you should actually avoid BOTH sizes of EVERY deck that has a mini available, Just In Case.

This is - you note - a double de-enable, for karma points

Now - I have some micro decks... they are REAL trouble......
Min decks damage eyesight as well. Images are too too too tiny to read well.
So you go and get that deck in a bigger size And like The Wheel, it goes on.
Morale: no minis to stop more extravagance
Ban minis, ban minis....oops that was the skirt
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Further de-enabling on the Magical Forest . . .

My BF completely ruined it for me one day by pointing out how the large eyes on many of the animals in the deck look just like breasts with huge nipples.

Done. Over. I can't use the deck anymore without seeing breasts everywhere.

De-enabling on the Wonderland - gah! It's ugly.
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