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Druid Animal Oracle Study Group--Hare

I had to start this thread because I got this beautiful poem in a "Poetry Daily" email and had to share it. (I will try to get back in and add some actual STUDY material on the hare soon!)

Snow Hare

Ears of drizzle and juniper
Snow sings you asleep above the moor.

Tongue of gorse and bilberry
Snow flecks you white behind the hill.

Nose of sedge and smoke
Snow is on your scent beside the loch.

Eyes of rowan and rain
Snow finds you blinking by the stream.

Feet of heather and storm
Snow sends you dancing over stone.

Coat of clouds and willow
Snow helps you hide in a hollow.

Hare of stars and frost
Snow makes you turn into a ghost.

Charles Bennett
How to Make a Woman Out of Water
Enitharmon Press

Copyright 2007 by Charles Bennett
All rights reserved.
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Hare has been around me a lot recently from bill boards to this deck.

Linked with the moon goddess, her messenger (who can get things wrong!) and the herald of spring.

Challenges (mad march hares)

Hidden in plain sight (the way hares sit in their 'set' rather than down burrows)
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Bumping this thread as this is my favourite card out of all of my decks (tarot and oracle).

So my things with this card:

Hare: Messenger, spring,

Dawn is breaking in the card but the moon's still up. So transitions, balance,

The lapwing eggs have a personal meaning to me of mistaken identity (long, very funny, family story )

But the reason why this is my favourite card ever is twofold. 1, it's a hare and hares are really important to me. Secondly, the cromlech looks very, very similar to Pentre Ifan (well, it does to me) and that place means home. I've never lived down there but whenever I go to that part of the world it feels like I'm going home, I feel like I belong there. So belonging, home, roots, peace.
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