Crystal Tarot card descriptions: Wands

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Crystal Tarot card descriptions: Wands

The wands vary in their details. Some look like King's scepters, fancy sticks with a ball at one end. Others look like sticks with geometric patterns carved into them, but nothing on the ends.
Wands are the suit of fire, so they are in reds, oranges, and yellow. The backgrounds are mostly blues and greens, for contrast.

The Ace of wands has a hand holding the wand (a scepter) upright. There are red diamonds in the background near the hand.

The 2 has two crossed wands, scepters, forming an X. There are stylized patterns behind them, also some wheat stalks and grapes.

The 3 has the wands forming a triangle tha points up. The wand on the bottom has a ball at each end, the other two have them only at the top.There are many subtle pictures in the background: a dog's head above the triangle, an abstract tree that looks like a circle with a slender trunk behind the triangle. The tree trunk has two serpents coiled around it, facing each other, like a physician's cadaceus.

The 4 has the wands forming a square; with a circle where the ends overlap. This one is unusual in that the wands are in blues and greens, and the background is in reds and oranges. The background is like a checkerboard, with a lion lying on the floor, under the square. Inside the square, there is a subtle X made of four feathers coming together. In the middle of this there is a small circle.

The 5 has the wands in a five-pointed star. They cross over and under each other, so the star looks very sturdy. It is centered on a circular pattern in the background. The wands are faded yellow and green; the background has a lot of curving geometric shapes in oranges, with blue/green lines to define them. It could be a large flower, with petals.

The 6 has the wands forming two triangles. They have their bases together, so the overall shape is a diamond. These wands look like decorated cylinders, with little balls at each end. In the background, there are flowers at the bottom, and wheat stalks making 2 gothic arches above the diamond, one above the other.

The 7 has a 3 wands in a triangle in the middle, base down, with 2 more wands holding it up like legs. They slant in towards the middle of the base wand, repeating the angles of the top of the triangle. The other two wands are vertical, and they are floating above the triangle, close to the sides. The wands have different shapes: the vertical ones are sticks with square ends and geometric designs painted on them, the upper pieces of the triangle have a ball at the top end, the base of the triangle has a ball at each end, and the lower slanting wands are pointed at the top end and squared and the base end. The card references the 3 of Wands, with the triangle in the middle, and the abstract tree with the serpents in the background.

The 8 references the 3 of Wands also: it has the same background with the tree and the triangle of wands in the middle of the card. It has two horizontal wands with a ball at each end, floating one above the other; a pair of these above the triangle, and another pair below. The eighth wand is vertical, has a ball at each end, and is superimposed over the center of the triangle, with one end overlapping the base of the triangle.

The 9 references the 5 of Wands, with the star in the middle and the same background of curved shapes. There are 2 horizontal wands floating above the star, and another 2 horizontal wands floating below it.

The 10 references the 6 of Wands, with the two triangles forming a diamond, and the background has flowers on the ground with stalks of wheat forming gothic arches over the top. There are a pair of vertical wands both above and below the diamond, making it look like a capital letter H with a diamond in the middle. The diamond wands are all the same, richly patterned cylinders with tiny knobs at both ends, the vertical wands have squared ends.

The Knave is a young androgynous person standing in a garden, holding a slender, arched, decorated stick. There is a fruiting tree right behind him/her.

The Knight is an androgynous blond youth mounted on a white horse, wearing armor, holding a lance, not wearing a helmet. The helmet is in the foreground, on the ground. There are lots of yellow and orange flames on the blue/green background.

The Queen is a blonde woman, standing on a patio in a garden. There is a low carved stone wall behind her. There are birch trees and potted plants behind her. She is wearing a crown, a gold cape that trails on the ground, and holds a slender scepter in her right hand. The scepter is spouting flames at the upper end. She is standing on an arrow that is lying on the tiled patio.

The King is a mature man with a full blond beard. He is leaning on a throne, wearing a crown and a gold cloak with suns on it. He holds a slender green spear in his hand. He is looking down (or maybe his eyes are closed), and he looks lost in thought. His right foot is resing on a lion that is lying at his feet. It looks like he is on a balcony, there is a railing, with tilled fields in the distance. There is a tree just the other side of the railing, and 4 rows of lights floating behind the king.
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