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What books do we each have?

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Wow, jmd what a formidable library!

I have
Rachel Pollack: Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom
Rachel Pollack: The Forest of Souls
Crowley: The book of Thoth (well, I sort of have it, I mean I saved it on to my computer)
Akron/Banzhaf: Der Crowley-Tarot
Thomson et al: The Heart of Tarot (not too useful)
Rachel Pollack: Complete Illustrated Guide to the Tarot

I wanted to buy then borrowed from the library:
Decker et al: A Wicked Pack of Cards

I wish for:
Sallie Nichols: Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journal
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78 Degrees of Wisdom

Heidi Aussie,

If you are looking for a work book type book I will agree with TarotLady. Mary Greer's Tarot for Yourself is excellent! It was the first book I bought. The great thing is I use it over and over again with different decks. It is not the kind of book that collects dust on the shelf.

As for as Rachel Pollack's 78 Degrees of Wisdom. I have read it through and it is an exellent book. It's very in depth. I will definetly read it again.

Personally, Mary Greer and Rachel Pollack are my favorite Tarot authors and if I could only own 2 books it would be these two.

Anyway here is my little liberary:

Mary K Greer:
Tarot for Yourself
Complete Book of Tarot Reversals
Tarot Mirrors
Tarot Constellations

Mary K Greer & Tom Tadford Little:
Understanding the Tarot Court

Rachel Pollack:
78 Degrees of Wisdom
Forest of Souls
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Tarot

Signe Echols,Robert Mueller, and Sandra Thompson:
Spiritual Tarot, 78 Paths to Personal Development

Sandra Thompson:
Pictures from the Heart

Karen Hamaker-Zondag:
Tarot as a Way of Life - A Jungian Approach to the Tarot

James Wanless:
New Age Tarot

Nina Lee Braden: Tarot for Self Discovery. Just got this one, but I know I will like it. I am a big fan of her website. I really click with this author and I hope she writes more books.

Mark McElroy:
Putting the Tarot to Work

Julie Gillentine:
Tarot and Dream Interpretation

Sallie Nichols:
Jung and Tarot- An Archetypal Journey

Sandor Konraad:
Numerology Key to the Tarot

Amber K & Azrael Arynn K:
Heart of Tarot - An Intuitive Approach

Paul Foster Case:
Tarot A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages

Lon Milo DuQuette:
Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot

Christine Jette:
Professional Tarot
Tarot Shadow Work

Gail Fairfield:
Everyday Tarot

Isabel Radow Kliegman:
Tarot and the Tree of Life

Cynthia Giles:
The Tarot History, Mystery and Lore

Geraldine Amaral & Nancy Brady Cunningham:
Tarot Celebrations

Stuart Kaplan
Encyclopedia of Tarot I,II, III

edited a year later to add; I have acumulated a lot of books!
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well, this is such a great oppertunity for me to finally list all my tarot books. i used to have a list but lost it when my HD was wiped last summer.
so here we go - tarot books only:

*Banzhaf, Hajo & Theler, Brigitte - Keywords for the Crowley tarot

*Banzhaf, Hajo - Tarot and the journey of the hero

*Björkman, Rosie - Tarot: Häxans tolkning (swedish book)

*Braden, Nina Lee - Tarot for self discovery

*Bürger&Fiebig - Tarot; vägvisaren (swedish translation of the "Tarot basics")

*Crowley, Aleister - The book of thoth

*Fenton-Smith, Paul - The tarot revealed (warning, don't waste your money on it)

*Garen, Nancy - The tarot according to you

*Greer, Mary.K - Tarot for your self

*Jayanti, Amber - Living the tarot

*Kliegman, Isabel - Tarot and the tree of life (definatly worth buying)

*Knight, Gareth - The magical world of the tarot; fourfold mirror of the universe

*Lotterhand, Jason - The thursday night tarot

*Ouspensky - The symbolism of the tarot

*Pollack, Rachel - Complete illustrated guide to tarot

*Pollack, Rachel - The forest of souls

*Pollack, Rachel - 78 degrees of wisdom

*Renee, Janina - Tarot: Your everyday guide

*Wang, Robert - (an introduction to) The golden dawn tarot

*Ziegler, Gerd - Tarot; själens spegel (swedish translation of the "Tarot: Mirror of the Soul")

Companion books:

*The cosmic tribe tarot
*The halloween tarot
*Motherpeace: a way to the goddess through myth, art and tarot
*Osho Zen
*Tarot of the spirit (one of the few companion books that will stand up on it's own)
*Victoria Regina companion
*Whimsical tarot
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Wow... do I ever feel like the poor-red-headed-stepchild! I only own a total of 8 Tarot books...

"A Complete Guide to the Tarot" Eden Gray

"The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals" Mary K. Greer

"The Mystical Tarot" Rosemary Ellen Guiley

"Choice Centered Tarot" Gail Fairfield

"Seventy-eight Degrees of Wisdom" Rachel Pollack

.... Deck companion books;

Victoria Regina

The Lover's Tarot

The Mythic Tarot

I actually have one other at home which I just got from our local used-book store, but can't recall now what the heck it is!
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My Wee Widdle Tawot Wibwawy

Here is my little library. I don't have many books and have determined to play with the cards rather than get bogged down in more books:

The Tarot Workbook, by Emily Peach (first book, and it took me 18 years to come back to tarot... blechhh)

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite
The Book of Thoth, by Aleister Crowley
The Qabalistic Tarot, by Robert Wang
The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Tarot, by Rachel Pollack
Tarot for Your Self, by Mary K. Greer
Legend: The Arthurian Tarot, by Ferguson (got it in discount bin and it convinced me to get the deck again..*s*)
Hallowquest: The Arthurian Tarot Course, by Caitlin and John Matthews (another discount acquisition, though I do not even have the deck..*s*)
Tarot Spells, by Janina Renee (discount again, and I really don't like the book)
The Haindl Tarot (both Major and Minor books), by Rachel Pollack
The Rohrig Tarot, (can't remember the author but bought it because the LWB for the deck was so miniscule, but I am not totally pleased with this book)
Plus many books that came with decks, like the Sacred Circle, Osho Zen, etc.

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tarot books

Books ~

seventy eight degrees of wisdom

Tarot decks with books ~
Universal Waite
Celtic Dragon Tarot

I'm working on my collection. Just taking my time is all.
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~My tarot library~ (in no particular order)

Keywords to the A.E. Waite Tarot - Hajo Banzhaf
(in Dutch! my absolute beginners book)

Tarot Plain and Simple - A. Louis

78 Degrees - R. Pollack

Choice-Centered Relating and the Tarot - Gail Fairfield

Tarot Reversals - M. Greer

Tarot Spells - J. Renee

Tarot for Self Discovery - Nina Lee Braden

Tarot & Magic - Donald Michael Kraig

Tarot Your Everyday Guide - J. Renee

Everyday Tarot - Gail Fairfield

Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads - Teresa Michelsen

Books written for the following decks:

Animal Wise Tarot
Dragon Tarot
Greenwood Tarot
Halloween Tarot
Arthurian tarot Hallowquest
Glastonbury Tarot
Celtic Tarot
Celtic Dragon
Shapeshifter tarot
Sacred Circle tarot
Legend the Arthurian
Tarot of Prague
Lord of the Rings Tarot
Ananda Tarot
Ancestral Path Tarot
Crowley Tarot (in German; by Susanna Payman)
Wheel of Change Tarot
Tarot 2000 the Pagan Tarot
Merlin Tarot
Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot
Druid Craft Tarot
Tarot Sutra
Herbal Tarot
Tarot of Transformation
Dreampower Tarot
Tarot of the Spirit
Lovers' Tarot
Tarot du Chat
Norse Tarot
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... if you're aware of the recent fires which have swept especially the south-east part of Australia (an area about the size of Belgium has burned), you'll understand that I just would prefer to keep my little collection

Anyhow, I've updated my original list, noticing I had missed some titles, and added a new book to the collection - those added to the list are:
  • Crowley, Aleister Magick in Theory and Practice, 1929
  • Crowley, Aleister The Book of Thoth, 1974 [1944]
  • Kopp, Sheldon The Hanged Man: psychotherapy and the forces of darkness, 1974
  • Lyle, Jane The Key to the Tarot, 1995 [1993]
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Major Tom 
Re: What books do we each have?

Originally posted by jmd
Garen, Nancy Creating your own Tarot Cards, 1991
I looked for this on Amazon, but didn't find it. Does anyone know where I could get a copy?

Jmd's list is amazing! I love books. My reading always has a backlog.

Here's what I've got and I must admit I have not read them all.

The Crowley Tarot - The Handbook to the Cards by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris Akron & Hajo Banzhaf

The Book of Tokens - Tarot Meditations Paul Foster Case

The Tarot - A key to the Wisdom of the Ages Paul Foster Case

Tarot - A New Handbook for the Apprentice Eileen Connolly

The Magick of the Tarot Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips

Tarot Games - 45 Playful Ways to Explore Tarot Cards Together - A new Vision for the Circle of Community Cait Johnson & Maura D. Shaw

Tarot in Ten Minutes R. T. Kaser

Tarot & Magick Doanld Michael Kraig

Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom - revised edition Rachel Pollack

Tarot Spells Janina Renee

The Tarot Path to Self Development Micheline Stuart

New Age Tarot - A Workbook and Glossary of Symbols James Wanless, Ph.D.

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot Arthur Edward Waite Illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith

I warn you now. I have acquired about half of these since I joined Aeclectic.
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Re: 78 Degrees of Wisdom

Originally posted by Mimers

If you are looking for a work book type book I will agree with TarotLady. Mary Greer's Tarot for Yourself is excellent! It was the first book I bought. The great thing is I use it over and over again with different decks. It is not the kind of book that collects dust on the shelf.
I totally agree here. As a matter of fact, I copy some of the worksheets and use them for readings. The Celtic Cross worksheet is great to record a reading. I copy onto 3 hole punched paper and slip them in a three ring binder and have a record of my readings. I also use the Mind-Body-Spirit worksheet with decks to get a sense of their natures. Tried this with the Faeries' Oracle and the results were amazing.

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