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What books do we each have?

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The Bibliography Kid Weighs In

- The Encyclopedia of Tarot, Volumes I, II, III by Stuart Kaplan.
- 78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack
- Tarot and the Tree of Life by Isabel Radow Kliegman (my favourite book)
- Power Tarot by Trish MacGregor and Phyllis Vega
- The Heart of the Tarot by Sandra A. Thomson
- The Haindl Tarot Volumes I and II by Rachel Pollack (and I much prefer these to her 78 DW book)
- Tarot as a Way of Life by Karen Hamaker-Zondag
- Tarot Shadow Work by Christine Jette
- The Castle of Crossed Destinies by Italo Calvino (fictional tales told by means of tarot cards)
- Hallowquest: The Arthurian Tarot Course by Caitlin and John
- The Forest of Souls by Rachel Pollack

A few books that came with decks stand out as magical books in their own right (I'm a lover of bibliographies, I still haven't recovered from the one in the Blake book!):

- The Victoria Regina Tarot
- Songs for the Journey Home Tarot
- William Blake Tarot
- Osho Zen Tarot
- The Wheel of Change Tarot
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Finally... My list

It took me a bit of time to get all my books dug up. I recently moved and had to locate some of them. (I still do not have a word processor so entries will be seperated by:/'s Dates in Parenthasis are that of copyright or original publication.) The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A.E. Waite(1910)/Introduuction to the Golden Dawn Tarot by Robert Wang (1978)/ Qabbalistic Tarot by Robert Wang (1983)/ The Book of Thoth by The Master Therion (Aleister Crowley) (1944)/ Tarot: Mirror of the Soul Hand book for the Aleister Crowley Tarot by Gerd Zeigler (originally in German 1986 )/ The Symbolism of the Tarot Philosophy of Occultism in Pictures and Numbers by P.D. Ouspensky (orginally in Russsian 1913) / The Complete Guide to the Tarot by Eden Gray (1970)/ The Tarot by Alfred Douglas (1972) / Tarot Handbook for the Apprentice by Eileen Connolly (1979)/ Tarot Handbook for the Jouneyman by Eileen Connolly (1987)/ Daughters of the Moon Tarot by Ffiona Morgan(1984,86) / Motherpeace- A Way to the Goddess through
Myth, Art and Tarot by Vickie Noble (1983)/ Still 11 to go I will list them tommorrow! Blessings, wolfen
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List part 2

here's the rest.Tarot of the Cat People- A Traveler's Report by Karen Kuykendall (1991)/ Hallowquest Tarot Magic and the Arthurian Mysteries(I also have the book that came in the boxed set with the Arthurian/Hallowquest deck) by Caitlin and John Mathews (1990)/ Tarot of the Old Path (came in boxed set w/deck) by Howard Rodway (1970)/ The Merlin Tarot Images,Insight and Wisdom from the Age of Merlin by R.J. Stewart/The Tarot Path to Self Development by Micheline Stuart/ Secrets of the Tarot by Barbara Walker(1984)/Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sherman-Burke and Liz Green(1986)/The Magick of the Tarot by Melita Denning and Osbourn Phillips(1989)/Gypsy Fortune Telling and Tarot Reading by Raymond Buckland(1998)/Predicting Your Future The complete Book of Divination by Jane Struthers ( Large sections on the Tarot and Cartomancy) (1997). I also have other books that relate indirectly to the Tarot such as Sorcery, Magic and Alchemy by De Grivy and books on Wicca/ The Craft. Also books on mythology including the Golden Bough by James Frazer. My favorite tarot book is The Tarot by Alfred Douglas. He covers alot of information well in a compact form. My least Favs are the Connolly Books: too much Christian Bias and Rote memorization involved.
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I agree that A. Douglas's little (Penguin) book The Tarot is one of the better ones which, I am lead to believe, is back in print (orig. circa 1972).
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As I often have to order the books I want from my favourite Tarot book store, I have spent the last couple of nights going through the "Tarot Books & Media" forum, thread by thread writing down Tarot books that might be good to check out. I kind of wish I had found this thread first! So now just printing this thread off and saving myself from writer's cramp

Some very impressive Tarot libraries here I see! Being a Tarot lover and book lover I just can't help myself, even though I try not to get bogged down in the books and just play with the cards - I am always coming home with a new book (particularly now I have decided to not add any more decks to my collection and concentrate on the ones I have for a while). However I did not say that I couldn't add any more books to my collection

Here is my library list so far:

78 Degress of Wisdom ~ Rachel Pollack
Designing your own Tarot Spreads ~ Teresa Michelsen
Forest of Souls ~ Rachel Pollack
Heart of Tarot: An Intuitive Approach ~ Amber K & Azrael Arynn K
Initiation into the Tarot ~ Naomi Ozaniec
Mastering the Tarot: An Advanced Personal Teaching Guide ~ Juliet Sharman-Burke
Mastering the Tarot ~ Paul Fenton-Smith
Personal Development with the Tarot ~ Catherin Summers & Julian Vayne
Professional Tarot: The Business of Reading, Consulting & Teaching ~ Christine Jette
Super Tarot ~ Sasha Fenton
Tarot & Magic ~ Donald Michael Kraig
Tarot Basics ~ Evelin Burger & Johannes Fiebig
Tarot for All Seasons ~ Christine Jette
Tarot Revealed ~ Paul Fenton-Smith
Tarot Talk: The Language of Intuition ~ Hazel Whitaker
The Book of Thoth ~ Aleister Crowley
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Tarot ~ Rachel Pollack
The Crowley Tarot Handbook ~ A & H Barzhaf
The Pictorial Key to the Tarot ~ Arthur E. Waite
The Tarot Spellcaster ~ Terry Donaldson
The Tarot Workbook ~ Kathleen McCormack
Thinking Tarot ~ Edward Aviza
Understanding the Tarot Court - Mary Greer & Tom Little

Books that came with decks:

Gilded Tarot Companion Guide ~ Barbara Moore
Shapeshifter Tarot ~ D. J. Conway & Sirona Knight
Stories of the Wild Spirit ~ Poppy Palin
The Beginner's Guide to Tarot ~ Juliet Sharman-Burke
The Mythic Tarot ~ Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene
The Sacred Circle Tarot ~ Anna Franklin & Paul Mason

Currently on order:
Tarot Symbolism ~ R. O'Neill


edited: to update list
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crystal cove  crystal cove is offline
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crystal cove 

Some of the books listed don't deal directly with tarot, but were purchased for the express intent to aid me in my tarot work.

Antrobus- The Square of Sevens
Arrien- The Tarot Handbook
Bardon- Initiation into Hermetics
Blackwell-Laurence- The Secret Science of Numerology
Braden- Tarot for Self-Discovery
Bunning- Learning the Tarot
Crowley- The Book of Thoth
DuQuette- Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot
Goodwin- Numerology The Complete Guide
Javane-Bunker- Numerology and the Divine Triangle
Jette- Tarot Shadow Work
Kaplan-Tarot Classic
Kaplan- Tarot Encyclopedias 1,2 and 3
Kelly- Tarot Card Combinations
Kovacs-Stein- Instant Numerology
Lomer-Seven Hermetic Letters
Louis- Tarot Plain and Simple
MacGregor-Vega- Power Tarot
McCormack-Tarot Decoder
Nichols- Jung and Tarot An Archetypal Journey
Parfitt- Elements of the Qabalah
Pollack- Haindl Tarot - The Major Arcana
Pollack- Haindl Tarot - The Minor Arcana
Pollack- Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom
Porter- Tarot Companion
Sharman-Burke- The Complete Book of Tarot
Wang- The Jungian Tarot and its Archetypal Imagery
Wirth- Tarot of the Magicians
Ziegler- Mirror of the Soul
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hedgecub  hedgecub is offline
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I've got:

Aaltonen, Kalervo. "Kalevala Tarot"
Conway, D.J. and Knight, Sirona. "Shapeshifter Tarot"
Dennis, Regen. "Tarot For Cats"
Greer, Mary K. "Tarot For Your Self"
Greer, Mary K. "The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals"
Jette, Christine. "Tarot Shadow Work"
Louis, Anthony. "Tarot Plain and Simple"
Pollack, Rachel. "Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom"
Pollack, Rachel. "The Vertigo Tarot"
Wood, Robin. "The Robin Wood Tarot: The Book"

And I'm waiting for:
Bunning, Joan. "Learning the Tarot"
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Great idea, JMD! Here's my book list, it was a very enjoyable endeavor to open each one again to catalog them!

General Tarot & related topics:
Anonymous -- Meditations on the Tarot : a journey into Christian Hermeticism
Arrien, Angeles -- The Tarot Handbook : Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols
Banzhaf, Hajo -- Tarot and the Journey of the Hero
Braden, Nina Lee -- Tarot for Self Discovery
Cirlot, J.E. -- A Dictionary of Symbols
Crowley, Aleister -- 777 and other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley
Crowley, Aleister -- Magick in Theory and Practice
Crowley, Aleister -- The Book of Lies
Crowley, Aleister -- The Law Is For All
Decker, Ronald / Dummett, Michael -- A History of Occult Tarot 1870-1970
Fimlaid, Louise -- The Spiritual Study of the Tarot
Gad, Irene -- Tarot and Individuation : Correspondences with Cabala and Alchemy
Godwin, David -- Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia
Gray, Eden -- The Tarot Revealed
Greer, Mary K. -- Tarot For Your Self
Irwin, Lee -- Gnostic Tarot
Javane, Faith / Bunker, Dusty -- Numerology and the Divine Triangle
Kaplan, Stuart R. -- The Encyclopedia of Tarot, Volume I
Kaplan, Stuart R. -- The Encyclopedia of Tarot, Volume II
Kaplan, Stuart R. -- The Encyclopedia of Tarot, Volume III
Kliegman, Isabel Radow -- Tarot and the Tree of Life : Finding Everday Wisdom in the Minor Arcana
Knight, Gareth -- A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism
Knight, Gareth -- The Magical World of the Tarot : Fourfold Mirror of the Universe
Leary, Timothy -- The Game of Life
Levi, Eliphas -- Transcendental Magic : Its Doctrine and Ritual
Lotterhand, James C. -- The Thursday Night Tarot
Maxwell, Joseph -- The Tarot
Moakley, Gertrude -- The Tarot Cards Painted by Bonifacio Bembo
O'Neill, Robert V. -- Tarot Symbolism
Ouspensky, P.D. -- The Symbolism of the Tarot
Ozamiec, Naomi -- The Element Tarot Handbook; an Initiation into the Key Elements of the Tarot
Payne-Towler, Christine -- The Underground Stream : Esoteric Tarot Revealed
Pollack, Rachel -- Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom
Pollack, Rachel -- The Forest of Souls : A Walk Through the Tarot
Regardie, Israel -- The Golden Dawn
Riley, Jana -- Tarot Dictionary and Compendium
Toland, Diane -- Inner Pathways to the Divine
Walker, Barbara G. -- The Secrets of the Tarot : Origins, History, and Symbolism
Wang, Robert -- The Qabalistic Tarot
Whicher, Olive -- Sun Space : Science at a Threshold of Spritual Understanding
Wind, Edgar -- Pagan Mysteries in the Renaissance
Zain, C.C. -- The Sacred Tarot

Deck Specific Books:
Akron / Banzhaf, Hajo -- The Crowley Tarot, the Handbook to the Cards by Aleister Crowley and Lady Freida Harris
Crowley, Aleister -- The Book of Thoth
DuQuette, Lon Milo -- Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot
Eakins, Pamela -- Tarot of the Spirit
Genetti, Alexandra -- The Wheel of Change Tarot
Mann, A.T. -- The Mandala Astrological Tarot
Mori, Josephine / Stockwell, Jill -- Guide to Tarot of the Sephiroth
Place, Robert M. -- The Buddha Tarot Companion: A Mandala of Cards
Pollack, Rachel -- The Haindl Tarot, the Minor Arcana - Revised
Pollack, Rachel -- The Haindl Tarot, Volume 1: The Major Arcana
Turk, Julia A. -- Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA
Wang, Robert -- An Introduction to the Golden Dawn Tarot
Wang, Robert -- Tarot Psychology
Wang, Robert -- The Jungian Tarot and its Archetypal Imagery
Ziegler, Gerd -- Tarot : Mirror of the Soul
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Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism (Author Unknown)

Tarot for the Green Witch By: Ann Moura

Two great books!! One is almost Christian, the other Pagan. Just goes to show that tarot is universal and can work for anyone, no matter their religion or lack thereof.
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First, let me mention a book I haven't seen in this list so far (but I may well have missed it): The Tarot Court Cards, but Kate Warwick-Smith. I have and have had a ton of Tarot books, and this is by far the most useful.

Now, I have two horrible, horrible admissions to make.

First, I know I should like every MKG book that comes out, but I've never really connected with any of them. I even bought another copy of Tarot for Your Self after I lost my first one in a move. I tried to work with it, but . . . no. I also had Tarot Mirrors, and Tarot Reversals is sitting on my shelf right now. Ah, well.

Here is my second shaming admission. Umbrae is right. Throw all the books away.

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