What books do we each have?

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I thought I'd done this, but couldn't find my post to make additions, so .... with the exceptions of ebooks, and things tarot related, and most of the deck related books, here we are:

Amber K & Azrael Arynn K, (2002) Heart of Tarot: An Intuitive Approach, Llewellyn Worldwide, St, Paul MN. ISBN: 1-56718-008-6

Angeles, Arrien (1991) The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols, Diamond Books, London, ISBN: 0-261-66578-2

Banzhaf, Hajo & Theler, Brigitte,(2001) Keywords for the Crowley Tarot, Weiser Books, Maine USA, ISBN: 1-57863-173-4

Banzhaf, Hajo (2000) Tarot and the Journey of the Hero, Samuel Weiser Inc, Maine USA. ISBN: 0-57863-117-3

Bellenghi, Alessandro (1988) Cartomancy, Ebury Press, Ist Edition in English, First published in Italy by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Milan, Hardback. Translated by Julie Almond.
ISBM: 0-85223-720-0

Braden, Nina Lee, () Tarot For Self-Discovery, Llewellyn Publications, USA. ISBN: 0-7387-0170-X

Bunning, Joan, (2003) Learning Tarot Reversals, Red Wheel/Weiser Books, ISBN: 1-57863-271-4

Juliet, Sharman-Burke (1985) The Complete Book of Tarot, Pan Books Ltd, London, ISBN: 0-330-28974-8

Burger, Evelin & Fiebig, Johanness, (1997) Tarot Basics, Sterling Publishing Inc. NY. ISBN: 0-8069-9503-3

Butler, Bill (1987) The Definitive Tarot: The Origins of Tarot and its Inner Meaning, Century Paperbacks, Rider Books, ISBN: 0-7126-1689-6

Joseph Campbell & Richard Roberts (1987) Tarot Revelations, 3rd Edition, Vernal Equinox Press, San Anselmo, CA USA ISBN: 0-942380-00-2

Paul Foster Case (1990) The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages, Builders of the Adytum, USA ISBN: 0 938002 08 2
Richard Cavendish (1975) The Tarot, Crescent Books, ISBN: 0 517 61207 0

Connolly, Eileen (1990) Tarot: A New Handbook for the Apprentice, Newcastle Publishing Co. Inc. CA. ISBN 0-87877-162-X

Connolly, Eileen (1987) Tarot: The Handbook for the Journeyman, Vol. II Newcastle Publishing Co. Inc. CA. ISBN 0-87877-124-7

Ronald Decker and Michael Dummett (2002) Ist Edition. A History of the Occult Tarot 1870-1970, Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd. ISBN: 0-7156-3122-5

Alfred Douglas (1972) The Tarot, Arkana Penguin Group, Harmondsworth, Middlesex UK.
ISBN: 0-14-019239-5

Echols, Signe, E, Mueller, M. S, and Thomson, Sandra A. (1996) Spiritual Tarot: Seventy-Eight Paths to Personal Development, Avon Books NY. ISBN: 0-380-78206-5

Fenton, Sasha (1991) Super Tarot, Aquarian Press.
ISBN: 1-85538-017-X

Dr Irene Gad, (1994) Tarot and Individuation: Correspondences with Cabala and Alchemy. Nicolas Hays Inc. ME. ISBN: 0-89254-026-5

Garen, Nancy (2001) The Tarot According to You, Fireside Book, Simon & Schuster, NY. ISBN: 0-684-85044-3

Garen, Nancy (1998) Tarot Made Easy, Piatkus Publishers, London. ISBN: 0-7499-1009-7

Fred Gettings (1973) The Book of the Tarot, The Hamlyn Publishing group LTD. London, ISBN: 600-31327-1

Alexandra Genetti (1997) The Wheel of Change Tarot, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont USA ISBN: 0 89281 609 0

Cynthia Giles (1992) The Tarot: History, Mystery and Lore, Fireside Books, NY. ISBN: 0-671-89101-4

~~~~~~~~~~~(1996) The Tarot: Methods, Mastery, and More. Fireside Books, NY. ISBN: 0-684-81883-3

Richard Gordon with Dixie Taylor, (1994) The Intuitive Tarot, Blue Dolphin Publishing Inc. CA. ISBN: 0-931892-84-8

Susan Johnston Graf (2000) W B Yeats Twentieth Century Magus: An
Indepth Study of Yeat's Esoteric Practices & Beliefs, Including Excerpts from his Magical Diaries, Samuel Weiser Inc. USA, ISBN: 1-57863-138-6

F. D. Graves (1973) The Windows of Tarot, Morgan & Morgan, Inc. Publishers, Dobbs Ferry, New York. ISBN: 0-87100-027-X

Eden Gray (1960) The Tarot Revealed, Signet, Inspiration House, USA

Eden Gray (1971) Mastering the Tarot, Signet, Inspiration House, USA

Eden Gray (1970) A Complete Guide to the Tarot, Crown Publishers Inc., NY.

Mary K Greer & Tom Little (2004) Understanding the Tarot Court, Llewellyn Publications, USA, ISBN: 0-7387-0286-2

Mary K Greer (2002) The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, Llewellyn Publications, USA ISBN: 1-56718-285-2

Mary K Greer (1995) Women of the Golden Dawn: Rebels and Priestess, Park Street Press, Rochester, Vermont, USA,
ISBN: 0-89281-607-4

Rose Gwain (1994) Discovering Yourself Through the Tarot: A Jungian Guide to Archetypes & Personality, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont USA
ISBN: 0-89281-412-8

Hazel, Elizabeth (2004) Tarot Decoded: Understanding and using dignities and correspondences, Red Wheel/ Weiser Books, Boston, MA ISBN: 1-57863-302-8

Mark Patrick Hederman (2003) Tarot: Talisman or Taboo, Currach Press, Dublin ISBN: 1 85607 902 3

Heline, Corinne (1985) The Bible and the Tarot, New Age Press Inc. De Vorss & Co Publishers, Calif, USA ISBN: 0-87516-443-9

Paul Huson ( 2004) Mystical Origins of the Tarot: From Ancient Roots to Modern Usage, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont USA ISBN: 0 89281 190 0

Paul Huson (1971) First Edition. The Devil's Picturebook: The Compleat Guide to the Tarot Cards Their Origin & Their Usages. G.P. Putnam's Sons, NY.

Lee Irwin (1998) Gnostic Tarot: Mandalas for Spiritual Transformation, Samuel Weiser, Inc. York Beach, Maine USA ISBN: 1-57863-030-4

Brian Innes (1978) The Tarot: How to use and interpret the cards, Orbis Publishing Limited. Book Club Edition.

Jayanti, Amber (2000) Living the Tarot, Wordsworth Editions Ltd., Cumberland House, UK. ISBN:1-84022-513-0

Jette Christine, (2001) Tarot Shadow Work: Using the Dark Symbols to Heal, Llewellyn Publications, USA. ISBN: 1-56718-408-1

~ (2003) Professional Tarot: The Business of Reading, Consulting & Teaching, Llewellyn Publications, USA. ISBN: 0-7387-0217X

~ (2001) First Edition, Tarot for the Healing Heart, Llewellyn Publications, USA ISBN: 0-7387-0043-6

Kaplan, Stuart, R. (1988) The Encyclopedia of Tarot, Vol. 1 U.S. Games Systems, Inc., USA. ISBN: 0-913866-11-3

Kaplan, Stuart, R () The Encyclopedia of Tarot Vol 2. U.S. Games Systems, Inc. USA ISBN:

Kaplan, Stuart, R. (1988) The Encyclopedia of Tarot, Vol. 3 U.S. Games Systems, Inc., USA. ISBN:

Kaplan, Stuart, R. (1995) Fortune-Telling with Tarot Cards: An Illustrated Guide to Spreading and Interpreting the IJJ Tarot, Diamond Books, ISBN: 0-261-66662-2

Isabel Radow Kliegman, (1997) Tarot and the Tree of Life: Finding Everyday Wisdom in the Minor Arcana, Quest Books, Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, Illinois. ISBN: 0-8356-0747-X

Dorothy Kelly (1995) Tarot Card Combinations, Samuel Weiser Inc.
ISBN: 0-87728-829-1

"Lady Lorelei" (2004)Tarot Life Planner: Change Your Destiny and Enrich Your Life, Hamlyn, Octopus publishing Group, London ISBN: 0-600-61091-8
Louis, Anthony (2004) Tarot Plain and Simple, Llewellyn Publications, St Paul, MN, ISBN: 1-56718-400-6

Lammey, William C. (2002) Third Edition, Karmic Tarot: A Profound System For Finding and Following Your Life’s Path, New Page Books, Career Press, NJ, USA, ISBN:1-56414-543-3

A. T. Mann (2002) The Secrets of the Tarot: A Guide to Inner Wisdom, Thorsens. ISBN: 0 00 714050 9

Leo Louis Martello (1990) Reading The Tarot, Perigee, USA. ISBN: 0-399-52737-0

McCormack, Kathleen, (1998) Tarot Decoder: Interpret the symbols of the Tarot and increase your understanding of the cards, Simon & Schuster Australia. ISBN: 0-7318-0730-8

McCormack, Kathleen, (2002) The Tarot Workbook: An IQ Book for the Tarot Practitioner, New Burlington Books, UK. ISBN: 1-86155-656-X

Morgan, Diane (2003) Magical Tarot, Mystical Tao, St Martin’s Griffen, New York,ISBN: 0-312-31221-0

Georges Muchery (1989) The Astrological Tarot, Braken Books, London.
ISBN: 1 85170 254 7

No Author Cited, (1973) Tarot The Ancient Prophecy, Dynamic Games Industries

No Author Cited (1996) Guide to the Tarot, Geddes and Grosset Ltd. Scotland, ISBN: 1-85534-388-6

Nichols, Sallie (1984) Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey, Weiser Books, USA, ISBN: 0-87728-515-2

O'Neill, R. V. (2004) Tarot Symbolism, Facsimile issue if first edition then published by Fairway Press, Lima, Ohio, in 1986. Published by Association for Tarot Studies, Croydon Hills, Vic, Australia. ISBN: 0-9757122-0-9

Ozaniec, Naomi (1999) The Illustrated Guide to Tarot, Sterling Publishing Co, Inc. NY ISBN: 0-8069-7091-X

Papus, (1994) The Tarot of the Bohemians, Studio Editions Ltd. London,
ISBN: 1-85958-065-3

Peach, Emily (1988) Tarot for Tomorrow: An Advanced Handbook of Tarot prediction, The Aquarian Press, Thorsen’s Publishing Group, UK. ISBN: 0-85030-466-0

Peach, Emily (1990) The Tarot Workbook: Understanding and using Tarot Symbolism, Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. NY.
ISBN: 0-85030-390-7

Rachel Pollack (2002) Complete Illustrated Guide to the Tarot: How to unlock the secrets of the Tarot, Element Books LTD. London, ISBN: 0-00-713115-1

Rachel Pollack (1989) The New Tarot: Modern Variations on Ancient Images, The Aquarian Press, GB. ISBN: 1-85538-058-7

Rachel Pollack (1997) Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot, Thorsen Publishers London GB ISBN: 0 7225 3582 4

Rachel Pollack (2002) The Forest of Souls: A Walk Through the Tarot, Llewellyn Worldwide, St Paul Minn. ISBN: 1-56718-533-9

Porter, Tracy (2001) Tarot Companion: An Essential Reference Guide, Llewellyn Publications, St Paul MN.ISBN: 1-56718-574-6

Pushong, Carlyle, A. (1994) The Tarot of the Magi, Newcastle Publishing, North Hollywood, California, ISBN: 0-87877-192-1

Renee, Janine, (2000) Tarot: Your Everyday Guide, Llewellyn Publications, USA, ISBN: 1-056718-565-7

Roberts, Richard (1975) Tarot and You: The First Book of Taped Card Readings, Morgan & Morgan Inc. Publishers, NY.

Mouni Sadhu, (1990) The Tarot: A Contemporary Course of the Quintessence of Hermetic Occultism, Mandala, Unwin Paperbacks, ISBN: 0 04 133005 6

Paul Fenton-Smith, (2000) Mastering the Tarot: A Guide to Advanced Tarot Reading and Practice, Simon & Schuster, Australia. ISBN: 0 7318 0859 2

Gerald & Betty Schueler (1994) The Enochian Tarot, Llewellyn Publications, USA
ISBN: 0 87542 717 0

Juliet Sharman-Burke (1996) The Mythic Tarot Workbook, Simon & Schuster Australia, ISBN: 0-7318-0124-5

Megan Skinner (2004) Essence of Tarot: Modern Reflections on Ancient Wisdom, New Page Books, NJ. ISBN: 1-56414-748-7

Micheline Stuart (1977) The Tarot Path to Self Development, Shambhala, Boulder & London. ISBN: 0-87773-110-1

Sandra A Thomson (2003) Pictures from the Heart: A Tarot Dictionary, St Martin's Griffen, NY ISBN: 0 312 29128 0

Tobin-Gray, Alarnah & Wentworth, Lyle, (2002) Time Tarot, Simon & Schuster, Australia ISBN: 0-7318-1106-2

Tognetti, A & Lenard, Lisa, (2003) The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tarot, Second Edition. Alpha Books, NY. ISBN: 1-59257-066-6

Waite, Arthur Edward, (1997) The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, U. S. Games Systems, Inc. Stamford CT. USA ISBN: 0-913866-08-3

Waite, Arthur Edward (1993) The Key To The Tarot, Rider. UK.
ISBN: 0-7126-5851-3

Robert Wang (1987) The Qabalistic Tarot: A Textbook of Mystical Philosophy, Samuel Weiser, Inc. Maine USA. ISBN: 0-87728-672-8

Wanless, James PhD & Arrien Angeles, PhD (eds) (1992) Wheel of Tarot A New Revolution, Merrill-West Publishing, Carmel California ISBN: 0-961-5079-7-7

Kate Warwick-Smith (2003) The Tarot Court Cards: Archetypal Patterns of Relationship in the Minor Arcana, Destiny Books, Vermont, USA. ISBN: 0 89281 092 0

Oswald Wirth (1981) Introduction to the Study of Tarot: A beginner's guide to the symbolism and use of Tarot cards by one of the greatest tarot designers and theorists. The Aquarian Press, GB.
ISBN: 0-85030-263-3

Woudhuysen, Jan (1981) Tarotmania: The definitive guide to the Tarot, Sphere Books Ltd. London, ISBN: 0-7221-9314-9

Karen Hamaker-Zondag, (1995) The Way of the Tarot: A Jungian Approach for working more deeply with the Tarot, Piatkus ISBN: 0-7499-1781-4
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ooh! How'd I miss this thread?

I have, in downloaded form on the computer:
Learning the Tarot (Joan Bunning course)
The Book of Thoth (Crowley)
The Pictorial Key to the Tarot (Waite)
Tarot of Dreams (book on CD, I'll count that here)

I have, in real live book format:
Tarot: read the cards, etc. (Jane Lyle)
The Mysteries of the Tarot (Liz Dean)
Tarot for Life and Love (Jane Struthers)
78 Degrees of Wisdom (Rachel Pollack)
Tarot Tips (Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone)
Understanding the Tarot Court (Mary K Greer and Tom Tadfor Little)
Tarot Reversals (Mary K Greer)
Collins Gem Tarot (Rowenna Stuart, I think)
Tarot (A.T. Mann)
Mastering the Tarot (Eden Gray)
Tarot Mysteries (Jonathan Dee)
Pictures from the Heart: A Tarot Dictionary (Sandra Thompson)
The Tarot: History, Symbolism and Divination (Robert M Place)
Super Tarot (Sasha Fenton)
Mystical Origins of the Tarot (Paul Huson; I've just started this one)
The Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards (Michael Dummett)
The Tarot (Richard Cavendish)

I have the following companion books:
Tarot de Paris
Tarot of Prague
Victoria Regina Tarot
Gilded Tarot
Ancient Egyptian tarot
Robin Wood Tarot
Tarot of the Old Path
1JJ Swiss Tarot (the book by Stuart R Kaplan)
Barnes & Noble Tarot (Jonathan Dee)
Revelations Tarot
Renaissance Tarot
I Tarocchi (Laura Tuan; too bad I don't read a word of Italian!)
Visconti Sforza (with the Lombardica edition, again, in Italian)
Minchiate (Williams)
Lovers (Lyle)
Beginner's Guide to Tarot

... and more, I'm sure. Soon to get Lon Milo Duquette's book on the Crowley Thoth, and am waiting for A Wicked Pack of Cards in the mail.
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I don't really have that many books anymore. Not since the 'event'. But I now have

Encyclopedia of Divination by Stephan Kracher.
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Besides all the books that came with my decks....

Books by Rachel Pollack:
Complete Illustrated Guide to the Tarot
78 Degrees of Wisdom

Books by Mary K. Greer:
The Complete book of Tarot Reversals
Understanding the Tarot Court [also by Tom Little]

Books by Janina Renee:
Tarot for a New Generation
Tarot Your Everyday Guide
Tarot Spells

Books by different authors:
Tarot Tells the Tale by James Ricklef
It's all in the Cards by John Mangiapane [Our own Tarotbear] hehe
Power Tarot by Trish Macgregor & Phyllis Vega
Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning
Book of Thoth by Aliester Crowley
The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by Arthur Edward Waite
The Complete Tarot Reader by Teresa Michelsen
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Coming in a little late...

Here are some titles from my collection:

The Smart Girls Guide to Tarot by Emmi Fredericks
Tarot in the Spirit of Zen by Osho
Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack
Professional Tarot by Christine Jette
Mastering the Tarot by Eden Gray
Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning
Tarot With 'Tude by Dean Montalbano
Super Tarot by Sasha Fenton
Putting the Tarot to Work by Mark McElroy

Tarot Chick
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6 Haunted Days 

Here is a list I started last year, I kinda let it slide....so much work and time! I have hundreds more!

Hanson-Roberts ~ Susan Hansson
Halloween Tarot ~ Kipling West
Tarot Tells the Tale ~ James Ricklef
Tarot Bible ~ Sarah Bartlett
Essence of the Tarot: Modern Reflections on Ancient Wisdom ~ Megan Skinner
Complete Guide to Tarot ~ Cassandra Eason
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tarot, 2nd Edition ~ Arlene Tognetti and Lisa Lenard
How to Use Tarot Spreads ~ Sylvia Abraham
The Pictorial Key to the Tarot ~ A. E. Waite
Tarot & You ~ Richard Roberts (1971)
Learning the Tarot ~ Joan Bunning
Intuitive Tarot: Discovering and Reinforcing the Power of Your Intuition : Using the Tarot As a Tool ~ Richard Prosapio and Elizabeth Prosapio
Tarot for Everyone ~ Hajo Banzaf
Tarot Basics ~ Evelin Burger and Johannes Fiebig
Tarot: Your Everyday Guide ~ Janina Renee
Pictures from the Heart: A Tarot Dictionary ~ Sandra A. Thomson
Tarot Unveiled: The Method to Its Magic ~ Laura A. Clarson
The New Complete Book of Tarot ~ Juliet Sharman-Burke
Tarot for YourSelf ~ Mary Greer
Tarot: Get The Whole Story: Use, Create & Interpret Tarot Spreads ~ James Ricklef
Heart Of Tarot: An Intuitive Approach ~ Amber K
21 Ways To Read a Tarot Card ~ Mary Greer
Understanding the Tarot Court ~ Mary Greer
Power Tarot ~ Trish Macgregor
Forest Of Souls: A Walk Through the Tarot~Rachel Pollack
Psychic Tarot: ~ Craig Junjulas
Mastering the Tarot ~ Juliet Sharman-Burke
The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals ~ Mary Greer
Tarot Outside the Box ~ Valerie Sims
Seeker ~ Rachel Pollack
Tarot for Beginners ~ P. Scott Hollander
78 Degrees of Wisdom ~ Rachel Pollack
Tarot for the Healing Heart ~ Christian Jette
Tarot: Mirror of the Soul : Handbook for the Aleister Crowley Tarot ~ Gerd Ziegler
Keywords for the Crowley Tarot ~ Hajo Banzhaf
Guide to the Sacred Rose Tarot ~ Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman (2)
The Book of Tarot ~ Susan Gerulskis-Estes
Reveal the Secrets of the Sacred Rose~ Steven Culbert (2)
Tarot Awareness ~ Stephen Sterling
Tarot Plain and Simple ~ Anthony Louis
Witches Runes ~ Nigel Jackson
Revelations Tarot Companion ~ Zach Wong
Classic Tarot Spreads ~ Sondra Konraad
Tarot Classic ~ Stuart Kaplan
Dancing with the Juggler ~ Carolynn Townsend
A Keeper of Words; Accompanying Book to Legend: The Arthurian Tarot ~ Anna-Marie Ferguson
Understanding the Crowley Thoth ~ Duquette
Illustrated Guide to the Tarot ~ Rachel Pollack
2005 Tarot Reader
Mastering the Tarot ~ Eden Gray
Volumes I-IV of The Encyclopedia of Tarot ~ Kaplan
The Big Little Book of Tarot: The Only Book You'll Ever Need ~Rachel Pollack
Spiritual Tarot ~ Various
The Cosmic Tarot ~ Jean Huets
The 2-Hour Tarot Tutor ~ Wilma Carroll
Tarot: The Origins, Meaning and Uses of the Cards ~Alfred Douglas
Step-By-Step Tarot ~Terry Donaldson
The Cosmic Tarot: Signposts Along the Path ~Laura E. Clarson
Tarot and the Journey of the Hero ~ Hajo Banzhaf
Robin Wood Tarot:The Book ~ Robin Wood
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Well Worn Path book - Grimassi
Tarot & Magic - Kraig
The Tarot - Dr. Klaus Bergman
Motherpeace - Vicki Noble
Tarot shadow work - C. Jette
The open labyrinth - R. Pollack
Major arcana (1st part of "78 degrees of wisdom") - R. Pollack
60 different spreads (not the exact translation, it's in spanish) - Olga Roig
Jung and Tarot - S. Nichols
Tarot - Kathleen McCormack
Tarot - Paul Foster Case
Tarot - Alfred Douglas
Fairies Tarot - Sandra Ramírez
Tarot spellcaster - Terry Donaldson
How to read Tarot - Sylvia Abraham
Tarot - Stuart Kaplan
Secrets of Tarot - Colette Silvestre
Tarot for women - Gayan Winter

I think those are all I have. But I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a couple =b
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I only have two.

Huson's Mystical Origins of the Tarot and Gad's Tarot and Individuation. I borrowed Wang's Qabalistic Tarot, and also 78 Degrees of Wisdom and might invest in those. Have looked through lots of others over the last month.

I like Huson's most of all as it puts in perspective how subjective the meanings really are, but also includes some historical info. Wang's book immerses me in the immensity of the topic, but gently. I've just begun Gad's book. I'm trying to read it loosely as I'm not sure I agree with, or know enough about some of her beliefs. So I'll continue.

The goat in my stable right now is not exactly Tarot-related, but I find it's settling me nicely. Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers.

re Aesthetic obscurantism:

"Most revealing about the meaning of wabi-sabi is the fostering of the myth of inscrutability for aesthetic reasons....From this vantage point, missing or indefinable knowledge is simply another aspect of wabi-sabi's inherent "incompleteness." Since ideological clarity or transparency is not an essential aspect of wabi-sabi, to fully explain the concept might, in fact, diminish it."
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123 Tarot; Donald Tyson
2-Hour Tarot Tutor, The; Wilma Carroll
Aquarian Qabalah, The; Naomi Ozaniec
Book of Splendours, The; Eliphas Levi
Book of Thoth, The; The Master Therion (Aleister Crowley)
Emerald Tablet, The; Dennis William Hauck
How to Read Tarot Cards; Doris Chase Doane & King Keyes
Kabbalah Experience, The; Naomi Ozaniec
Mastering the Tarot; Eden Gray
Mystical Qabalah, The; Dion Fortune
New Dimensions for the Cube of Space; David Allen Hulse
Power Tarot; Trish MacGregor & Phyllis Vega
Practical Kabbalah Guidebook; CJM Hopking
Professional Tarot; Christine Jette
Romancing the Tarot; Phyllis Vega
Secrets of Western Tantra; Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.
Sexual Key to the Tarot, The; Theodor Laurence
Tarot and the Tree of Life; Isabel Radow Kliegman
Tarot Guide to Love and Relationships, The; Nancy Shavick
Tarot Life Planner; Lady Lorelei
Tarot Made Easy; Nancy Garen
Tarot of Ceremonial Magick; Lon Milo DuQuette
Tarot Psychology: Handbook for the Jungian Tarot; Robert Wang
Tarot Tells the Tale; James Ricklef
Tarot Universe; Nancy Shavick
The Tarot: A Guide to Reading Your Own Cards; Nancy Shavick
The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages; Paul Foster Case
Time Tarot; Alarnah Tobin-Gray & Llyle Wentworth
Understanding the Tarot Court; Mary K Greer & Tom Little
Way of the Secret Lover, The; Christopher S. Hyatt Ph.D. & Lon Milo DuQuette

As for all the books that go with decks, check my profile... If a book was published to specifically go with a deck, I have it.
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Theodore Roszak
Fool's Cycle-Full Cycle: Reflections on the Great Tumps of the Tarot

Calvino, Italo
Tarots: The Visconti Pack In Bergamo and New York

Michael Dummett
The Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards
The Game of Tarot

Decker, Ronald & Dummett, Michael
A History of the Occult Tarot 1870 - 1970.

Dummett, Michael; Decker, Ronald; Depaulis, Thierry
A Wicked Pack of Cards: The Origins of the Occult Tarot

Decker, Ronald
Art and Arcana (Companion text to Medieval Scapini)

Waite, Arthur Edward (with introduction and note by G. Moakley)
The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

Case, Paul Foster
The Book of Tokens: Tarot Meditations

PAPUS [Gerard Encausse).
The Tarot of the Bohemians. Translated by A.P. Morton. Revised edition, with Preface by A.E. Waite. Introduction by G. Moakley

Moakley, Gertrude.
THE TAROT CARDS. Painted by Bonifacio Bembo. For the Visconti-Sforza Family. An Iconographic and Historical Study.

John Blakely
Mystical Tower of the Tarot.

Paul Huson
Mystical Origins of the Tarot

Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism.

Betts, Timothy
Tarot and the Millennium.

Crowley, Aleister
The Book of Thoth
et al.,

Kaplan, Stuart
The Encyclopedia of Tarot I/II/III

Knight, Gareth
The Magical World of the Tarot
A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism

Maxwell, Joseph
The Tarot

O'Neill, Robert V.
Tarot Symbolism

Ouspensky, P. D.
The Symbolism of the Tarot

Sadhu, Mouni
The Tarot

Wirth, Oswald
The Tarot of the Magicians
Introduction to the Study of Tarot

Cynthia Giles:
The Tarot History, Mystery and Lore

Robert M Place
The Tarot: History, Symbolism and Divination

Eden Gray
The Complete Guide to the Tarot

Alfred Douglas
The Tarot

John Shephard
The Tarot Trumps: Cosmos in Miniature

Mann, Sylvia & Wayland, Virginia
The Dragons of Portugal

Woudhuysen, Jan
Tarotmania: The definitive guide to the Tarot

Peach, Emily
The Tarot Workbook: Understanding and using Tarot Symbolism

Fenton, Sasha
Super Tarot

Tilley, Roger
Playing Cards

Sylvia Mann
Collecting Playing Cards

Thomson, Sandra A. Mueller, Robert E. Echols, Signe E.
The Heart of the Tarot: The Two-card Layout: Easy, Fast, and Insightful

Also in Turkish translation by Rina Emre (translator)
Tarot'un Kalbi (The Heart of the Tarot) which came as part of a book / decks set with two decks - the RWS and Robin Wood .
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