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What books do we each have?

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Wow, such extensive collections some of you have. My collection makes me look like a noob in comparison but it's what I'm happy with for now.

*Companion book for the Fey deck
*Tarot for Yourself - Mary Greer
*A Magical Course in Tarot - Michele Morgan
*Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom - Rachel Pollack (I've not finished reading though.)
*21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card - Mary Greer (Recently bought on a bit of a whim, haven't read through it all yet.)
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I got only

Tarot made easy
Tarot - plane and simple
The complete Tarot spreads

and thats it
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I am pretty new to Tarot so just starting to get books.

Here is the book I have:
*Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis.

Books I just ordered:

*The Robin Wood Tarot: The Book by Robin Wood
*SeventyEight Degrees by Rachel Pollack
*Learning The Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners by Joan Bunning
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Hi everyone,

I must show my husband your list JMD as he's always telling me I have too many. I had 57 Tarot books but a couple of them are in storage and I gave away seven books recently. At present I (only) have 49 books on my shelf, as follows:

1. A New Handbook for the Apprentice (Connolly)
2. Collins Gem
3. Complete Book of Tarot (J Sharman-Burke)
4. Complete Book of Tarot Spreads (Burger & Fiebig)
5. Discover the Tarot (Shirley Wallis)
6. Everyday Tarot (Foulsham)
7. Guide to Tarot (Brockhampton)
8. Guide to Tarot (Geddes & Grosse)
9. How to Read Tarot (Abraham)
10. How to use Tarot Spreads (Abraham)
11. It’s all in the Cards (Mangiapane)
12. Karmic Tarot ( W Lammey)
13. Learning the Tarot (J Bunning)
14. Pocket Guide to Tarot (A Oken)
15. Predictions Tarot (Kudos)
16. Putting Tarot to Work (M McElroy)
17. Reading the Tarot (Leo Martello)
18. Seventy Eight Degrees of Tarot (R Pollack)
19. Simply Tarot (L Greenway)
20. Step by Step Tarot (T Donaldson)
21. Supertarot (S Fenton)
22. Tall Dark Stranger (C Kenner)
23. Tarot & Astrology (M Hasbrouck)
24. Tarot (B Anderton)
25. Tarot (Geddes & Grosse
26. Tarot (Geddes & Grosse)
27. Tarot (Jonathan Dee)
28. Tarot (S Fenton)
29. Tarot Card Combinations (D Kelly)
30. Tarot Companion (T Porter)
31. Tarot Divination (C Eason)
32. Tarot for Beginners (K Arcarti)
33. Tarot for Beginners (P Hollander)
34. Tarot for Life & Love (J Struthers)
35. Tarot for Relationships (J Almond)
36. Tarot for the New Generation (J Renee)
37. Tarot in 10 Minutes (R Kaser)
38. Tarot in Action (S Fenton)
39. Tarot Life Planner (Lady Lorelei)
40. Tarot Made Easy (x 2 ) (Nancy Garen)
41. Tarot of the Witches (S Kaplan)
42. Tarot Plain & Simple (A Louis)
43. Tarot Tips (Amberstone)
44. Tarot Workbook (J Sharman-Burke)
45. Tarot Workbook (McCormack)
46. The 2 Hour Tarot Tutor (W Carroll)
47. The Amazing book of Tarot (J Moore)
48. The Book of Tarot (Gerulskis-Estes
49. The Tarot Bible (Sarah Bartlett)

My decks are:

Universal Waite
Le Tarot Marseille
Original Rider Waite
Sasha Fenton
Jonathan Dee
Gilded Tarot (one of my favourites)

And, again, I think I may have one or two decks in storage!


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My total is 316 tarot books with the understanding that I probably haven't been totally consistent about handling books that come with sets. I've tried to capture all companion books (whether bought as part of a set or separately from the deck), but I'm sure I wouldn't have to go too far down the list to see where I messed up with that.... Also there are a few oracle books thrown into this list (but not all of course!) and a very small number of books that aren't directly tarot related but that's how I use them.
  • Title_AuthorLast_Author First_Publisher_Date
  • 1-2-3 Tarot_Tyson_Donald_Llewellyn Publications_2004
  • 9th Dimension Tarot, The_Leosis_Calmera_St. Croix, Inc._1971
  • Alchemical Tarot, The_Guiley_Rosemary Ellen and Robert M. Place_Thorsons_1995
  • All About Tarot_Morag_Hali_Astrolog Publishing House_1999
  • Ancestral Path Tarot, The_Hoover_Tracey_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1996
  • Angels Tarot, The_Guiley_Rosemary Ellen and Robert M. Place_Harper San Francisco_1995
  • Art of Tarot, The_Dean_Liz_Barnes & Noble Books_2001
  • Arthurian Tarot- A Hallowquest Handbook, The_Matthews_ Caitlin and John_Aquarian Press_1990
  • Arthurian Tarot Course, The_Matthews_Caitlin_Aquarian Press_1993
  • Astrology & The Tarot_Thierens_A. E._Newcastle Publishing Co_1975
  • Beginner's Guide to Tarot_Sharman-Burke_Julier_St. Martin's Griffin_2001
  • Book of Fools_Williams_Brian_Llewellyn Publications_2002
  • Book of Tarot, The_Gerulskis-Estes_Susan_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1981
  • Classic Tarot Spreads_Konraad_Sandor_Whitford Press_1985
  • Common Sense Tarot: The Complete Guide to Tarot Reading_Benares_Camden_Newcastle Publishing Co_1992
  • Compass Guide to the Quest Tarot, The_Martin_Joseph Ernest_Llewellyn Publications_2003
  • Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, The_Greer_Mary K._Llewellyn Publications_2004
  • Complete Book of Tarot Spreads_Burger_Evelin and Johannes Fiebig_Sterling Publishing Company_1997
  • Complete Book of Tarot, The_Sharman-Burke_Juliet_St. Martn's Griffin_1996
  • Complete Guide to the Tarot_Eason_Cassandra_Crossing Press, The_1999
  • Complete Guide to the Tarot, A_Gray_Eden_Bantam Books_1988
  • Complete Guide to the Tarot, The_Morag_Hali_Astrolog Publishing House_1998
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Tarot Spreads Illustrated_Tognetti_Arlene and Carolyn Flynn_Alpha Books_2006
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to the Tarot, The_Tognetti_Arlene and Lisa Lenard_Alpha Books_2003
  • Complete Illustrated Guide to Tarot_Pollack_Rachel_Gramercy Books_2001
  • Complete Merlin Tarot, The_Stewart_R. J._Aquarian Press_1992
  • Complete New Tarot, The_Docters van Leeuwen_Onno and Rob_Sterling Publishing Company_2001
  • Complete Tarot Reader, The_Michelsen_Teresa_Llewellyn Publications_2005
  • Cosmic Tarot_Huets_Jean_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1996
  • Cosmic Tribe Tarot, The_Ganther_Eric and Stevee Postman_Destiny Books_1998
  • Creative Brainstorming with the Bright Idea Deck_McElroy_Mark_Llewellyn Publications_2005
  • Da Vinci Tarot_McElroy_Mark_Llewellyn Publications_2005
  • Daughters of the Moon Tarot_Morgan_Ffiona_Daughters of the Moon_2000
  • Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads_Michelsen_Teresa_Llewellyn Publications_2003
  • Dictionary of the Tarot_Butler_Bill_Schocken Books_1975
  • Dragon Tarot, The_Donaldson_Terry_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1996
  • Dragon Tarot, The_Suckling_Nigel_Barnes & Noble Books_2005
  • DruidCraft Tarot, The_Carr-Gomm_Philip and Stephanie_St. Martin's Press_2004
  • Easy Tarot Guide_Masino_Marcia_ACS Publications Inc_1987
  • Easy Tarot Handbook_Ellershaw_Josephine_Llewellyn Publications_2007
  • Egyptian Tarot, The_Berti_Giordano and Tibero Gonard_Lo Scarabeo_2003
  • Element Tarot Handbook, The_Ozaniec_Naomi_Element Books Limited_1994
  • Elemental Tarot, The_Smith_Caroline and John Astrop_St. Martin's Griffin_1999
  • Elementary Tarot_Peters_Roberta_Caxton Publishing Co_2000
  • Elements of the Tarot, The_Mann_A T_Element Books Limited_1993
  • Encyclopedia of Tarot, Vol I_Kaplan_Stuart R._U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1994
  • Encyclopedia of Tarot, Vol II_Kaplan_Stuart R._U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1994
  • Encyclopedia of Tarot, Vol III_Kaplan_Stuart R._U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1990
  • Encyclopedia of Tarot, Vol IV_Kaplan_Stuart R._U.S. Games Systems, Inc_2005
  • Enochian Tarot, The_Schueler_Gerald and Betty_Llewellyn Publications_1992
  • Enochian Tarot, The_Schueler_Gerald and Betty_Llewellyn Publications_2000
  • Essence of the Tarot_Skinner_Megan_New Page Books_2004
  • Everyday Tarot_Fairfield_Gail_Samuel Weiser, Inc_2002
  • Everyday Tarot Magic_Morrison_Dorothy_Llewellyn Publications_2002
  • Everything Tarot Book, The_Abadie_M. J._Adams Media Corporation_1999
  • Evolution Through the Tarot_Gardner_Richard_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1977
  • Exploring the Patterns of the Tarot_Cowie_Norma_NC Publishing_1987
  • Exploring the Tarot_Japiske_Carl_Ariel Press_1989
  • Feng Shui Tarot: Guide to the Feng Shui Tarot Deck_Connolly_Eileen and Peter Paul_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_2005
  • First Book of the Luciferian Tarot, The_Ford_Michael W and Nico Claux_Succubus Productions_2007
  • Flight of the Feathered Serpent, The_Balin_Peter_Arcana Publishing Co._1978
  • Forest of Souls, The_Pollack_Rachel_Llewellyn Publications_2003
  • Fortune-Telling by Tarot Cards_Fenton_Sasha_Sterling Publishing Company_1990
  • Fradella Adventure Tarot_Fradella_Frank_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_2002
  • Friendly Tarot, The_DN__Self-published_
  • Gendron Tarot, The_Gendron_Melanie_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_2004
  • Giant Book of Card Divination, The_Ruland_Jeanne_Sterling Publishing Company_2005
  • Gill Tarot, The_Gill_Josephine_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1996
  • Glastonbury Tarot: Timeless Wisdom from the Isle of Avalon, The_Tenzin-Dolma_Lisa_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1999
  • Gnostic Book of Saints, A_Place_Robert M._Llewellyn Publications_2001
  • Gnostic Tarot_Irwin_Lee_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_2005
  • Gothic Tarot Compendium, The_Vargo_Joseph and Joseph Iorillo_Monolith Graphics_2007
  • Guide to Tarot of the Sepiroth_Mori_Josephine and Jill Stockwell_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_2001
  • Guide to the Babylonian Tarot, A_Cicero_Sandra Tabatha_Llewellyn Publications_2006
  • Guide to the Celtic Dragon Tarot, A_Conway_D.J. and Lisa Hunt_Llewellyn Publications_2002
  • Guide to the Pythagorean Tarot, A_Opsopaus_John_Llewellyn Publications_2001
  • Haindl Tarot Vol 1, The_Pollack_Rachel_Newcastle Publishing Co_1990
  • Haindl Tarot Vol II, The_Pollack_Rachel_Newcastle Publishing Co_1990
  • Healing Earth Tarot_McKie_Jyoti and David_Llewellyn Publications_1994
  • Heart of Tarot_K_Amber and Azreal Arynn_Llewellyn Publications_2002
  • Heart of the Tarot, The_Thomson_Sandra A., Robert E Mueller and Signe E. Echols_Harper San Francisco_2000
  • Highlights of Tarot_Case_Paul Foster_Builders of the Adytum, Ltd_1970
  • How to Choose Your Own Tarot_Godwin_David_Llewellyn Publications_1995
  • How to Read Tarot Cards_Doane_Doris Chase and KingKeyes_Perrenial Library_1971
  • How to Use Tarot Spreads_Abraham_Sylvia_Llewellyn Publications_1997
  • Illustrated Guide to the Tarot, An_Dee_Jonathan_Gramercy Books_2002
  • Illustrated Tarot Spreads_Pielmeier_Heidemarie & Marcus Schirner_Sterling Publishing Company_1999
  • In Search of Unicorns: A Guide to the Unicorn Tarot Deck_Star_Suzanne_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1997
  • Inner Child Cards Workbook_Lerner_Isha_Bear and Co_2002
  • Inner Child Cards: A Fairy-Tale Tarot_Lerner_Isha and Mark_Bear and Co_2002
  • Inner Pathways to the Divine_Toland_Diane_SunShine Press Publications_2001
  • Introduction to the Golden Dawn Tarot, An_Wang_Robert_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1978
  • Intuitive Arts on Family_Tognetti_Arlene and Cathy Jewell_Alpha Books_2003
  • Intuitive Arts on Love_Tognetti_Arlene and Lisa Lenard_Alpha Books_2003
  • Intuitive Tarot_Prosapio_Richard with Elizabeth_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1996
  • Intuitive Tarot, The_Conway_Cilla_St. Martin's Press_2004
  • Intuitive Tarot, The_Gordon_Richard and Dixie Taylor_Blue Dolphin Publishing_1994
  • Kabbalistic Tarot_Krafchow_Dovid_Inner Traditions_2005
  • Karmic Tarot_Lammey_William C._Newcastle Publishing Co_1993
  • Karmic Tarot_Lammey_William C._New Page Books_2002
  • Keeper of Words- Legend: The Arthurian Tarot, A_Ferguson_Anna-Marie_Llewellyn Publications_1996
  • Key to the Tarot, The_Waite_A. E._William Rider, Ltd._1999
  • Key Words for the Crowley Tarot_Banzhaf_Hajo and Brigitte Theler_Samuel Weiser, Inc_2001
  • Learning Tarot Reversals_Bunning_Joan_Samuel Weiser, Inc_2003
  • Learning Tarot Spreads_Bunning_Joan_Samuel Weiser, Inc_2007
  • Learning the Tarot_Bunning_Joan_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1998
  • Light and Shadow Tarot, The_Goepferd_Michael and Brian Williams_Destiny Books_1997
  • Little Black Book of Tarot_Stone_Nannette_Peter Pauper Press, Inc_2005
  • Living the Tarot_Jayanti_Amber_Llewellyn Publications_1993
  • Llewellyn Tarot Companion, The_Ferguson_Anna-Marie_Llewellyn Publications_2006
  • Llewellyn's Tarot Reader - 2006_none_none_Llewellyn Publications_2005
  • Llewellyn's Tarot Reader 2005_none_none_Llewellyn Publications_2004
  • Llewellyn's Tarot Reader 2007_none_none_Llewellyn Publications_2006
  • Llewellyn's Tarot Reader 2008_none_none_Llewellyn Publications_2007
  • Love Is In the Earth Crystal Tarot: The Tarot for the Millennium_Melody__Earth-Love Publishing House_2001
  • Lovers' Tarot, The_Mueller, Ph.d._Robert and Signe E. Echols, M.S., with sandra A. Thomson_Avon Books_1993
  • Ma'at Tarot Workbook, The_Kenner_Corrine_New Moon Trading Company_2007
  • Magical World of the Tarot, The_Knight_Gareth_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1991
  • Magick and the Tarot_Willis_Tony_Aquarian Press_1988
  • Magick of the Tarot, The_Denning_Melita and Osborne Phillips_Llewellyn Publications_1993
  • Magickal Tarot, The_Willis_Tony_Aquarian Press_1992
  • Mandala Astrological Tarot, The_Mann_A.T._Thorsons_1997
  • Mary K. Greer's 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card_Greer_Mary K._Llewellyn Publications_2006
  • Mastering the Tarot_Fenton-Smith_Paul_Simon & Schuster Australia_2000
  • Mastering the Tarot_Gray_Eden_Signet_1973
  • Mastering the Tarot_Sharman-Burke_Juliet_St. Martn's Griffin_2000
  • Medicine Cards_Sams_Jamie and David Carson_St. Martn's Press_1999
  • Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook, The_Bridges_Carol_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1981
  • Merlin Tarot Handbook, The_Stewart_R.J._Element Books Limited_2003
  • Merlin Tarot, The_Stewart_R.J._Aquarian Press_1988
  • Merryday Tarot, Numerology, Invisible Kingdom_Poole_Luisa_Self-published_2000
  • Minchiate Tarot, The_Williams_Brian_Destiny Books_1999
  • Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess Through Myth, Art and Tarot_Noble_Vicki_Harper San Francisco_1994
  • Mystery of the Tarot, The_Dean_Liz_Barnes & Noble Books_2003
  • Mystical Tarot, The_Guiley_Rosemary Ellen_Signet_1991
  • Mythic Tarot Workbook, The_Sharman-Burke_Juliet_Fireside_1988
  • Mythic Tarot, The_Sharman-Burke_Juliet and Liz Green_Fireside_1986
  • Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea_Turk_Julia A._U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1997
  • New Age Tarot: Guide to the Thoth Deck_Wanless_James_Merrill-West Publishing_1987
  • New Dimensions for the Cube of Space_Hulse_David Allen_Samuel Weiser, Inc_2000
  • New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot, The_Cicero_Chic and Sandra Tabatha_Llewellyn Publications_1996
  • New Orleans Voodoo Tarot, The_Martinie_Louis and Sallie Ann Glassman_Destiny Books_1992
  • New Tarot, The_Cooke_John and Rosalind Sharpe_Western Star Press_1970
  • New Tarot, The_Pollack_Rachel_Overlook Press, The_1990
  • New Thoughts on Tarot_Greer_Mary K and Rachel Pollack_Newcastle Publishing Co_1989
  • Norse Tarot - Gods, Sagas and Runes from the Lives of the Vikings, The_Barrett_Clive_Aquarian Press_1989
  • Numerology: Key to the Tarot_Konraad_Sandor_Whitford Press_1983
  • One World Tarot: Astrology, Tarot and the New Age, The_Love_Crystal_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_2002
  • Original Tarot & You, The_Roberts_Richard_Vernal Equinox Press_1987
  • Osho Zen Tarot: The Transcendental Game of Zen_Padma_Ma Deva_St. Martin's Press_1994
  • Pagan Tarot_Pace_Gina M._Lo Scarabeo_2005
  • Past-Life & Karmic Tarot_McCoy_Edain_Llewellyn Publications_2004
  • Pictorial Key to the Tarot, The_Waite_A. E._Barnes & Noble Books_1993
  • Pomo Tarot, The_Williams_Brian_Harper San Francisco_1994
  • Power Tarot_MacGregor_Trish and Phyllis Vega_Fireside_1998
  • Prediction Book of Taromancy, The_Boak_Gerald_Javelin Books_1985
  • Predictions: Learn to Read Your Future_Reed_Bridget_Kudos_2004
  • Professional Tarot_Jette_Christine_Llewellyn Publications_2003
  • Psychic Tarot_Junjulas_Craig_Morgan and Morgan_1985
  • Putting the Tarot to Work_McElroy_Mark_Llewellyn Publications_2004
  • Qabalistic Tarot, The_Wang_Robert_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1992
  • Quester: The Journey of the Brave_Beattie_Patricia_Element Books Limited_1999
  • Rabbi's Tarot_Moore_Daphna_Llewellyn Publications_1992
  • Reading Tarot Cards: A Guide to the New Palladini Tarot_Hansson_Susan_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1996
  • Reveal the Secrets of the Sacred Rose_Culbert_Steven_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1988
  • Revelations Tarot Companion_Wong_Zach_Llewellyn Publications_2005
  • Rohrig-Tarot Book, The_Marzano-Fritz_Francesca_Bluestar Communications_1997
  • Romancing the Tarot_Vega_Phyllis_Fireside_2001
  • Runic Tarot, The_Smith_Caroline and John Astrop_St. Martin's Griffin_2003
  • Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg_Giles_Cynthia_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1996
  • Sacred Circle Tarot: A Celtic Pagan Journey, The_Franklin_Anna_Llewellyn Publications_2005
  • Sacred Path Workbook, The_Sams_Jamie_Harper San Francisco_1991
  • Sacred Symbols: The Tarot___Thames and Hudson_1995
  • Sacred Tarot, The_Zain_C.C._Church of Light, The_1969
  • Salvador Dali's Tarot_Pollack_Rachel_Salem House_1985
  • Secrets of Tarot_Lionnet_Annie_Dorling Kindersley_2000
  • Seeker: The Tarot Unveiled_Pollack_Rachel_Llewellyn Publications_2005
  • Self-Discovery Through the Tarot_Genest_Claudia_Findhorn_2003
  • Servants of the Light Tarot_Ashcroft-Nowicki_Dolores_Aquarian Press_1991
  • Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom_Pollack_Rachel_Thorsons_1997
  • Sex Magic, Tantra & Tarot_Hyatt_Christopher S. and Lon Milo DuQuette_New Falcon Publications_1996
  • Sexual Key to the Tarot, The_Laurence_Theodor_Signet_1971
  • Shapeshifter Tarot_Conway_D.J. and Sirona Knight_Llewellyn Publications_2001
  • Sola Busca Tarot_Di Vincenzo_Sofia_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1998
  • Spiral Tarot_Steventon_Kay_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1998
  • Spirit of the Herbs: A Guide to the Herbal Tarot, The_Tierra_Michael and Candis Cantin_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1993
  • Spiritual Study of the Tarot, The_Fimlaid_Louise_Galaxy Publishing House_1997
  • Spiritual Tarot_Echols_Signe E., Robert Mueller and Sandra Thomson_Avon Books_1996
  • Star That Never Walks Around, The_Bennett_Stella_Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC_2002
  • Star-Spider Speaks: The Teachings of the Native American Tarot_Gonzalez_Magda Weck and J.A._U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1990
  • Step-By-Step Tarot_Donaldson_Terry_Thorsons_1995
  • Stories of the Wild Spirit_Palin_Poppy_Llewellyn Publications_2002
  • Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century_Wanless_James_Three Rivers Press_1996
  • Super Tarot_Fenton_Sasha_Aquarian Press_1991
  • Taking the Tarot to Heart_McElroy_Mark_Llewellyn Publications_2005
  • Tarot_Mendoza_Staci and David Bourne_Hermes House_2002
  • Tarot & Dream Interpretation_Gillentine_Julie_Llewellyn Publications_2003
  • Tarot and Astrology_Hasbrouck_Muriel Bruce_Destiny Books_1996
  • Tarot and Individuation_Gad_Dr. Irene_Nicolas-Hays Inc_1994
  • Tarot and Individuation_Gad_Dr. Irene_Nicolas-Hays Inc_2004
  • Tarot and Magic_Kraig_Donald Michael_Llewellyn Publications_2002
  • Tarot and the Journey of the Hero_Banzhaf_Hajo_Samuel Weiser, Inc_2000
  • Tarot and the Tree of Life_Kliegman_Isabel Radow_Quest Books_1997
  • Tarot As A Way of Life_Hamaker-Zondag_Karen_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1997
  • Tarot As Your Companion_Banzhaf_Hajo and Elisa Hemmerlein_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1999
  • Tarot Awareness_Sterling_Stephen Walter_Llewellyn Publications_2000
  • Tarot Basics_Burger_Evelin and Johannes Fiebig_Sterling Publishing Company_1997
  • Tarot Bible, The_Bartlett_Sarah_Sterling Publishing Company_2006
  • Tarot Book, The_Riley_Jana_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1992
  • Tarot Card Combinations_Kelly_Dorothy_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1995
  • Tarot Cards for Fun and Fortune Telling_Kaplan_Stuart R._U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1970
  • Tarot Celebrations_Amaral_Geraldine and Nancy Brady Cunningham_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1997
  • Tarot Classic_Kaplan_Stuart R._Grosset and Dunlap_1972
  • Tarot Companion: An Essential Reference Guide_Porter_Tracy_Llewellyn Publications_2000
  • Tarot Constellations_Greer_Mary K._Newcastle Publishing Co_1987
  • Tarot Court Cards, The_Warwick-Smith_Kate_Destiny Books_2003
  • Tarot D'Amour_Daniels_Kooch N. and Victor_Samuel Weiser, Inc_2003
  • Tarot Decoded_Hazel_Elizabeth_Samuel Weiser, Inc_2004
  • Tarot Decoder_McCormick_Kathleen_Barron's_1998
  • Tarot Dictionary and Compendium_Riley_Jana_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1995
  • Tarot Directory, The_Lionnet_Annie_Chartwell Books_2002
  • Tarot Divination_Crowley_Aleister_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1994
  • Tarot for a New Generation_Renee_Janina_Llewellyn Publications_2001
  • Tarot for All Seasons_Jette_Christine_Llewellyn Publications_2001
  • Tarot for Beginners_Arcarti_Kristyna_Headway Hodder & Sloughton_1993
  • Tarot for Beginners_Hollander_P. Scott_Llewellyn Publications_1995
  • Tarot for Everyone_Banzhaf_Hajo_AGMeuller_2005
  • Tarot for Life & Love_Struthers_Jane_Kyle Cathie Limited_2002
  • Tarot for Love & Relationships_Jacobi_Eleonore_Sterling Publishing Company_2003
  • Tarot for Lovers_Almond_Jocelyn and Keith Seddon_Thorsons_1990
  • Tarot for Lovers_Neville_E.W._Whitford Press_1987
  • Tarot for Relationships_Almond_Jocelyn and Keith Seddon_Aquarian Press_1990
  • Tarot for Self Discovery_Braden_Nina Lee_Llewellyn Publications_2002
  • Tarot for the Curious Spirit_Venn-Lever_Barbara_O Books_2007
  • Tarot for the Healing Heart_Jette_Christine_Llewellyn Publications_2001
  • Tarot for Your Self_Greer_Mary K._Newcastle Publishing Co_1984
  • Tarot Games_Johnson_Cait and Maura D. Shaw_Harper San Francisco_1994
  • Tarot Guide to Love and Relationships, The_Shavick_Nancy_Berkley Books_1993
  • Tarot Handbook, The_Arrien_Angeles_Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam_1997
  • Tarot Handbook, The_Banzhaf_Hajo_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1993
  • Tarot History Symbolism and Divination, The_Place_Robert M._Penguin_2005
  • Tarot in Action!_Fenton_Sasha_Aquarian Press_1987
  • Tarot in Ten Minutes_Kaser_R. T._Avon Books_1992
  • Tarot in the Spirit of Zen: The Game of Life_Osho__St. Martn's Griffin_2003
  • Tarot Journaling_Kenner_Corrine_Llewellyn Publications_2006
  • Tarot Life Planner_Lorelei_Lady_Bounty Books_2004
  • Tarot Made Easy_Garen_Nancy_Fireside_1989
  • Tarot Mirrors_Greer_Mary K._Newcastle Publishing Co_1988
  • Tarot of Love_von Rohr_Wulfing and Gayan S. Winter_U.S. Games Systems, Inc_1990
  • Tarot of the Bohemians, The_Papus__Senate_1995
  • Tarot of the Magicians, The_Wirth_Oswald_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1985
  • Tarot of the New Vision_Berti_Giordano and Tibero Gonard_Lo Scarabeo_2005
  • Tarot of the Orishas, The_Zolrak_and Durkon_Llewellyn Publications_2000
  • Tarot of the Spirit_Eakins_Pamela_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1992
  • Tarot of Timeless Truth_Vey_Leila_Self-published_
  • Tarot Outside the Box_Sim_Valerie_Llewellyn Publications_2004
  • Tarot Plain and Simple_Louis_Anthony_Llewellyn Publications_1996
  • Tarot Psychology - Handbook for the Jungian Tarot_Wang_Robert_Urania Verlags, AG_1990
  • Tarot Reader's Notebook, The_Martin_Ron_Flora & Company_1990
  • Tarot Revealed, The_Fenton-Smith_Paul_Simon & Schuster Australia_1998
  • Tarot Revealed, The_Gray_Eden_Signet_1988
  • Tarot Revelations_Campbell_Joseph and Richard Roberts_Vernal Equinox Press_1979
  • Tarot Shadow Work_Jette_Christine_Llewellyn Publications_2001
  • Tarot Shows The Path, The_Nordic_Rolla_Magickal Circle Publishing, Inc_1990
  • Tarot Spells_Renee_Janina_Llewellyn Publications_1990
  • Tarot Sutra: An Intimate Guide to Exploring Sex Through the Tarot_Canova_Patricia_Dorling Kindersley_2000
  • Tarot Tells the Tale_Ricklef_James_Llewellyn Publications_2003
  • Tarot Therapy_Woudhuysen_Janina_Jeremy P.Tarcher/Houghton Mifflin_1979
  • Tarot Tips_Amberstone_Ruth Ann and Wald_Llewellyn Publications_2004
  • Tarot Workbook, The_Peach_Emily_Sterling Publishing Company_1990
  • Tarot, The_Case_Paul Foster_Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin_2006
  • Tarot, The_Cavendish_Richard_Crescent Books_1986
  • Tarot, The_Hall_Manly P_Philosophical Research Society_1978
  • Tarot, The_Maxwell_Joseph_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1977
  • Tarot, The_Shavick_Nancy_Berkley Books_1984
  • Tarot: A New Handbook for the Apprentice Vol. 1_Connolly_Eileen_Newcastle Publishing Co_1979
  • Tarot: First Handbook for the Master_Connolly_Eileen_Newcastle Publishing Co_1994
  • Tarot: Get the Whole Story_Ricklef_James_Llewellyn Publications_2004
  • Tarot: History, Mystery and Lore_Giles_Cynthia_Fireside_1994
  • Tarot: Methods, Mastery and More_Giles_Cynthia_Fireside_1996
  • Tarot: Mirror of the Soul_Ziegler_Gerd_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1986
  • Tarot: Rebirth of the Oracle for the Modern World_Alessi_Justine and M.E. McMillan_Ozark Mountain Publishers_2005
  • Tarot: The Definitive Guide_Porter_Tracy_New Holland Publishers_2006
  • Tarot: The Handbook for the Journeyman_Connolly_Eileen_Newcastle Publishing Co_1987
  • Tarot: The Traditional Tarot Reinterpreted for the Modern World, The_Fronteras_Adam_Carlton Books Limited_1996
  • Tarot: Your Everyday Guide_Renee_Janina_Llewellyn Publications_2000
  • Tarot of Ceremonial Magick_DuQuette_Lon Milo_Samuel Weiser, Inc_1995
  • Tarotmania_Woudhuysen_Jan_Sphere Books Limited_1979
  • Templar Tarot Mysteries, The_Kelleher_Daria_iUniverse Inc_2007
  • Ten and Twenty-Two_Jacobs_Michael_Jason Aronson Inc._1997
  • Thinking Tarot_Aviza_Edward A_Simon & Schuster New York_1997
  • Thoth Companion, The_Snuffin_Michael Osiris_Llewellyn Publications_2007
  • Thursday Night Tarot, The_Lotterhand_Jason C_Newcastle Publishing Co_1989
  • Time Tarot_Tobin-Gray_Alarnah and Llyle Wentworth_Simon & Schuster_2002
  • Transformation Tarot, The_Gotthold_Shirley_Foolscap Press_1995
  • Traveling the Royal Road: Mastering the Tarot_Shavick_Nancy_Berkley Books_1992
  • Treasure House of Images, The_Knight_Gareth_Destiny Books_1986
  • Truth About The Enochian Tarot, The_Schueler_Gerald and Betty_Llewellyn Publications_1994
  • Ultimate Full-Color Guide to Tarot_Morag_Hali_Astrolog Publishing House_2002
  • Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot_DuQuette_Lon Milo_Samuel Weiser, Inc_2003
  • Understanding Tarot_Almond_Jocelyn and Keith Seddon_Thorsons_1991
  • Understanding the Tarot_Sharman-Burke_Juliet_St. Martin's Griffin_1998
  • Understanding the Tarot Court_Greer_Mary K. and Tom Little_Llewellyn Publications_2004
  • Universal Tarot_Filadoro_Massimiliano_Lo Scarabeo_2005
  • Voyager Guidebook_Wanless_James_Merrill-West Publishing_1986
  • Way of Tarot_Herbin_Evelyne and Terry Donaldson_Thorsons_2001
  • Way of the Great Oracle_Wanless_James_Fair Winds Press_2001
  • What Tarot Can Do For You_Moore_Barbara_Llewellyn Publications_2004
  • What's in the Cards for You?_McElroy_Mark_Llewellyn Publications_2005
  • Wheel of Destiny, The_McLaine_Patricia_Llewellyn Publications_1991
  • Wheel of Tarot - A New Revolution_Wanless_James and Angeles Arrien_Merrill-West Publishing_1992
  • William Blake Tarot, The_Buryn_Ed_Thorsons_1995
  • Windows of Tarot, The_Graves_F.D._Morgan and Morgan Publishers_1973
  • Witches Tarot, The_Reed_Ellen Cannon_Llewellyn Publications_1991
  • World Spirit Tarot, The_Godino_Jessica and Lauren O'Leary_Llewellyn Publications_2001

Yes, it's nice having my own personal library of tarot books. Between the partner and I (who are both admitted bookw*or*s), we have 71 shelves worth of books through the house.

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My Book Collection

I thought I had a lot of books but Rodney has proven me wrong.

Following his pattern here is my list.

•Title: Author, Publisher, Date
•1-2-3 Tarot: Tyson, Donald, Llewellyn Publications, 2004
•Complete Book of Tarot: The: Sharman-Burke,Juliet,St. Martn's Griffin,1996
•Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, The: Greer, Mary K., Llewellyn Publications, 2004
•Da Vinci Tarot: McElroy, Mark, Llewellyn Publications, 2005
•Easy Tarot Handbook: Ellershaw, Josephine, Llewellyn Publications, 2007
•Everyday Tarot: Fairfield, Gail, Samuel Weiser, Inc, 2002
•Exploring the Tarot: Japiske, Carl, Ariel Press, 1989
•Fey Tarot, The: Minetti, Riccardo, Lo Scarabeo, 2002
•Fradella Adventure Tarot: Fradella, Frank, U.S. Games Systems, Inc, 2002
•Guide to Mystic Faerie Tarot, The: Moore, Barbara, Llewellyn Worldwide, 2007
•Haindl Tarot Vol 1, The: Pollack, Rachel, Newcastle Publishing Co, 2002
•Haindl Tarot Vol II, The: Pollack, Rachel, Newcastle Publishing Co, 2002
•Key Words for the Crowley Tarot: Banzhaf, Hajo and Brigitte Theler, Samuel Weiser, Inc, 2001
•Learning the Tarot: Bunning, Joan, Samuel Weiser, Inc, 1998
•Llewellyn's Tarot Reader 2008
•Mary K. Greer's 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card: Greer, Mary K., Llewellyn Publications, 2006
•Past-Life & Karmic Tarot: McCoy, Edain, Llewellyn Publications, 2004
•Pictorial Key to the Tarot, The: Waite, A. E., Barnes & Noble Books, 1993
•Portable Magic: Tyson, Donald, Llewellyn Worldwide, 2006
•Power Tarot: MacGregor, Trish and Phyllis Vega, Fireside, 1998
•Reveal the Secrets of the Sacred Rose: Culbert, Steven, U.S. Games Systems, Inc, 1988
•Revelations Tarot Companion: Wong, Zach, Llewellyn Publications, 2005
•Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: Pollack, Rachel, Thorsons, 1997
•Tarot and Magic: Kraig, Donald Michael, Llewellyn Publications, 2002
•Tarot As Your Companion: Banzhaf, Hajo and Elisa Hemmerlein, U.S. Games Systems, Inc, 1999
•Tarot Card Combinations: Kelly, Dorothy, Samuel Weiser, Inc, 1995
•Tarot Directory, The: Lionnet, Annie, Chartwell Books, 2002
•Tarot for Everyone: Banzhaf, Hajo, AGMeuller, 2005
•Tarot for Your Self: Greer, Mary K., Newcastle Publishing Co, 1984
•Tarot Handbook, The: Banzhaf, Hajo, U.S. Games Systems, Inc, 1993
•Tarot Outside the Box: Sim, Valerie, Llewellyn Publications, 2004
•Tarot Plain and Simple: Louis, Anthony, Llewellyn Publications, 1996
•Tarot Tips: Amberstone, Ruth Ann and Wald, Llewellyn Publications, 2004
•Tarot: A New Handbook for the Apprentice Vol. 1: Connolly, Eileen, Newcastle
•Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot: DuQuette, Lon Milo, Samuel Weiser, Inc, 2003
•Understanding the Tarot Court: Greer, Mary K. and Tom Little, Llewellyn Publications, 2004
•What's in the Cards for You?: McElroy, Mark, Llewellyn Publications, 2005
•Your Guide to the Tarot: Berres, Janet, Llewellyn Worldwide, 2006

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Wow, some of you have very impressive lists! Mine is somewhat more . . . truncated I'll add to it when I get home from holidays, as I'm not sure of them all at this present time . . . I'm not including books that came as part of a set, either

78 Degrees - Pollack, Rachel.
Forest of Souls - Pollack, Rachel.
Haindl Tarot: The Minor Arcana - Pollack, Rachel.
Tarot Bible - Bartlett, Sarah.
21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card - Greer, Mary K.
Thoth Companion - Snuffin, Michael Osiris
Tarot Decoder - McCormack, Kathleen.
Tarot Tells the Tale - Ricklef, James.
Ticket, Passport & Tarot Cards - Marson, Linda.
Tarot Court Cards - Warwick-Smith, Kate.
Tarot For Every Day - Johnson, Cait.

\m/ Kat
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Lots of impressive book collections. I do want 78 degrees by Pollack.

Here are the books I have:

Learning the Tarot---Joan Bunning
Tarot for the Healing Heart---Christine Jette
Tarot for Your Self---Mary K. Greer
Tarot in Ten Minutes---R.T. Kaser
Tarot Plain and Simple---Anthony Louis
Tarot Shadow Work---Christine Jette
Tarot Tips---Ruth Ann Amberstone & Wald Amberstone
The Complete Idiots Guide to Tarot—Arlene Tognetti & Lisa Lernard
The Complete Idoits Guide Tarot Spreads Illustrated---Arlene Tognetti & Carolyn Flynn
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mary ventura 

Abadie . . . .The Everything Tarot Book
Alexander . . . .The Only Tarot Book You'll Ever Need (Guess I should have gotten this one first! )
Amberstone . . . .Tarot Tips
Bartlett . . . .The Tarot Bible
Fairfield . . . .Everyday Tarot
Greer . . . .Tarot For Yourself
Greer . . . .21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card
Greer & Little . . . .Understanding the Tarot Court
Hamaker-Zondag . . . .Tarot as a Way of Life
Jette . . . .Professional Tarot
Michelson . . . .The Complete Tarot Reader
Moore . . . .What Tarot Can Do For You
Place . . . .Tarot: History, Sy
Pollack . . . .78 Degrees of Wisdom
Renee . . . .History, Symbolism & Divination
Sharman-Burke . . . .Beginner's Guide to Tarot
Sharman-Burke . . . .Tarot Workbook

Companion books for various decks:
Samul . . . .Wisdom in the Cards (Hudes companion)
Hunt . . . .Animals Divine Companion
Ellershaw . . . .Easy Tarot Handbook (Gilded Tarot)
Carr-Gomm . . . .Druidcraft Tarot
Berti/Gonard/Cestaro . . . .Tarot of the New Vision

Mary V
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To start with I have the book my deck came with....

"Easy Tarot Handbook" by Josephine Ellershaw

And I bought "Tarot Basics" by Evelyn Burger & Johannes Fiebig...

very good books for beginners!
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