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What books do we each have?

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Originally Posted by wavebreaker
I never finished it either...
I think it's a great book, but I guess it just wasn't for me...
Tarot for Yourself by Mary Greer was my first tarot book ever and I also never finished it. I got almost to the end and I just was sick of constantly picking cards and analyzing them in 1,000 ways. I got impatient and just wanted to start studying them and using them MY way!!

I read a few other books from the library, Psychic Tarot by Craig Junjulas and a book by Gareth Knight. I didn't like Knight's book. Too cheesy. Though I love to read, I don't want to get bogged down by too many tarot books. I will look at them and be tempted to read them again when I know I should be reading other things.

So when I want to research anything about tarot, I just use the internet.
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I've only got a couple...

78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack
The Complete Tarot Reader by Michelsen

They're both pretty informative and cover a lot, I think...although I am addicted to reading as much as I can online.
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Right now....

Tarot Plain and Simple
Tarot and Psychology-Spectrums of Possibility
Tarot Celebrations
Visconti Tarots
and I just saw Tarot: Your Everyday Guide on Amazon for like a dime plus ship, so that's on it's way :-)
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Well it's been a while. Hefty bump - here are mine:

  • Skye Alexander Ten Minute Tarot
  • Pietro Alligo 1987-2007: Twenty Years of Tarot: the Lo Scarabeo Story
  • Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone Tarot Tips
  • Nancy Antenucci Psychic Tarot
  • Angeles Arrien Tarot Handbook
  • Hajo Banzhaf The Crowley Tarot
  • David Barrett Tarot
  • Sarah Bartlett The Tarot Bible
  • Erich Bauer Tarot: Quelle therapeutisches Wandlung
  • Alessandro Bellenghini Cartomancy
  • Yoav Ben-Dov Tarot: The Open Reading
  • Giordano Berti Il Castello dei Tarocchi
  • Giordano Berti Tarot of the New Vision
  • Giordano Berti Visconti Tarots
  • J.-G. Bourgeat Le Tarot
  • Janet Boyer The Back in Time Tarot Book
  • Brielmaier, K.M. (ed) Llewellyn's Tarot Reader 2006
  • Bill Butler Dictionary of Tarot
  • Ross Sinclair Caldwell Explaining the Tarot: Two Renaissance Essays on the Meaning of the Tarot Pack
  • Joseph Campbell Tarot Revelations
  • Philip Carr-Gomm The Book of English Magic
  • Richard Cavendish The Tarot
  • Jean Chevalier Dictionary of Symbols
  • Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot
  • Lynda Cowles The Tarot Playbook
  • Aleister Crowley The Book of Thoth
  • Steven Culbert Reveal the Secrets of the Sacred Rose
  • Ronald Decker A History of the Occult Tarot 1870-1970
  • Ronald Decker A Wicked Pack of Cards
  • Ronald Decker The Esoteric Tarot
  • Jonathan Dee Tarot Mysteries: uncovering the real Meanings of the Cards
  • Rene Delaere Greencraft Tarot
  • Sofia di Vinenzo Tarot Sola Busca
  • Alfred Douglas The Tarot: Origins, and Uses of the cards (2 copies)
  • Michael Dummett The Game of Tarot
  • Michael Dummett The Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards
  • Lon Milo Duquette Understanding Aleister Crowley's the Thoth Tarot
  • Enrique Enriquez Tarology
  • Sasha Fenton Super Tarot: How to link the cards to reveal your future
  • Paul Fenton-Smith Mastering the Tarot
  • Johannes Fiebig Dali Tarot
  • Johannes Fiebig The Ultimate Guide to the Rider Waite Tarot
  • Massimilano Filadoro Universal Tarot
  • David Fontana The Essential Guide to the Tarot
  • Richard Gardner The Tarot Speaks
  • Nancy Garen Tarot Made Easy
  • Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman Guide to the Sacred Rose Tarot
  • Susan Gerulskis-Estes The Book of Tarot
  • Fred Gettings The Book of Tarot
  • Fred Gettings Visions of the Occult
  • Cynthia Giles The Tarot - Methods, Mastery and More
  • Cynthia Giles The Tarot: History, Mystery and Lore
  • Tali Goodwin Abiding in the Sanctuary
  • Tali Goodwin Learning Lenormand
  • Tali Goodwin Secrets of the Waite-Smith Tarort
  • Tali Goodwin Tarot Face to Face
  • Tali Goodwin Tarot Flip
  • Tali Goodwin Tarot Insight
  • Tali Goodwin Tarot Twist
  • Eden Gray A Complete Guide to the Tarot
  • Eden Gray Mastering the Tarot
  • Eden Gray The Tarot Revealed
  • Mary Greer Tarot Mirrors
  • Mary Greer The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals
  • Mary Greer Understanding the Tarot Court
  • Mary K. Greer 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card
  • Mary K. Greer Tarot for Your Self
  • Manly P. Hall The Tarot
  • Elizabeth Hazel Tarot Decoded
  • Jean Huets Cosmic Tarot
  • Kim Huggens Complete Guide to Tarot Illuminati
  • Kim Huggens Tarot 101
  • Paul Huson Mystical Origins of Tarot
  • Paul Huson The Devil's Picture Book
  • Brian Innes The Tarot
  • Ishbel Secret Teachings of the Temple of Isis
  • Amber Jayanti Tarot for Dummies
  • Frank (ed) Jensen Manteia
  • K. Frank Jensen The Story of the Waite-Smith Tarot
  • Amber K Heart of Tarot
  • Stuart Kaplan Encyclopedia of Tarot Vol 1
  • Stuart Kaplan Encyclopedia of Tarot Vol 2
  • Stuart Kaplan Encyclopedia of Tarot Vol 3
  • Stuart Kaplan Encyclopedia of Tarot Vol 4
  • Stuart Kaplan James Bond 007 Tarot Book
  • Stuart Kaplan Tarot Cards for Fun and Fortune Telling
  • Stuart Kaplan Tarot Classic
  • Stuart Kaplan Tarot Classic (1st edition)
  • Stuart Kaplan Tarot of the Witches
  • R. T. Kaser Tarot in Ten Minutes
  • Marcus Katz Around the Tarot in 78 Days
  • Marcus Katz Tarosophy: Tarot to Engage Life, Not Escape It
  • Catriona Kirkpatrick Guide to the Tarot
  • Theodor Laurence How the Tarot Speaks to Moden Man
  • Theodor Laurence The Sexual Key to the Tarot
  • Frank Lind How to Understand the Tarot
  • Frédéric Lionel Magic Tarot
  • Annie Lionnet The Tarot Directory
  • Anthony Louis Tarot Plain and Simple
  • Anthony Louis Tarot Beyond the Basics
  • A. R. Madan Kama Sutra Tarot Companion
  • Karen Mahony The Victorian Romantic Tarot
  • John Mangiapane It's All in the Cards
  • Londa Marks Crow's Magick
  • Joseph Maxwell The Tarot
  • Leigh McCloskey Tarot ReVisioned: Original Artwork and Text
  • Kathleen McCormack The Tarot Workbook: An IQ book for the Tarot Practitioner
  • Mark McElroy Da Vinci Tarot
  • Mark McElroy Tarot of the Elves
  • Teresa C. Michelsen The Complete Tarot Reader
  • Gertrude Moakley The Tarot Cards Painted by Bonifacio Bembo for the Visconti-Sforza Family
  • Barbara Moore Tarot for Beginners
  • Barbara Moore Tarot Spreads
  • Michele Morgan A Magical Course in Tarot
  • H. M. Nelson Elksinger's Perfected Tarot: The Book
  • No author listed Tarot (Gallery book)
  • No author listed Tarot 2010 (Gallery book)
  • P D Ouspenski The Symbolism of the Tarot
  • Naomi Ozaniek The Watkins Tarot Handbook
  • Gina M Pace Pagan Tarot
  • Papus Tarot of the Bohemians
  • Robin Payne Tarot 2000: The Pagan Tarot
  • Emily Peach The Tarot Workbook
  • Robert Place The Tarot: History, Symbolism and Divination
  • Rachel Pollack 78 Degrees of Wisdom part I
  • Rachel Pollack 78 Degrees of Wisdom part II
  • Rachel Pollack Complete Illustrated Guide to Tarot
  • Rachel Pollack Haindl Tarot: A Reader's Handbook (2 copies)
  • Rachel Pollack Salvador Dali's Tarot
  • Rachel Pollack Tarot: The Open Labyrinth
  • Rachel Pollack The Forest of Souls
  • Rachel Pollack The Haindl Tarot: The Major Arcana
  • Rachel Pollack The Haindl Tarot: The Minor Arcana
  • Rachel Pollack The New Tarot
  • Louisa Poole Merryday Tarot Numerology Invisible Kingdom
  • Carlyle A. Pushong The Tarot of the Magi
  • Basil Rakoczi The Painted Caravan
  • Ellen Cannon Reed The Witches' Tarot (the Witches' Qabala Book 2)
  • Janina Renee Tarot: Your Everyday Guide
  • James Ricklef Knighthawk's Tarot Readings
  • James Ricklef Tarot Tells the Tale
  • James Ricklef Tarot: Get the Whole Story
  • Richard Roberts The Original Tarot and You
  • Carl-W. Röhrig The Röhrig Tarot Book
  • Alexander Roob Alchemy and Mysticism
  • Helene and Doris Saltarini Fairy Tarot
  • A. L. Samul Wisdom in the Cards
  • Thomas Saunders The Authentic Tarot: Discovering your Inner Self
  • Valerie Sim Tarot Outside the Box
  • Michael Osiris Snuffin The Thoth Companion
  • Sylvie Steinbach The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle
  • R. J. Stewart The Complete Merlin Tarot
  • Gerald Suster The Truth about the Tarot
  • Sandra A. Thomson Pictures from the Heart: A Tarot Dictionary
  • Roger Tilley A History of Playing Cards
  • Arlene Tognetti Complete Idiot's Guide to the Tarot
  • Suzanne Treister Hexen2.0
  • Arthur Edward Waite The Pictorial Key to the Tarot
  • Arthur Edward Waite The Pictorial Key to the Tarot
  • James Wanless New Age Tarot
  • Dusty White The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever !!
  • Diane Wilkes The Tarot of Jane Austen
  • Oswald Wirth Introduction to the Study of the Tarot
  • Oswald Wirth Tarot of the Magicians
  • Jan Woudhuysen Tarotmania
  • Gerd Ziegler Tarot: Mirror of the Soul
  • Zolar The Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge
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Tarot books of the shelf:
Arrien, Angeles, Handbook
Banzhaf Akron, Thoth Tarot
Banzhaf, Täglicher Begleiter
Echols Thomsen, Spiritual Tarot
Giles, Cynthia, Tarot Mystery, History, Lore
Greer, Mary, Tarot for Yourself
Kaplan, Stuart, Der Tarot
Place, Robert, Tarot
Pollack, 78 Grade der Weisheit
Pollack, Rachel, Tree of life
Vega, MacGregor, Power Tarot
Waite, A pictorial key to the tarot
Wirth, Oswald, Tarot of the Magician
Ziegler, Gerd, Mirror of the Soul

Books for specific decks:
Klaffinger, Anna K. Tarot
Lerner, Mark and Isha, Inner Child Cards
Moore, Barbara, and Stephanie Mun Law, Shadowscapes
Packard, Mary, Golden Tarot (Visconti-Sforza)
Place, Robert, A Gnostic Book of Saints
Place, Robert, Das Tarot der Engelmächte
Pollack, Pollack, Haindl Tarot
Williams, Brian, A Renaissance Tarot

Tarot e-books:
A.E. Waite, A french method of fortune telling
Adana Washington, Tarot Conversations: Spreads that Create Dialogue
Aeclectic, How to Read Tarot
Aharoni, Ruth, the magical combination
Amberstone, Wald, and Ann Ruth, Tarot Tips
Amberstones, Tarot Tips
AT, how to read tarot
Aun Weor, Samael, Tarot and Kabalah
Aun Weor, Samael, The Initiatic Path in the Arcane
Brown, Jessica, How to be a Tarot Master Reader
Bunning, Joan, Learning the Tarot
Bury, Blake Tarot
Crawley, Book of Thoth
Crowley, Aleister, Book of the Law
Doering, Sabine, Esoterik
DuQuette, Lon Milo, Understanding AC's Thoth Tarot
Eshey, Ian, Court cards
Eshey, Ian, cups suit
Fenton-Smith, Paul, Tarot Revealed
Foster Case, Paul, An Introduction to the Study of the Tarot
Hans-Dieter Leuenberger, Tarot 5 Bände
Hessle, Erwin, The Small Cards of the Tarot
Janina Renee, Tarot spells
Johnson, Louise, Tarot and the Law of Attraction
Katz, Marcus, and Tali Goodwin, Tarot Face to Face
Katz, Marcus, and Tali Goodwin, Tarot Flip
Katz, Marcus, and Tali Goodwin, Tarot Inspire
Katz, Marcus, and Tali Goodwin, Tarot Twist
Kenner, Corinne, The Symbolist
Kilborn, Bill, Playing Card Divination
Kilborn, Playing card divination
Kim, Ellen, Tarot Card
L.W. de Laurence, an illustrated guide to the tarot
Leuenberger, Schule des Tarot
Liber T
Louis, Anthony, Tarot Plain and Simple
Mary Greer, Tom Little, Understanding the tarot court
Mathers, the tarot
McCormack, Kathleen, Tarot Decoder
Moore, Barbara, Tarot for Beginners
Moore, Barbara, Tarot Spreads
Ouspensky, The Symbolism of the Tarot
Papus, the tarot of the bohemians
Paul Foster Case, introduction
Rao, Kathleen, Tarot Card Reading for Beginners
Rennie, Susan, and Sally Miller Gearhart, A Feminist Tarot
Robert Place, The Fool's Journey: the History, Art, & Symbolism of the Tarot
Rosengarten, Art, Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility
Snuffin, Michael Osiris, The Thoth Companion
Steventon, Kay, Celestial Tarot
Street, Ella Jo, How to Read the Tarot with Confidence
Vega, Phyllis, Romancing the Tarot
Wang, Robert, Qabbalstic Tarot
Wen, Benebell, Holistic Tarot
Yoav Ben Dov, The Open Reading
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Rodney's Tarot Book Collection Part 1

From 316 in 2008, I'm now up to 723 combined tarot and oracle books including different editions of the same book (which is why titles will be listed twice). I have to break this post into two parts because it's too long!

1-2-3 Tarot,Tyson,Donald,Llewellyn Publications
2013 Oracle,Carson,David and Nina Sammons,Council Oak Books
365 Tarot Spreads,Graham,Sasha,Llewellyn Publications
"777 Tarot, The",Crowley,Amado,Twicen Books
"9th Dimension Tarot, The",Leosis,Calmera,"St. Croix, Inc."
"Alchemical Tarot, The",Guiley,Rosemary Ellen and Robert M. Place,Thorsons
Alchemy and the Tarot,Place,Robert M,Hermes Publications
"Alchemy of Tarot, The",Lucina,Juno,Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
"Alchemy Stones, The",Warlick,M.E.,Marlowe & Company
All About Tarot,Morag,Hali,Astrolog Publishing House
"Amazing Book of Tarot and Card Prediction, The",Moore,Joan,"Chartwell Books, Inc"
"Amazing Book of Tarot and Card Prediction, The",Moore,Joan,"Chartwell Books, Inc"
"Amazing Fortune-Telling Book, The",Lee,Karin,Hyperion Books for Children
"Ancestral Path Tarot, The",Hoover,Tracey,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Ancient Egyptian Tarot, The",Barrett,Clive,Aquarian Press
"Ancient Egyptian Tarot, The",Barrett,Clive,Thorsons
"Ancient Egyptian Tarot, The",Barrett,Clive,Element
"Ancient Egyptian Tarot, The",Barrett,Clive,Element Books Limited
Ancient Mysteries Tarot,Calverley,Roger,Lotus Press
Angel Voices,Tuan,Laura,Lo Scarabeo
"Angels Tarot, The",Guiley,Rosemary Ellen and Robert M. Place,Harper San Francisco
"Animal-Wise Tarot, The",Andrews,Ted,Dragonhawk Publishing
Arcana for the New Dark Age,Kirchnet,William,Pomegranate Artbooks
Around the Tarot in 78 Days,Katz,Marcus and Tali Goodwin,Llewellyn Publications
Art and Arcana: Commentary on The Medieval Scapini Tarot,Decker,Ronald,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Art of Tarot Cards, The",Weller,Alan,"Dover Publications, Inc"
"Art of Tarot, The",Dean,Liz,Barnes & Noble Books
"Art of Tarot, The",Dean,Liz,Barnes & Noble Books
"Art of the Shadowscapes Tarot, The: Major Arcana",Law,Stepahnie Pui-Mun,Shadowscapes Inc
"Art of the Shadowscapes Tarot, The: Minor Arcana",Law,Stepahnie Pui-Mun,Shadowscapes Inc
"Arthurian Tarot- A Hallowquest Handbook, The",Matthews, Caitlin and John,Aquarian Press
"Arthurian Tarot Course, The",Matthews,Caitlin,Aquarian Press
Artist's Inner Visions,NoMonet,none,NoMonet Full Court Press
"Astrological Tarot, The",Muchery,Georges,Castle Books
"Astrological Tarot, The",Muchery,Georges,Studio Editions
Astrology & The Tarot,Thierens,A. E.,Newcastle Publishing Co
"Atavist Tarot, The",Shepherd,Rowena,Foulsham
"Aura-Soma Sourcebook, The",Booth,Mike w/ Carol McKnight,Healing Arts Press
"Authentic Tarot, The",Saunders,Thomas,Watkins Publishing
"Back in Time Tarot Book, The",Boyer,Janet,Hampton Roads
"Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot, The",Mahoney,Karen,Magic Realist Press
Baseball Tarot,Lerner,Mark and Laura Philips,Workman Publishing
Beginner's Guide to Tarot,Sharman-Burke,Juliet,St. Martin's Griffin
Beginner's Tarot,McCormack,Kathleen,Barron's
Best Tarot Practices,Masino,Marcia,Weiser Books
Beyond the Celtic Cross,Hughes-Barlow,Paul and Catherine Chapman,Aeon Books Ltd.
"Black Tarot, The",Sorrell,Jason,Creative Oddities Studios
Blue Moon Tarot,Cuccia-Watts,Julie,New Moon Trading Co
"Bohemian Gothic Tarot, The",Mahoney,Karen,Magic Realist Press
Book of Alchemy,Buckland,Raymond,Llewellyn Publications
Book of Fools (companion to Ship of Fools),Williams,Brian,Llewellyn Publications
"Book of Seshet: Guide to the Rosetta Tarot, The",Meleen,M.M.,Atu House
"Book of Shadows Tarot, The",Moore,Barbara,Lo Scarabeo
"Book of Tarot, The (companion to Morgan Greer)",Gerulskis-Estes,Susan,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Book of Tokens, The: Tarot Meditations",Case,Paul Foster,Builders of the Adytum
"Buckland Romani Tarot, The",Buckland,Raymond,Galde Press
"Buckland Romani Tarot: The Gypsy Book of Wisdom, The",Buckland,Raymond,Llewellyn Publications
Carl W Rohrig Tarot,Marzano-Fritz,Francesca,Aquamarin Verlag
Celestial Tarot,Clark,Brian,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Celtic Tarot, The",Patterson,Helena,Element Books Limited
"Celtic Tarot, The",Patterson,Helena,Aquarian Press
Celtic Wisdom Tarot,Matthews,Caitlin,Destiny Books
Classic Tarot Spreads,Konraad,Sandor,Whitford Press
Color Your Tarot,Dean,Liz,Cico Books
Common Sense Tarot: The Complete Guide to Tarot Reading,Benares,Camden,Newcastle Publishing Co
"Compass Guide to the Quest Tarot, The",Martin,Joseph Ernest,Llewellyn Publications
"Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, The",Greer,Mary K.,Llewellyn Publications
Complete Book of Tarot Spreads,Burger,Evelin and Johannes Fiebig,Sterling Publishing Company
"Complete Book of Tarot, The",Sharman-Burke,Juliet,St. Martn's Griffin
"Complete Guide to Tarot Reading, The",Morag,Hali,Astrolog Publishing House
Complete Guide to the Tarot,Eason,Cassandra,"Crossing Press, The"
"Complete Guide to the Tarot, A",Gray,Eden,"Crown Publishers, Inc"
"Complete Guide to the Tarot, A",Gray,Eden,Bantam Books
Complete Idiot's Guide to Tarot Spreads Illustrated,Tognetti,Arlene and Carolyn Flynn,Alpha Books
"Complete Idiot's Guide to the Tarot, The",Tognetti,Arlene and Lisa Lenard,Alpha Books
Complete Illustrated Guide to Tarot,Pollack,Rachel,Gramercy Books
"Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook, The",Matthews,Caitlin,Destiny Books
"Complete Merlin Tarot, The",Stewart,R. J.,Aquarian Press
"Complete New Tarot, The",Docters van Leeuwen,Onno and Rob,Sterling Publishing Company
"Complete Tarot Reader, The",Michelsen,Teresa,Llewellyn Publications
Confessions of a Tarot Reader,Stern,Jane,skirt!
Cosmic Tarot,Huets,Jean,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Cosmic Tarot, The",Clarson,Laura E.,Visionary Enterprises
"Cosmic Tribe Tarot, The",Ganther,Eric and Stevee Postman,Destiny Books
Creative Brainstorming with the Bright Idea Deck,McElroy,Mark,Llewellyn Publications
Crow's Magick,Marks,Londa,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Crystal Ally Cards, The",Ahsian,Naisha,Heaven & Earth Publishing
"Cup of Destiny, The",Lyle,Jane,Barnes & Noble
Da Vinci Enigma Tarot,Matthews,Caitlin,St. Martin's Press
Da Vinci Tarot,McElroy,Mark,Llewellyn Publications
Dali Tarot,Fiebig,Johannes,Konigs Furt
Dance of Life Cards,Savage,Audrey and Paula Scotta Frantz,Bookweaver Publishing Co
Dark Goddess Tarot Companion,Lorenzi-Prince,Ellen,Natural Press
Daughters of the Moon Tarot (Revised),Morgan,Ffiona,Daughters of the Moon
Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads,Michelsen,Teresa,Llewellyn Publications
"Devil's Picturebook, The",Huson,Paul,Author's Guild
"Devil's Picturebook, The",Huson,Paul,G.P. Putnam's Sons
Diary of Discovery,Geer,Richard H.,Cloud Enterprises
Diary of Discovery,Geer,Richard H., Star + Gate Enterprises
Dictionary of the Tarot,Butler,Bill,Schocken Books
Discovering Your Self Through the Tarot,Gwain,Rose,Destiny Books
Divination by Punctuation,Conley,Craig,Professor Oddfellow's Forgotten Wisdom
"Divinatory Tarot, The (Etteilla meanings)",Papus,none,Aeon Books
"Dracula Tarot, The",Vladic,Vicky,self-published
"Dragon Tarot, The",Donaldson,Terry,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Dragon Tarot, The",Suckling,Nigel,Barnes & Noble Books
"Dreamer's Journal, The (companion to Mystic Dreamer Tarot)",Moore,Barbara,Llewellyn Publications
"Dreampower Tarot, The",Stewart,R.J.,Thorsons
"Druid Animal Oracle, The",Carr-Gomm,Philip and Stephanie,Fireside
"DruidCraft Tarot, The",Carr-Gomm,Philip and Stephanie,St. Martin's Press
Easy Tarot Guide,Masino,Marcia,ACS Publications Inc
Easy Tarot Handbook,Ellershaw,Josephine,Llewellyn Publications
Easy Tarot Reading,Ellershaw,Josephine,Llewellyn Publications
"Egyptian Origins of the Tarot, The",Robinson,Samuel,Boomerang Books
"Egyptian Tarot, The",Berti,Giordano and Tibero Gonard,Lo Scarabeo
Einfhrung in die Praxis des Tarot,Bergh,Robert A.,Moewig
"Element Tarot Handbook, The (same as Initiation into the Tarot)",Ozaniec,Naomi,Element Books Limited
"Elemental Tarot, The",Smith,Caroline and John Astrop,St. Martin's Griffin
"Elemental Tarot, The",Smith,Caroline and John Astrop,Dolphin Doubleday
Elementary Tarot,Peters,Roberta,Caxton Publishing Co
"Elements of the Tarot, The",Mann,A T,Element Books Limited
"Ellis decK, The",Ellis,Taylor,self-published
"Enchanted Lenormand Oracle, The",Matthews,Caitlin,Watkins Publishing
"Encyclopedia of Tarot, Vol I",Kaplan,Stuart R.,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Encyclopedia of Tarot, Vol II",Kaplan,Stuart R.,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Encyclopedia of Tarot, Vol III",Kaplan,Stuart R.,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Encyclopedia of Tarot, Vol IV",Kaplan,Stuart R.,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Enochian Tarot, The",Schueler,Gerald and Betty,Llewellyn Publications
"Enochian Tarot, The",Schueler,Gerald and Betty,Llewellyn Publications
"Enochian Tarot, The",Schueler,Gerald and Betty,Llewellyn Publications
"Esoteric Tarot, The",Decker,Ronald,Quest Books
"Esoteric Tarot, The",Kasdin,Simon,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
Essence of the Tarot,Skinner,Megan,New Page Books
"Essential Guide to the Tarot, The (companion to Pathfinders/Truth Seekers)",Fontana,David,Watkins Publishing
"Essential Lenormand, The",George,Rana,Llewellyn Publications
Every Man's Tarot: Tarot and the Male Experience,Mangiapane,John,self-published
Everyday Tarot,Fairfield,Gail,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
Everyday Tarot Magic,Morrison,Dorothy,Llewellyn Publications
"Everything Tarot Book, The",Abadie,M. J.,Adams Media Corporation
Evolution Through the Tarot,Gardner,Richard,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
Exploring the Patterns of the Tarot,Cowie,Norma,NC Publishing
Exploring the Tarot (companion to the Aquarian),Japiske,Carl,Ariel Press
Faery Wicca Tarot,Stepanich,Kisma K.,Llewellyn Publications
Fairy Tarot,Saltarini,Helene and Doris,Lo Scarabeo
"Feminist Tarot, A",Gearheart,Sally and Susan Rennie,Alyson Publications
Feng Shui Tarot: Guide to the Feng Shui Tarot Deck,Connolly,Eileen and Peter Paul,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Fey Tarot, The",Minetti,Ricardo,Lo Scarabeo
"Fifth Tarot, The",Bakens,Martien and Teressena,Blue Dolphin Publishing
"First Book of the Luciferian Tarot, The",Ford,Michael W and Nico Claux,Succubus Productions
"Flight of the Feathered Serpent, The (companion to Xultun)",Balin,Peter,Arcana Publishing Co.
"Fool's Journey Tarot Postcards, The",none,none,Aquarian Press
"Fool's Pilgrimage, The",Hoeller,Stephan A.,Quest Books
"Forest of Souls, The",Pollack,Rachel,Llewellyn Publications
"Fortune Teller's Mah Jongg, The",Walters,Derek,Viking Studio Books
Fortune Telling,Morgan,Chris,Shooting Star Press
Fortune Telling,Morgan,Chris,Shooting Star Press
Fortune-Telling by Tarot Cards,Fenton,Sasha,Sterling Publishing Company
Fortune-Telling with Tarot Cards,Kaplan,Stuart R.,Diamond Books
Fradella Adventure Tarot,Fradella,Frank,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Friendly Tarot, The",DN,,Self-published
"Gaia Matrix Oracle Volume II. Readings for Worlds, Major Arcana and Symbols",Kryder,Rowena Pattee,Golden Point Productions
"Gendron Tarot, The",Gendron,Melanie,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Giant Book of Card Divination, The",Ruland,Jeanne,Sterling Publishing Company
Gilded Tarot,Moore,Barbara,Llewellyn Publications
"Gill Tarot, The",Gill,Josephine,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Girls' Guide to Tarot, The",Olmstead,Kathleen,Sterling Innovation
"Girls' Guide to Tarot, The",Olmstead,Kathleen,Sterling Publishing Company
"Glastonbury Tarot: Timeless Wisdom from the Isle of Avalon, The",Tenzin-Dolma,Lisa,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
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Gnostic Tarot,Irwin,Lee,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
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"Goddess Tarot, The",Waldherr,Kris,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
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Greencraft Tarot,Delaere,Rene,New Gaia Press
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Guide to Tarot,Kettlewell,Sarah,Caxton Editions
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Hallowquest: Tarot Magic and the Arthurian Mysteries,Matthews,Caitlin and John,Aquarian Press
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Healing Earth Tarot,McKie,Jyoti and David,Llewellyn Publications
Heart of Tarot: An Intuitive Approach,K,Amber and Azreal Arynn,Llewellyn Publications
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Highlights of Tarot,Case,Paul Foster,"Builders of the Adytum, Ltd"
Highlights of Tarot,Case,Paul Foster,"Builders of the Adytum, Ltd"
Hip Witch Tarot,Moore,Barbara,Lo Scarabeo
"History of the Occult Tarot 1870 - 1970, A",Decker,Ronald and Michael Dummett,"Gerald Duckworth & Co, Ltd."
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Illustrated Tarot Spreads,Pielmeier,Heidemarie & Marcus Schirner,Sterling Publishing Company
In Search of Unicorns,Star,Suzanne,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
Initiation into the Tarot (same as Element Tarot Handbook),Ozaniec,Naomi,Watkins Publishing
Inner Child Cards Workbook,Lerner,Isha,Bear and Co
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Inner Pathways to the Divine,Toland,Diane,SunShine Press Publications
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iTongo Tarot for Transofrmation,Pollard,Robyn-Anne,New Earth Projects
It's All in the Cards,Mangiapane,John,Sterling Publishing Company
James Bond 007 Tarot Book,Kaplan,Stuart R,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc."
"Journey Into Egypt Tarot, The",Cuccia-Watts,Julie,self-published
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Mo Tibetan Divination System,Goldberg,Jay,Snow Lion Publications
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"Mythic Tarot, The",Sharman-Burke,Juliet and Liz Green,Fireside
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"Navigator's Dream, The - Vol 1: Riverlog",Turk,Julia A.,iUniverse
"Navigator's Dream, The - Vol 2: Gulftide",Turk,Julia A.,iUniverse
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Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea,Turk,Julia A.,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
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New Dimensions for the Cube of Space,Hulse,David Allen,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
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"New Tarot, The",Cooke,John and Rosalind Sharpe,Western Star Press
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New Thoughts on Tarot,Greer,Mary K and Rachel Pollack,Newcastle Publishing Co
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Numerology: Key to the Tarot,Konraad,Sandor,Whitford Press
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Origins of the Tarot,Leon,Dai,Frog Books
Osho Zen Tarot: The Transcendental Game of Zen,Padma,Ma Deva,St. Martin's Press
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Rodney's Tarot Book Collection Part 2

Pagan Tarot,Pace,Gina M.,Lo Scarabeo
Pages of Shustah,Manser,Ann and Cecil North,Paragon Printing
Paiting the Soul: The Tarot Art of David Palladini,Palladini,David and Anastasia Haysler,Black Swan Press
Past-Life & Karmic Tarot,McCoy,Edain,Llewellyn Publications
Perfect Tarot Divination (companion to Jungian Tarot),Wang,Robert,Marcus Aurelius Press
Phantasmagoria,Daniels,Ian,Llewellyn Publications
"Pictorial Key to the Tarot, The",Waite,A. E.,Barnes & Noble Books
"Pictorial Key to the Tarot, The (B&W plates)",Waite,A. E.,University Books
"Pictorial Key to the Tarot, The (B&W plates)",Waite,A. E.,University Books
"Pictorial Key to the Tarot, The (color plates)",Waite,A. E.,University Books
Pictures from the Heart,Thomson,Sandra A.,St. Martin's Griffin
"Playing Card Oracles: A Sourcebook for Divination, The",Cortez,Ana,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
Playing Your Cards Right,Anonymous,,"International Rights, Ltd."
"Pomo Tarot, The",Williams,Brian,Harper San Francisco
Portable Magic,Tyson,Donald,Llewellyn Publications
Power Tarot,MacGregor,Trish and Phyllis Vega,Fireside
Predicting Your Future,Parker,Julia and Derek,DK Publishing
"Prediction Book of Taromancy, The",Boak,Gerald,Javelin Books
Prediction Book of the Tarot,Montalban,Madeline,Blandford Press
Professional Tarot,Jette,Christine,Llewellyn Publications
PsyCards: A New Alternative to Tarot,Foy,Catt,unknown
"Psy Cards Book, The",Hobson,Nick,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
Psychic Tarot,Junjulas,Craig,Morgan and Morgan
Psychic Tarot - Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the Cards,Antenucci,Nancy and Melanie Howard,Llewellyn Publications
Pursuit of Destiny,Hasbrouck,Muriel,Citadel Press
Putting the Tarot to Work,McElroy,Mark,Llewellyn Publications
"Qabalah, Tarot & The Western Mystery Tradition",Bias,Clifford,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
"Qabalistic Tarot, The",Wang,Robert,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
Quantum Tarot,Stopforth,Kay,Kunati
Quester: The Journey of the Brave,Beattie,Patricia,Element Books Limited
"Rabbi's Tarot, The",Moore,Daphna,Llewellyn Publications
Radiant Wisdom Tarot,Ashonosheni,Laughing Womyn,Sophronia Press
Reading Tarot Cards: A Guide to the New Palladini Tarot,Hansson,Susan,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
Reading the Marseilles Tarot (edition 1.4),David,J-M,Association for Tarot Studies
"Real Art of Tarot, The",Pachri,Hisyan A.,Redaksi Gagas Media
"Renaissance Tarot, A",Williams,Brian,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Renaissance Tarot, The",Lyle,Jane,Fireside
Reveal the Secrets of the Sacred Rose,Culbert,Steven,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
Revelations Tarot Companion,Wong,Zach,Llewellyn Publications
Robin Wood Tarot: The Book,Wood,Robin,Livingtree
"Rohrig-Tarot Book, The",Marzano-Fritz,Francesca,Bluestar Communications
Romancing the Tarot,Vega,Phyllis,Fireside
Runes,Knight,Sirona,"Sterling Publishing Co, Inc"
"Runic Tarot, The",Smith,Caroline and John Astrop,St. Martin's Griffin
Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg,Giles,Cynthia,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Sacred Circle Tarot: A Celtic Pagan Journey, The",Franklin,Anna,Llewellyn Publications
Sacred India Tarot,Arya,Rohit,YogiImpressions
Sacred Path Workbook,Sams,Jamie,Harper Collins
Sacred Symbols: The Tarot,unknown,unknown,Thames and Hudson
"Sacred Tarot Unveiled, The",Walsh,Allyson,Allyson Universal Ministry
"Sacred Tarot, The",Zain,C.C.,"Church of Light, The"
"Saint Deck Book, The",Prioletti,Karen with Ann Trump,"Nanta Bagg, The"
Salvador Dali's Tarot,Pollack,Rachel,Salem House
"Sangreal Tarot, The",Gray,William G,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
Santa Fe Tarot,LeCocq,Tracy,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Secret Language of Tarot, The",Amberstone,Ruth Ann and Wald,Weiser Books
"Secret Teachings of the Temple of Isis, The",,Ishbel,Llewellyn Publications
Secrets of Tarot,Lionnet,Annie,Dorling Kindersley
"Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle, The",Steinbach,Sylvie,Self-published
Secrets of the Necronomicon,Tyson,Donald,Llewellyn Publications
"Secrets of the Tarot, The",Walker,Barbara G.,Harper & Row
Seeker: The Tarot Unveiled,Pollack,Rachel,Llewellyn Publications
"Seeker's Guide to The Hidden Path, The",Grimassi,Raven and Stephanie Taylor,Llewellyn Publications
Self-Discovery Through the Tarot,Genest,Claudia,Findhorn
Servants of the Light Tarot,Ashcroft-Nowicki,Dolores,Aquarian Press
Seven Ray Energy Cards,Berges,John,Planetwork Press
Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom,Pollack,Rachel,Thorsons
"Sex Magic, Tantra & Tarot",Hyatt,Christopher S. and Lon Milo DuQuette,New Falcon Publications
"Sexual Key to the Tarot, The",Laurence,Theodor,Signet
"Shadow Tarot, The",Falorio,Linda,Aeon Books
Shadowscapes Companion,Law,Stephanie Pui-Mun and Barbara Moore,Llewellyn Publications
"Shakespeare Oracle, The",Llewllyn,A. Bronwyn,Fair Winds Press
"Shakespearian Tarot, The",Ashcroft-Nowicki,Dolores,Diamond Books
"Shakespearian Tarot, The",Ashcroft-Nowicki,Dolores,Aquarian Press
Shapeshifter Tarot,Conway,D.J. and Sirona Knight,Llewellyn Publications
"Sherlock Holmes Tarot, The: Wisdom from the First Consulting Detective",Matthews,John,Sterling Ethos
"Shining Tribe Tarot, The: Awakening the Universal Spirit",Pollack,Rachel,Llewellyn Publications
Shining Woman Tarot Guide,Pollack,Rachel,Aquarian Press
Silver Witchcraft Tarot,Moore,Barbara,Lo Scarabeo
Simple Fortunetelling with Tarot Cards,Kenner,Corrine,Llewellyn Publications
Simply Tarot,Greenaway,Leanna,Sterling Publishing Company
Simply Tarot (companion to New Century),Greenaway,Leanna,Sterling Innovation
"Smart Girl's Guide to Tarot, The",Fredericks,Emmi,Thomas Dunne Books
Sol Invictus: The God Tarot,Huggens,Kim and Nic Phillips,Schiffer
Sola Busca Tarot,Di Vincenzo,Sofia,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
Songs for the Journey Home,Cook,Catherine and Dwariko von Sommaruga,Alchemists & Artists
Soul Forest: Twenty-Four Tarot Writings (Advance Copy),Pollack,Rachel,Tarot Media Company
Speed Learning Cartomancy,Moore,Julian,The Cold Reading Company
Spiral Tarot,Steventon,Kay,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Spirit of the Herbs: A Guide to the Herbal Tarot, The",Tierra,Michael and Candis Cantin,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Spiritual Study of the Tarot, The",Fimlaid,Louise,Galaxy Publishing House
Spiritual Tarot,Echols,"Signe E., Robert Mueller and Sandra Thomson",Avon Books
Star-Spider Speaks: The Teachings of the Native American Tarot,Gonzalez,Magda Weck and J.A. Gonzalez,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Star That Never Walks Around, The",Bennett,Stella,"Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC"
"Steampunk Tarot, The",Moore,Barbara,Llewellyn Publications
Steele Wizard Tarot,Steele,Pamela,Self-published
Step-By-Step Tarot,Donaldson,Terry,Thorsons
Stories of the Wild Spirit,Palin,Poppy,Llewellyn Publications
Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century,Wanless,James,Three Rivers Press
Super Tarot,Fenton,Sasha,Aquarian Press
Symbols of the Craft,Madigan,M.A. and P.M. Richards,Llewellyn Publications
T:The New Tarot,Cooke,John and Rosalind Sharpe,Western Star Press
T:The New Tarot,Cooke,John and Rosalind Sharpe,Western Star Press
Taking the Tarot to Heart,McElroy,Mark,Llewellyn Publications
Talk Dark Stranger,Kenner,Corrine,Llewellyn Publications
Tarot,Geddes & Grosset,none,Geddes & Grosset
Tarot,Holmsen,Lars-Kristian,Chartwell Books
Tarot,Mendoza,Staci and David Bourne,Hermes House
Tarot,Stuart,Rowena,Collins gem
Tarot & Dream Interpretation,Gillentine,Julie,Llewellyn Publications
Tarot & Kabbalah (companion to Egipcios Kier decks),Weor,Samael Aun,Glorian Publishing
Tarot & Magic,Kraig,Donald Michael,Llewellyn Publications
"Tarot & You, The",Revell,Linda Barker,Crescent Books
Tarot (The Predictions Library),Barrett,David V.,Dorling Kindersley
Tarot 2000 - The Pagan Tarot,Payne,Robin,Alexander Associates
Tarot and Astrology,Hasbrouck,Muriel Bruce,Destiny Books
Tarot and Astrology,Kenner,Corrine,Llewellyn Publications
Tarot and Individuation,Gad,Dr. Irene,Nicolas-Hays Inc
Tarot and Individuation,Gad,Dr. Irene,Nicolas-Hays Inc
Tarot and Other Meditation Decks,Auger,Emily E,"McFarland & Company, Inc"
Tarot and the Journey of the Hero,Banzhaf,Hajo,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
Tarot and the Millennium,Betts,Timothy,New Perspective Media
Tarot and the Tree of Life,Kliegman,Isabel Radow,Quest Books
"Tarot and Transformation, The",Buess,Lynn,DeVorss & Co.
Tarot As A Way of Life,Hamaker-Zondag,Karen,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
Tarot As Your Companion,Banzhaf,Hajo and Elisa Hemmerlein,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
Tarot Awareness,Sterling,Stephen Walter,Llewellyn Publications
Tarot Basics,Burger,Evelin and Johannes Fiebig,Sterling Publishing Company
Tarot Beyond the Basics,Louis,Anthony,Llewellyn Publications
"Tarot Bible, The",Bartlett,Sarah,Sterling Publishing Company
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Tarot Companion: An Essential Reference Guide,Porter,Tracy,Llewellyn Publications
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Tarot Coupling,Thies,Gina R.,"Schiffer Publishing, Ltd"
"Tarot Court Cards, The",Warwick-Smith,Kate,Destiny Books
Tarot D'Amour,Daniels,Kooch N. and Victor,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
Tarot de las Hadas,Zarzuela,Alexandra Ramirez,Eidtorial Libsa
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Tarot Decoded,Hazel,Elizabeth,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
Tarot Decoder,McCormack,Kathleen,Barron's
"Tarot del Saber, El",Leveratto,Beatriz,unknown
Tarot Den eignen Weg entdecken,Holmsen,Lars-Kristian,Helmut Lingen Verlag GmbH & Co
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Tarot for All Seasons,Jette,Christine,Llewellyn Publications
Tarot for Beginners,Arcarti,Kristyna,Headway Hodder & Sloughton
Tarot for Beginners,Hollander,P. Scott,Llewellyn Publications
Tarot For Every Day,Johnson,Cait,Shawangunk Press
Tarot for Everyone,Banzhaf,Hajo,AGMeuller
Tarot for Everyone,Donelli,Isa,Lo Scarabeo
Tarot for Life,Quinn,Paul,Quest Books
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Tarot for Your Self,Greer,Mary K.,Newcastle Publishing Co
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Tarot Made Easy,Garen,Nancy,Fireside
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Tarot of Ceremonial Magick,DuQuette,Lon Milo,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
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"Tarot: The Traditional Tarot Reinterpreted for the Modern World, The",Fronteras,Adam,"Stewart, Tabori & Chang"
Tarot: Your Everyday Guide,Renee,Janina,Llewellyn Publications
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Universal Tarot,Miller,Maxwell,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
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"Vertigo Tarot, The",Pollack,Rachel,DC Comics
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Voyager Tarot: Guidebook for the Journey,Wanless,James,Fair Winds Press
Voyager Tarot: Guidebook for the Journey,Wanless,James,Fair Winds Press
Watcher Angel Tarot Guidebook (collector's edition),Belanger,Michelle,Emerald Tablet Press
Wahrsagen Mit Karten der Madame Lenormand,Mertz,Bernd A.,sudwest verslag
Watkins Tarot Handbook,Ozaniec,Naomi,Watkins Publishing
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Way of Tarot,Herbin,Evelyne and Terry Donaldson,Thorsons
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Way of the Great Oracle - The Voyager Tarot,Wanless,James,Fair Winds Press
What Tarot Can Do For You,Moore,Barbara,Llewellyn Publications
What's in the Cards for You?,McElroy,Mark,Llewellyn Publications
"Wheel of Change Tarot, The",Genetti,Alexandra,Destiny Books
"Wheel of Destiny, The",McLaine,Patricia,Llewellyn Publications
Wheel of Tarot - A New Revolution,Wanless,James and Angeles Arrien,Merrill-West Publishing
Whimsical Tarot,Morrison,Dorothy,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
"Whispering Tarot, The: Softly Spoke Secrets",Hazel,Elizabeth,Kosmic Mitchen Publishing
Who Are You in the Tarot?,Greer,Mary K.,Weiser Books
"Wicca Cards, The",Feltrin,Fedora and Maria Caratti,Lo Scarabeo
"Wicked Pack of Cards: The Origins of the Occult Tarot, A","Decker,","Ronald, Therry Depaulis and Michael Dummet",St. Martin's Press
"Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook, The",Krans,Kim,The Wild Unknown
"Wildwood Tarot, The",Ryan,Mark and John Matthews,Connections Book Publishing Limited
"Wildwood Tarot, The",Ryan,Mark and John Matthews,Sterling Ethos
"William Blake Tarot, The",Buryn,Ed,Thorsons
"Windows of Tarot, The",Graves,F.D.,Morgan and Morgan Publishers
Wisdom in the Cards,Samul,A. L.,"U.S. Games Systems, Inc"
Wisdom of Tarot - The Golden Dawn Tarot Series 1,Case,Paul Foster,Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn
"Wise Woman's Tarot, The",Silvermoon,Flash,Moonfox Productions
Witches Tarot Companion,Dugan,Ellen,Llewellyn Publications
"Witches Tarot, The",Reed,Ellen Cannon,Llewellyn Publications
Wizards Tarot Handbook,Kenner,Corrine,Llewellyn Publications
"Word of One Tarot Guidebook, The",Cooke,John Starr,Catalyst Enterprises
Working With the Tarot,Bartlett,Sarah,Octopus Publishing Group
"World of the Tarot, The",Golowin,Sergius,"Samuel Weiser, Inc"
"World Spirit Tarot, The",Godino,Jessica and Lauren O'Leary,Llewellyn Publications
"Yes/No Tarot Oracle, The",Piper,Eleanor,Bright Pen
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HOLY-MOLY, RODNEY!!! that's a lot of book reading!
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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
HOLY-MOLY, RODNEY!!! that's a lot of book reading!
The thread is books we have, not books we've read. My "read" list would be considerably shorter!
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I don't have all of mine catalogued since I find them by sight when I want one of them. Looking at gregory's list, I realize how long it's been since I bought any new tarot books (Lenormand is a different story); I only have 15 of the books on her list. Rodney's list is completely daunting, so I won't even try. Except for my most-used references (maybe 8 books) the rest of them just become dust-collectors after they're read unless I choose to re-read any of them from time-to-time. On the other hand, I do have a lot of very useful blogs book-marked on my computer. I don't see myself buying more than a few additional books, which is why I keep my eyes peeled for enabling on the best ones here. When I eventually get my (comparatively short) list done, I'll post it.
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