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Substitute "knocked unconscious from behind with a gun butt or sap" for fainting and your heroine is now a hard-boiled gumshoe.

I just finished Peacock's "Nightmare Abbey" (1818). Yes, the feminist radical dark-haired Goth girl is still going strong, 190 years later! It was a delightful parody then and holds up very well now.

Back to the Five of Swords: I find it a very intriguing card in that it brings to my mind the question of how we may betray ourselves in romantic/erotic misalliances; so very often the hottest boys are the baddest (and also the girls).

Another question is: why do we assume the werewolf is male?

An interesting story about a strange couple from Transylvania from The Phantom Ship (1839) by Frederick Marryat:
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Originally Posted by Pagan X
Another question is: why do we assume the werewolf is male?
Clothing. I think if we were supposed to think it female there'd be a few clues to that. A pink bow around the neck or something
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Okay, I just read the entire thread and I must say, even from the beginning when I first got this deck the 5 of Swords worked for me. The RWS deck always made me think of victory through manipulation, deceit. I always wondered how those others in the card gave up their swords; did they just hand them over or what? Here with the BG 5 of Swords it is more blatant. After watching the "Twilight" movies I have no doubt the woman is a vampire; the unsuspecting werewolf in going to be for a world of hurt! Her body language says, "poor little defenceless me!" but the look on her face; her direct gaze into her opponents eyes; says something totally different! Also the overcast sky drew my attention. If the odds were in favour of the werewolf wouldn't we see a full moon? There is moonlight there but overcast; perfect conditions for the vampire to win.
Manipulation, deceit, victory through unfair means - love this card!
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