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I've never had any problems with Amazon but there are plenty here who have.

Trusted UK online shops for me are:

Tarot Chest
Book Depository
Magick Thread

All deliver in good time.
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i purchased 6 books from amazon at weekend through their market place sellers, and paid 30 pounds, now buying from amazon directly it would have been 60+ and it often doesnt often fit through my mail box, which is a pain to get it redelivered.

i havent lost any money so far, and if one seller was not good i would only lose 6 pounds at the most (i cant beleive that 6 different sellers would be bad) which is a risk i am happy to take.

if it was really expensive i would by direct from amazon though for the guarentee
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I have ordered several books and one deck through Amazon and Barnes & Nobles sellers. I make sure to choose a seller with excellent feedback and many reviews praising their customer service, just to be safe!
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Tansey Ella 

The has an a-z guarantee even for the marketplaces sellers. I have never had to worry. One way or another, amazon will make it right. This has been my experience.
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I live in Spain and is the best way to go if you want english

books! Takes somewhere between 3 to 7 days regular air mail.
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