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Transparent Tarot - 16 - Tower

The Tower shows a lightning bolt moving downward.

  • spiritual illumination, enlightenment, revelation, sudden realization of truth, flash of insight from one’s higher self
  • descent of power, manifestation of divine wrath
  • thought to be both fertilizing and destructive
  • may indicate emotional or mental outbursts
  • warning sign for a forthcoming message or situation
  • being struck by lightning could indicate an explosive situation or being overcome by an experience or another person
  • some metaphors about lightning:
    1. “lightning never strikes twice” means that luck (whether good or bad) doesn’t happen twice to the same person
    2. “a lightning rod” is a person or an issue that attracts attention

  • symbol of power, heat, fertility, battle and death
  • associated with quick, sharp changes in thought, opinion or direction
  • might suggest the need for making a lasting decision
  • might indicate one who is extremely confused

  • representation of divine might
  • thunderbolt was seen as destructive, but was also seen as impregnating and was associated with chastisement and justice
  • thunder was seen as a punishment of the gods
  • thunder was thought to be the voice of God/sky gods
  • thunderbolt symbolizes the sacred union of the sky god with the earth mother
  • thunder can represent an important or unexpected message

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