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Transparent Tarot - 16 - Star

The Star shows a seven pointed star emanating light.

  • represents divinity, supremacy, the highest attainment, divine guidance
  • hope, vigilance, aspiration, dreams, ideals
  • suggests the eternal, the undying, that which is constant
  • associated with that which is brilliant or exceptional
  • the seven points may correspond to the chakras; seven corresponds to that which is sacred
  • some metaphors concerning stars:
    1. “a star” is someone who has excelled tremendously or someone who is the center of attention
    2. “to thank one’s stars” is to be grateful for one’s situation or experience
    3. something that’s “not in the stars” is something that’s not meant to be
    4. “to reach for the stars” is to attempt to bring about the seemingly impossible
    5. “to see stars” is to perceive flashes of light after sustaining a blow to the head or some comparable experience
    6. “hitch your wagon to a star” is advice to make the acquaintance of powerful, successful or influential people who can help to advance one’s interests

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