The Process Chapter 2 "Beginnings Pt 2

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The Process Chapter 2 "Beginnings Pt 2

A lot of people, including myself have never really given too much thought about history and its relevance to Tarot, but one cannot ignore it when it comes to the Marseilles or any of the first decks for that matter. I must admit I got a Marseilles out, as well as a RW deck, in order to follow the storyteller. If you listen to the history of what was going on in the world as it existed back in the 13 and 1400s, you can see how the decks first came into fruition and what the inspirations for the scenes were.

In the very beginning of this chapter, we are treated to a brief overview of history starting with The Friday the 13th capture and slaughter of the Knights Templars (is that where that came from, Friday the 13th)? Having studied Western World History in college, the events leading up to including and beyond the plague years, were very familiar, but I never related this to Tarot. And it makes sense, with the advent of acquiring knowledge made accessible to the common man by learning to read, (thank you to all those monks and priests who didn't want to get the plague), I can appreciate the scenic cards of a Marseilles now as they represent an archetype or sample of what was going on at that time. How about you? Have you taken out your deck and looked at Le Mat or the fool differently? I always pictured him as a wanderer or vagabond moving from town to town, perhaps earning his keep, perhaps not, but he is an adventurer. Someone who walks a solitary road, a jack of all trades and master of none. He walks on the wild side and yet not. He's in between. But that is my opinion and how I see him right now.

I think that learning pat interps. just ain't the same as taking a card, looking at it and writing down what you see. It becomes yours and very personal. The history behind what you see I feel is invaluable as well. Why? Because in knowing what was going on at the time, it can help in interpretation. Don't you think?

This has also led me to think about the taking Tarot for granted. Every interpretation is not pat and will be a constant. I think many of us who have read for others or even ourselves, have seen the same card come up for different questions, in a different position, meaning something entirely different each time. You can't take IMO a meaning of say The Lovers and have it mean the same thing over and over again for different questions. You need to make it personal; your own at that time, at that moment, much like the history of the world at that time shaped the look of the first decks.
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