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<grin> That's more a Jim Henson/Storyteller deck than a Jim Henson/Muppets deck.

Was that the Fool? If so, the deck has the shocking potential to be off-topic. Do you really want us to heap scorn on your creation? <grin>
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Originally Posted by Chronata
*sheepishly entering thread*

I actually started making a Henson tarot for myself...

(Sir Didymus as the King of Wands, below)
Oh my... I am torn between hoping you never finish it so I can eternally long for it and begging you to finish it RIGHT NOW!!!

Please note that this is acceptable behavior for this forum because it is generally agreed that longing for unmade decks is okay.
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Originally Posted by sapienza
Seriously, this Golden Rider obsession just HAS to end. You DO NOT need this deck. who lists the following decks as favourities:

Jacques Vieville Tarot ;Dussere Dodal TdM; Jean Noblet TdM; Hadar TdM; Mystical and Bartschi Lenormand; AGM Deluxe Thoth (older, colorful version)

can possibly want the Golden Rider (it's just too embarrassing)....

You know I'm right

ps....Just to avoid any possible enabling I must add that all the decks sravana listed as favourites are crap. But not as crap as the Golden Rider!

Oh, okay. I'm not completely deenabled, but I'm def going to look at it in RL before I buy it. *IF* I buy it.

Today I got out my four Lenormands, the Vieville, the Dodal, the Hadar, the Noblet, and the Greenwood.

You know... I really don't need that Golden Rider.


::hides face in hands::

I just WANT to buy a DECK. Now. As in, any deck that interests me, because I. MUST. BUY. SOMETHING. NOW.

I've even considered re-purchasing the Runic Tarot, which I sold because I didn't have time for it - all because of the darned Runic Tarot thread.

I guess you could say that I'm in the throes of tarot purchasing withdrawal. Even though I haven't bought a deck... well, since I re-bought the Gill I Ching deck 2 weeks ago.

Of course, this could just be a shopping thing (rather than a specifically a deck thing), because I have to hold myself back from buying an iPod NOW (even though I've decided to wait for the new iPod Touch later this summer), or going to Amazon and buying loads of books I don't need, etc etc etc.

Halp! halp! halp! (is there a peacock in here??)
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It is just a shopping thing. I recognize the symptoms all too well. And being on-line makes it worse.

Deep breathing.


Watch a movie on tv.

Read a book. a reading!

You can get through this. We have faith in you.
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sravana, if you want to buy a deck then PLEASE choose something better than the Golden Rider As for the Runic tarot, it's dreadful. There is that whole mistake thing with the element symbols and really, would you ever actually use it? (I'm considering selling/trading mine in case you are interested....oops, did I actually type that???)

So, you say you want to buy it because you actually WANT something, or because you want to spend money, or just because you are bored? Maybe make a donation to a charity. Or buy a deck for someone who couldn't otherwise afford one. Or why don't you treat yourself to a reading, get someone to read for you.

And like Debra said, there is always chocolate
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Originally Posted by nisaba
So, out of interest, having read this reply, I trundled along to see if there was a Kermit deck.

There wasn't.

So I checked for a Muppets deck.

Still none.

And as a last resort, a Sesame St deck.

You guessed it! Aargh!

How am I meant to be de-enabled if NOBODY HAS DESIGNED THE BLOODY THING YET?
Owhh... how sad...... such a shame.... my thumping little pumping heart bleeds ever so profoundly for you... Well then, you'll just have to pull your finger out and create your own Kermit Tarot Deck just so you can then have the thrill to be de-enable from buying one...

I had a bit of a squizz about the place and the only Kermit I found, besides one card in the New Toy Tarot, was in a photoshop tarot card competition.. Naturally, he is The Kermit. Don't know if this has been already posted somewhere... probably has, but I'm not going through the whole forum to look..

That's Not Tarot - Unexpeded Tarot Cards

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I don't generally post here, as I will buy it anyway if I really want it.

I have the same affliction as sravana. I get online and i want to shop. Used to be earrings. Lots and lots of plugs for my stretched lobes. There have been stints of lots of books, dvd's, cd's....

Right now I am getting lots of decks and they make me happy. The ones that don't are currently fueling several exchanges, so i feel the money was not wasted. its a learning process. I'm finding out which kinds of decks work best with me.

And I am looking at lots of Meneghello decks lately. Top contenders right now:
Soprafino, Neoclassico, Dotti, Corte dei Tarocchi.

Dotti may wait, as I got the Laura Tuan El Tarot only just this week.

So talk trash about Meneghellos.
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It has been done before I have but one, and that because I traded a Ravenswood to someone for whom it was perfect - the only thing approaching a fair trade he had was the Corte. I would never have bought it.

They are *forspecial* decks, and we all know about that - the special bedlinen that sits for so long in the press that the moths find it . . . the special china that languishes unappreciated in the back of the cupboard because display cabinets just aren't done any more, the special cutlery that dulls with disuse, the special outfit you pay hundreds for and wear once. Meneghello specialises in decks that fit in this genre. They are packaged to within an inch of their lives and that constitutes half the price you pay, and the unlaminated cardstock means they're fragile and easily ruined.

Go shopping in your collection Seriously, I'm limiting myself to one deck a week, and when the week's over I put that one away . . . my spending has been massively curbed because I have a whole shop of wonderful decks in the spare room! I can go shopping today - Sunday is change-out day!

\m/ Kat
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God knows that I am not very good at this, but her goes:

I know that they are beautiful and have a really powerful draw but you will be just too damned scared to ever actually use any of Mr. Meneghello's decks that you mentioned. You will hoard them and bring them out when there is no one else in the building and all the little earthquakes have gone to bed. You will handle them with awe, how could you not, but you won't dare to shuffle them for fear of turning their delicate non-laminated and very square but sadly insubstantial corners. These are not Flornoy's Noblet. These cards will get mangled if you actually use them.

You will have them, but will never see them. Will that be any fun?

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Originally Posted by sravana

::hides face in hands::

I just WANT to buy a DECK. Now. As in, any deck that interests me, because I. MUST. BUY. SOMETHING. NOW.
Look - if you REALLY must - may I suggest at least buying something that will Do Good To someone here who is in serious need - and that is NOT USG or the Golden Rider artist, I'm telling you. You have PM.

ETA - or go for a print instead. LOOK !
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