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Originally Posted by daphne View Post
No smoke?! I see it as smoke and it looks much richer in 1st edition scans than in 2nd edition. That is why I asked...
Oh, I'm sorry! I misunderstood. You're quite right! The smoke is richer in the 1st edition. What I meant was the 2nd edition. I think they toned it down to make the glowing blob there capture the eye as compared to the smoke.
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When I look at the smoke, I see a "genie"; the thick part of the smoke
forms its hips, torso, and arm, while the face has not fully appeared in
the thinner smoke at the top. I also see how this figure casts its shadow
on the wall behind it, just to the left of the moonbeams streaming in the
window. This makes me see the card as a cautionary tale: be careful of
what you'd like to manifest in your life, because the things we create are
real, they cast shadows and have a direct effect on the world around us.

Also, the more I look at the moonlit clouds, the more I am convinced that
I see the shape of a hooded figure there, as if there is a second magician
working his magic in the sky. It makes me think "As above, so below".
There are forces above which help us to manifest what we desire in our own
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