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Looking closely, that skull is actually on the head of a lion. Its body is carved in stone there. it would make sense because traditionally that card has a lion in it anyway (as well as a snake and an eagle) in other packs.

I noticed that she is wearing that white wrist band which turns up on a few other cards like the empress for example. She also has a cross on the sleeve of her dress. The other place I have seen a cross is on the candle holder burning in the empress's parlour.

Her hair is the same colour as the devils hair on his card and her dress colour matches the hair ornament on the empresses daughter in the card.

I was struck by the number of triangles on that card created by almost falling trees wings and shapes. I notice in other decks temperance wears a triangle. ALso the angle of the card itself is on a slope.

This card does seem to have everything - fire water air and earth. (the liquid looks like it could represent fire).

Finally I was struck by the reflection of her dress in the water, it seems to have some trees in it - at first I thought they were actually in the reflection only but it seems that they are from the other side of the fountain which implies that the pool of water is a small one.
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This Temperance is more of an enabler than someone that thinks moderation is the key to approach the world.
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