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Medieval Scapini Tarot - Ace of Wands

The wand emblem has "the primordial circle" of Kether above "The Root" of Malkuth.

Ace = Commencement of an Enterprise.

Symbols of The Ace of Wands

Suit of Clubs - 3 leaf clover.

Hercules - Beginning, birth of a child, creation, invention, trouble with birth, cruelty.

Gnomes - ( are linked to Coins - Earth ), Strength, hard work, enterprise.

Saw - Force,

Hammer (not in use) - Working cleass, abandonment,

Gnome Singing - Begining of a meaningful experience, bad start, false start.

Gnome cuts with Saw - Start of an undertaking, unproductive work,

Snake - Ruin, empty existence, fall, cruelty, rebirth and green is harmony and balance

Wand - a flame - fire - lost or damaged goods

PS: I am not finished, I have more info in my Journal, this is just to get it started, please bare with me
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