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Thank you so much SecondWind!! I'm so excited to have found your study guide! I love the Ciro's Gilded Tarot, the images and colours are so brilliant and amazing, that it is the only one that I use. Your study guide is such a huge help and wonderful addition to my learning this deck!
Thank you again!
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Thank you ! How did I miss this before ? Downloading now.
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Same guide, new page

Just a quick note to tell you that, if you've visited the link in the opening post, and you visit it again after today, you'll see that it goes to a page on a different website, It's still exactly the same guide, and both sites are/were mine; I just never had the time to do anything more with, so I just consolidated the study guide into the other site and redirected the domain name to the new page.

I'm so happy people here are still liking the guide! I recently joined a local tarot study group and am the only one using the Gilded deck during group. There is, however, one person using Dreams and another one using Legacy, so we have the whole Ciro trio going in there!
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Originally Posted by SecondWind
A while back, I created a Gilded Tarot study guide in color, just for myself, since the little booklet that came with it the way I bought it wasn't much help. After using it some, I thought there might be folks here at Aeclectic who would like to have it too, and have gotten permission from Ciro, from Llewellyn, and from Solandia, to post about it here.
I went to the link and dl'd the doc and got a whole lot of this :

+Vܳ9 vơW)*㶁~|Elэ SU:9RT8G{4\`ݬ}>Bxx
ݳk];.,Ao#(mXD[email protected]*8L@[|9s:xUPGFKTM1w4TV5kkJ*DݒY ?(aσ|*}Rׯ}آ_7-P(V
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Exotic Kitten - I'm stumped. I just downloaded it as anyone else would, and it came through fine. Can you confirm that the whole thing came through -- do you remember how many pages you ended up with? And did you open it with MS Word, and if so, what version? I'll be honest, at the time it was created, Word 2003 was the newest version of word, so I don't know how it would behave in a newer version. Even if you're using a newer version of Word/Office, it should still open fine -- everything I've read and have been told by people using a newer version is that the newer version is backward compatible.

If you can answer those questions for me, I might be able to troubleshoot. I'll try anyway.

If anyone else here has had the same problem as well, please let me know!!
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melody's muse 

Thanks so much for doing this! It looks like you've put a lot of hard work in creating this study guide and I appreciate it! I have two books that I use but when I'm on the computer, it's sometimes easier to just look up stuff online. This will help out a lot!

Thanks again
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Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge
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Thank you for sharing this...I'm putting on a thumb drive so that I can read it 'on the go' on my netbook!
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Thankyou so much for this! I bought the Gilded Tarot a while ago and just haven't been able to get into it - almost as if the beautiful smooth surfaces are impermeable and keep me out. I am sure this will help 'break through' into the cards. I am looking forward to following the discussions.
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Thank you very much for this guide.

The guide that came with my gilded tarot deck was sort of vague so it was

kind of hard to get meanings for certain cards such as the court cards.

I eventually went out and bought a book to get a better anwser on meanings.

The book thankfully worked out great but your guide will definitely help me

out even more.

Again thank you for this great guide.
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