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GypsieStone  GypsieStone is offline
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OMG SecondWind, thank you SO very much for this. I have just brought this deck and this will definitely help me move forward in the learning process. You Rock !!
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Ms. Jocelyn 

Thank you for creating this. I have Ciro's Legacy Tarot and I am going to buy the Gilded Tarot as soon as possible. I can start studying the tarot and begin learning the meanings of the cards before buying.

Thank you again!
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tarotdub  tarotdub is offline
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Thank you very much! I'm new here and this was the first thing I found. So glad I joined up!
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Little Fang Tarot
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This is perfect! I just adopted this deck from somebody and this is very helpful in getting to know it. Thank you!
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peacelilly  peacelilly is offline
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Thank you for your generosity!
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Appreciating your guide.

It was a pleasure to find your offering. Thank you for creating and sharing it with us. I am disappointed that there are no active study groups for this wonderful deck.

Peace, Love and Light to you all.

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