Does anyone stil use/study the Playing Card Oracles?

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Originally Posted by Le Fanu
...but when I lay out tarot cards, I feel like Im truly at home and Ive internalised the structure so well that (despite having masses still to learn) I feel like I swim within the system, rather than the jolting I get with Oracles, having to consult the book, remember the concept, wonder if Ive missed anything etc etc.

but with tarot I swim...
Well...i feel the same, and i think it's quite natural after so many years studying and learning to think inside the structure of the tarot. "Thinking Tarot" for me is natural, and like you, i flows, easily, because it's so ingrained in me.

But i remember when i started learning it, when i was 13 years old, it wasn't like that. 78 cards was too many things to remember, and i could only make sense of one card readings. Lol . I couldn't see the nuances...Sun was happy, Tower was sad and the rest was a big confusion! But eventually, it became more and more natural, as my skills improved...and i still have so much to learn...

I've been studying the PCO for one year (although i've known the system for two years, i don't consider the last one, because i simply abandoned both the tarot and the PCO)'s very little compared to the many years i spent learning the tarot! So i don't expect to everything to flow so naturally when i'm using it. Yet.

Yet. But one day, it'll become natural too, i'm sure. If i only have the patience and the persistence needed, the same i needed when learning the tarot for the first time. The same i needed the first time i sat down and decided to read a long & complex text in English. I read it more than 10 times without fully understanding it. But then i read one more time. And one more time. And another...

The PCO is my "oracle of choice" and i really enjoy studying it. Just like the tarot
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I hav a question about playing cards.I heard about a ,,spread'' that asnwers your question with yes or no and if when the spread ends if some cards remains that are the timers.Can somone explain how to make these spreads?
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Le Fanu 

I've mentioned this before, but Patience (or Solitaire) used to be used as a method of divination. If you managed it, the answer was yes. If you failed, no. You could also calculate (don't ask me how) time scales from remaining cards if you didn't want to do the yes/no spread.
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I absolutely love this deck and I think the guide book goes beyond so many others by offering a lot of possible methods of working with the cards. I only bought it earlier this year, but already I find it gives really understandable readings. I've so much to learn with it, but the imagery resonates with me and so I'm going to stick with it.

I have to admit I have to find some of the suit of Spades to be a little on the dark and frightening side. I've been known to put the deck away because it gave me the creeps.

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I like the geomantic approach for the spreads. But unfortunately I just don't get on with the images.

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Originally Posted by Marina

Well, the Playing Card Oracles by Ana Cortez and C.J.Freeman is still one of my favorite oracle decks ever! But since my last year fight with all divination systems, i had not touched the book nor the cards.

Now i retrieved this deck from the lost kingdom of the mothballs and feel like using it again. I love it so much...the images, the system...everything.

I was wondering if there are other hidden PCO fans around here. I used to be a major PCO advocate, lol . I remember 6 Haunted Days also loved this dack, but i haven't seen her around

I'm trying to gather the PCO enthusiasts again. Maybe we could study it together, exchange readings etc.

For those who don't know this deck and are curious, you see some pics here:

I like the PCO and I am very excited about it (although, I admit I just got the set a few days ago). So it might be too early to call me a real "enthusiast." From what I know of it, I cant say enough good things about the PCO. I know its not for everyone but I think it could very well become my favorite fortune telling system.

I like the PCO because with tarot (for me, anyway) the answers I got tended to be a bit "on the fence." As in the reading looked positive and looked like the outcome would be to my favor..but sometimes I couldn't tell for sure so I'd need an outside opinion. So far, with the PCO, the answers has been pretty cut and dry so reading form myself has not been an issue.

I wish there were more people who are into this deck/system, though. it is kind of a downer that there aren't more people to discuss ideas, findings, and experiences regarding the cards.
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I have this deck and a normal, everyday playing card deck that I keep aside just for readings (no playing poker with it, lol!) and I have to say that these sort of cards cannot really be compared to tarot, for me, they are a bit like chalk and cheese. I use tarot mainly, but I was brought up on playing cards (I was introduced to the RWS tarot early on as well) thanks to my mum. When I was learning the playing cards I was told then to meditate on the one I'd picked (I was only 6 years old) and I started to see purple mountains inside the 2 of hearts, both my gran and mum got all excited all of a sudden and said this was Scotland I was seeing. To cut a long story short, 2 days later my gran had a call from her brother back in Scotland.

At the time I had no idea what all the fuss was about but I only wish I could do the same now so easily. It takes a lot of effort for me to read playing cards now which is why I thought this new PCO deck might help re-kindle something I've lost along the way. Its early days yet and I'm a busy mum so finding that all elusive quiet time is tricky. A lot of the meanings for the normal playing cards that I learned as a child were like one-liners, handed down from my great-grandmother, which were probably common among the women (and men) of the time. For example, the 10 of hearts corrects all bad cards, the Queen of Spades was a dark haired woman who was bitter or nasty, possibly a widow, the Jack of Hearts was a fair haired chap who wore his heart on his sleeve etc. And then if there were several court cards there was a gathering and if there were multiples of one number that meant something as well, I remember if there was many diamonds in the spread that there was going to be a lot of sharp words said. But all of this you had to 'see' yourself and figure out how that applied to who you were reading for. Sometimes you had to just say what you felt or saw in the cards (literally) and I admire my mum and my great-grandmother for being able to do it so easily.

And yet the tarot can quickly confuse and disorientate my mum and she gets flustered and angry with them, but then she blames the deck! I always get a giggle out of that. My mum still reads her playing cards to this day. She has her tarot decks also but always falls back on the playing cards and she doesn't refer to a book all that often, unless of course she's not feeling well. If that fails that's when she'll call me and say "my tarot is angry with me, my (playing)cards aren't making any sense, the book is making even less sense, do me a favour and read my cards for me please?". I have to look into some of those meanings and share them when I can.
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This is an old thread but I don't want to open an new one! The deck is no longer available, but I bought the book because I'm curious and what I read until now about reading playing cards, didn't really catch my imagination the way my Lenormand or Skat books did.

I downloaded the e-book and will use a plain deck for readings. I'm sorry I neglected my drawing skills (and my hands are no longer very nimble...), otherwise I'd feel tempted to illustrate my own deck :-)

It seems that those who "clicked" with Cortez' approach found it really really helpful.
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Playing card oracle


I don't know how old this thread is...could be ages...but thought I'd respond anyway. I recently got the Playing Card Oracle and deck and love it! Yes, there's lots of learning involved in using the system, which I usually avoid since I have a good handle on tarot already and can read easily, but something about this deck/art is grabbing me and I'm going through the book and slowly learning the system. Not easy, no, so I'll see how it goes, but for now I'm fascinated by it and the cards. I actually contacted Ana and asked if she had any live on-line classes planned for the near future and she said she hadn't but it was a great idea and she'd let me know if/when it happens. That's the way I learn best - hands-on and's the way I best learned tarot in the beginning too...

Anyway, I'd be happy to connect with others who are interested in this deck and system and see where it goes!
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Which of the two decks did you get?
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