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Clow Cards: The Mist

This is the card which causes everything it touches to disintegrate, therefore it has quite a destructive power. This may have 2 aspects: it could be saying that something needs to be eradicated entirely so as to totally disperse any long term effect, or, it could be warning you that something/somebody might be trying to bring things down around you. In some respects it is very reminiscent of the Tower card. However, in this case it might not be down to anything you may have done/not done to cause the downfall.

This may indicate that there is a time to let things go, but for some reason this is causing fear or uncertainty. You may have to accept that this is to be something you have no control over; but you can learn from it and be prepared to rebuild and start afresh. The mist does often obscure and we are sometimes frightened by what we cannot see. Think of what could be revealed when it goes though.

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition
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The Mist (Six of Spades [Swords])

Upright: A journey, passage away from sorrow, harmony will prevail. Hard work brings wealth and rest after toil. Be calm. If you think simply and with honest feelings, the mist surrounding you will eventually turn into good weather.

Reverse: Journey will be postponed, no way out of present obstacles or difficulties
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The Mist is an entity who appears as a bank of thick green fog with corrosive properties. It is able to 'eat' through any material. It might symbolize the slow/gradual destruction or annihilation of something, which could be perceived as either positive or negative, depending on the case.

The Mist is under the power of the Watery, the Moon and is related to Eastern magic.
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