Clow Cards: The Watery

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Clow Cards: The Watery

This is the card that can help us evaluate our emotional responses. If controlled well, we can let things flow away- if not, it becomes a deluge affecting not just you, but everyone around you. What do you need to control and how? What do you want for now, and what do you need to do to get there? Channel that emotion or let it out in a controlled way.

Nobody really knows what to do for the best around you; as they are finding they are caught up in turmoil not of their doing. It is okay to have a sounding board, but make sure you do not cause them undue stress as they do their best to help you. This is not to say keep it under wraps- that too will only delay the inevitable explosion.

~from printout provided by shadowdancer~
**compiled from various incomplete sources & intuition
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The Watery (Jack [Page] of Spades [Swords])

Upright: Dexterity, grace, diplomacy, understanding, an upsetting message. A well-meaning, inert person, unready in action though kindly in thought. Demonstrate great leadership–it will transform your environment into one of a gentle aura.

Reverse: A cunning person, an imposture, ill health, unexpected events
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Meanings inspired from the anime

The Watery is a very powerful and aggressive card. She can represent a person or a situation where intense emotions are involved and certain precautions must be taken to avoid complications/troubles.

On the other hand, when our emotions are under control, they can be a great support in helping us achieve our goals. Like when Sakura transformed the Watery in the second part of the anime and used her to save a drowning person.

The Watery is one of the elemental card and she is under the power of the Moon and is related to Eastern magic. She has under her power the cards related to water and The Wood, which reminds us how water/emotions are needed for life to exist and become strong.
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