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For those of you in the NE Ohio area, the bi-annual Gemboree is April 24 at Emidio's in Cuyahoga Falls. I hope I can find a black obsidian mirror & a larger yellow obsidian piece.
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Le Fanu 

I have just got back from the Annual Lisbon Rock & Fossil Fair (I went on Wednesday when it opened but just had to go back again today before it finishes. Too many treasures to resist).

I bought a 10 cm Golden Sheen Obsidian Spehere and I am so thrilled I can hardly speak!

(I also bought, FYI, a gorgeous hunk of faceted Granada, polished to a deep, bloody red, a Spiral selenite tower, approx 20 cms tall, pendulums in tourmaline, Jaspar & Onyx and a rather expensive carved jade base for my sphere, but what the heck, it is only once a year.)

Oh but the Golden Sheen Obsidian. I simply cannot stop looking at it. I just want to bolt the doors and lose myself in it...

My tarot table is becoming full of dark, mysterious, velvety, masculine grounding stones
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ooh, I love golden sheen obsidian! The sparkle on some pieces is just amazing. My favorite is still the rainbow sheen, however.

Those sound like lovely pieces, Le Fanu.. I definitely envy you that Rock and Fossil Fair
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