The Primary Deck Reflections 2010 (both threads)

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The Primary Deck Reflections 2010 (both threads)

Hello and Welcome! This is the 2010 Primary Deck Reflection Discussion and Support Thread.

With one week left to go in 2009 it is time to consider what goals you want to set for yourself in 2010. If you think that you would like to spend some quality personal time with that special deck then the Primary Deck Reflection may be just the thing for you. This is a group exercise similar to the Intensive Deck Study (IDS) but the focus is on mutual encouragement on the practical personal use of a tarot deck and not necessarily the academic use of that deck.


The Primary Deck Reflection (PDR) Guidelines
  1. Use whatever decks you wish as long as you have a main deck with which you read for yourself and post what you have learned. Not necessarily the reading but more on how the deck spoke to you and the results.
  2. You can post your individual readings in the "Your Readings" forum, be sure to follow all forum rules, please.
  3. Commit to reflecting with this one deck as a year-long activity.
  4. You are free to change your PDR deck as much as you want until you find a deck that works best for you.
  5. If you reference a personal blog in your PDR it is required by Aeclectic Tarot Forum rules and ownership that you must link to the Aeclectic Tarot main page (!
    Here's a link to some graphic links provided by Solandia:
PDR 2010 Participants:
  1. Azure_Skye - Fenestra Tarot
  2. Bloudwedd - Gaian Tarot
  3. BlueDragonfly - Druidcraft
  4. CathS - LS Manga Tarot
  5. Cherylleebest - Illuminated Tarot
  6. Chickandegg - Fairy Tale Taort
  7. Chiska - Thoth Tarot
  8. DancingGemini - Secret Tarot
  9. Danny.mac85 - Legacy of the Divine Tarot
  10. Fire Cate - William's Minchiate
  11. Hopena - Fantastic Menagerie Tarot
  12. Iceclone - Deviant Moon Tarot
  13. Inanna_tarot - Transparent Oracle
  14. KafkasGhost - Universal Fantasy
  15. Kmartin60 - Vargo Gothic Tarot
  16. LizA -- Gaian Tarot
  17. Luxshine - Tarot Art Nouveau
  18. Manda - Diary of a Broken Soul
  19. Myrrha - Legacy of the Divine Tarot
  20. ncefafn - to be determined (?)
  21. Onyx - Deviant Moon Tarot
  22. Pippi - Tarot of the Master (Vacchetta)
  23. Scribbler - Alchemical Renewed
  24. Shamoness - The Victorian Romantic and The Bohemian Gothic
  25. Shelikes2read - Transparent Tarot
  26. Shiresun - Robin Wood Tarot
  27. Silverwings94 - Deidre of The Sorrows deck
  28. Souljourney - Fey Tarot
  29. Superfrogsavestokyo - Paulina Tarot
  30. TarotMama73 - Tarot of the Magical Forest
  31. The Guided Hermit - Via Tarot
  32. The Red Queen - Alchemical Tarot
I have added most of the participants that I have info on. If I have left you out then please let me know. If I have the wrong deck listed as well please also let me know too!


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I feel like such a nerd, being first to the party but here I am! :0)

Tarot of Eden, pls.

Depending on how I feel I'm going with my IDS, I may not start ToE until Feb. or so... I will post my commitments list for PDR '10 when I begin.
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I'm in! Thanks so much for organizing the thread, Onyx!

I'll be having my deck affair with the Tarot of the Master (Vacchetta).
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Hi there. I'd like to join this one. I'm not sure I can do an IDS with only one deck. But a commitment of one reading per week with that deck sounds feasible.

Ok, I'm decided... Deviant Moon it is.
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I'd like participate as well using Secret Tarot.
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I'd like to give it a try also. I'll be using my Deidre of The Sorrows deck.
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Great to see you all joining!

I got some time tonight and thought I would update the list and welcome all those who have decided to join in the PDR experience!

Not sure how much I will be able to update this weekend. We got record snowfall today and with Christmas I may be really busy.

All snug and warm at my folks house but limited internet connection so if any more what to join it may be a day or two before I can update the list again but don't want anyone to think I am ignoring anyone.

Have a Happy Holiday everyone!

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I will set aside one hour a week on Sundays to get mine done.

I am going to study my Vieville more closely this coming year

Thank you again, Onyx!
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strings of life 

I'd love to participate .

After much thought, I've decided to use two decks for this: The Victorian Romantic and The Bohemian Gothic. Both will be wonderful to explore through Tarot journaling and as a pair, one can shadow the other for clarification. My plan is to draw from one and then pull out the same card from the other deck and write about them both.

I will post this weekly on my blog (link in my profile here), along with other thoughts. I may slate a specific day, but I'll have to see which one may be best. Right now, I am thinking Mondays. All of using blogs can follow each other's RSS feeds too!

Onyx, can you add me to the index thread? Oh, and it may be easier to organize that list by adding names in alphabetical order .

I decided to do this instead of an IDS because I want the freedom to explore other decks, and write about them too. But, having a support system and agreeing to commit to something is a positive. A PDR seems like the perfect middle ground.
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I wanna do the Bohemian Gothic too but I'm missing the book still, so I'll postpone that.
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