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I got into numerology a few months back, and the number 7 always used to show up. As long as i rememeber, 7 was always my first pick number. The Chariot (VII) came down.. I laughed. Also, when doing this spread - I really, really felt the presence of people standing next to me. It was rather strong. I greeted them, first card that came down was Death. I wasn''t shocked at all.. he isn't bad though. Thanks for this spread! Definitly writing it down
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I never did finish this reading.. I started it two years ago. sheesh. thanks for the bump.
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edited. Will add later.
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Oh, woops.. I didnt realize this thread was that old. Anyways useful spread to bump I would say.

My last post (and this) is on page 7, Haha!
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i know this threads quite old, but im new and have just tried it out.
it was amazing
but more shocking is it said i have 20 spirit guides!!!! :o this was confirmed with yes/no spread with 2 aces.
only one wanted to communicate though - again confirmed with yes/no with magician and ace.

20 spirit guides?!?!?!

wow.... haha
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I tried this spread out and I really enjoyed it. When I first started to shuffle the Fool popped out. I stared at it before putting it back in and shuffling again, thinking, "nope, not going to get off that easy, guys." Then 3 of P, R, came out and the first guide I talked to was the Q of W, R. I had a feeling like she was annoyed and grumpy and was just talking to me to get it over with, lol. Like, "Ugh, fine. Let's get this over with."
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Will definitely try the spread and post it! Apparently I have 11 guides? I pulled the Page of Swords for Q1 (prior to pulling this card, I decided that court cards are numbered) and using the Yes/No spread, I got three Aces and the Magician so that's a strong Yes apparently. 😅 (Being a pessimistic person I am, I pulled another card and I got Justice, though it was numbered eight in my wildwood. Another yes still)

And when I asked how many wanted to talk to me, I got the World. My gut went "All of them?!" but would maybe reduce it to three (2+1) of whom have the most pressing message right now.

Thank you for the fabulous spread!
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Do folks think it'd be good for kind of STARTING working with spirit guides? Like to get a feel for what you've got to start? Or is it more of a 'once you're kind of familiar' kind of thing? It's something I've been feeling the urge to explore lately and this spread seems like a good start for me, but I figured I'd ask.

Thanks for posting!
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I gave this spread a go the other day and found out I have 13 and ALL of them wanted to speak to me! Lol my first foray into tarot and my guides all have something to say lol.
I already knew a few of my guides so I used this as a opportunity to get to know them better and also meet the others for the first time. So I guess if you feel this is a spread you can work with go for it
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Glass Owl 

This has become my go-to spread for spirit guides. Thank you!
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