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MAAT 2010 Book of Days

I just received the new Book of Days! Yay!

But I'm having some issues corresponding the Quick Guide to the months, and I dont know if there's mistakes in one or the other, or if I'm just crazy. :c)

For example...In January, we see the new moon on the 15th, 1st quarter on the 23, full on the 30th, and last quarter on Feb 5th. Then new moon February 14th....going right into a full moon on the 22nd.

The full page for February shows the first quarter on the 22nd, not the full....which is on the 28th. But on the Quick Guide, the 28th of February is shown as being a 1st quarter moon...

I remember the Quick Guide for 2009 having some errors, but I don't see how they could have carried over into the 2010 version??

Am I just reading this wrong?? Help!


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