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twilight realms tarot

wow just spotted the scans for this on the main AT site..


want it so badly!
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It's gorgeous, but a bit pricey at the moment for someone who just blew her entire stash in three days flat..... Maybe next month - it might be out then and not just a pre-order. I agree though - it has a punch! Kind of reminds me of Osho Zen and I love that deck.
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It's absolutely lovely and I'll definitely want to buy it, but that will really have to wait
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I saw it and for some reason it doesn't totally grab me. And this is the fairy queen talking too! (shakes head) I don't know what's happening with me. This isn't right? LOL

I think it's the old 60's black-light looking art! LOL I used to love it!! But that was back in the 60's!

Oh but wouldn't that be cool? Do a reading under a black light? ooh! I may be talking myself into it!
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Blue Crow 

I really like the look of that, i think i will have to add this to my wish list
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It reminds me of a cross between Crow's Magick Tarot and Elvis black velvet paintings.
It is very striking, I like...
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I'm totally sold on this deck too!!! This is turning into a very expensive year for me... LOL Just bought the Froud's new oracle, finished paying for the Gaian Tarot, waiting for the Dark angel's tarot and the shaman's oracle. Not to mention any new Storyworld collections coming out.... Ouch!!!!
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Muir Aingeal 

It looks intriguing... so I couldn't wait. I just bought it from Schiffer:
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This tarot reminds me of the Drogi:

LavenderMist, please let us know what you think of this deck when you get it. I'm really on the fence about this one, although I love the Drogi!
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Originally Posted by LavenderMist
It looks intriguing... so I couldn't wait. I just bought it from Schiffer:
Let us know, please, your opinion about it when you receive it and maybe even some scans?!
Thank you.
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