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Flotsam and Jetsam Divination Kits! Help create one for you and one for me!

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Flotsam and Jetsam Divination Kits! Help create one for you and one for me!

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
In maritime law, flotsam, jetsam, lagan and derelict describe specific kinds of wreck. Historically the words had specific nautical meanings, with legal consequences.

There is a technical difference between the two: jetsam has been voluntarily cast into the sea (jettisoned) by the crew of a ship, usually in order to lighten it in an emergency; while flotsam describes goods that are floating on the water without having been thrown in deliberately, often after a shipwreck.

Generally speaking, jetsam is the property of the finder, while flotsam remains the property of its original owner.

Ligan (or lagan), describes goods that have been marked by being tied to a buoy so that its owner can find and retrieve it later.[citation needed]

Derelict is property which has been abandoned and deserted at sea by those who were in charge without any hope of recovering it. This includes vessels and cargo.

So this idea keeps tossing and turning around in my brain and I bring it to you for help in refining it. I love found oracles, but sometimes I get sick of the stuff I find! Or it takes so long to see what will turn up or I just go for long stretches without finding the right stuff, or...or...or. You know.

So I got to thinking that maybe you guys are sick of your stuff too...and might want to set it free, little treasures, flotsam and jetsam, crystals, shells, stones.

So, like the traveling deck idea I thought we could sign up the interested people and start sending out stuff.

Eveyone gets a bag, a little sack. Once we see how many people are signing up we'll know better how this is going to go.

Ideas for items for the bags:

unusual stones: heart shaped or triangle shaped, faces etc.
bottle caps
sea glass with unique shapes
tumbled crystals-if you don't want tumbled crystals please say so. many of us have tons, so if you don't need another say so. But if you need one in particular say so.
little toys
cast off odd earrings
wire wrapped oddities
tiny figurines
tiny toy figurines from gumball machines
toy soldiers
tiny seeds
felted balls
felted critters
old bits of metal
rusty iron objects
dog tags
small carvings of stone or wood
coins from other countries
seed pods, but only things that will last and not erupt or house bugs etc.
porcelain figurines
old rings
antique keys
antler bones
mouse bones?
crystals dug from your own mines
small antique tools or curiosities
old car keys
anything that I haven't thought of that is cool, won't rot and will hold up to casting!

Some people send weirder stuff or rarer stuff....this isn't a contest. It is meant to help us to create a cool, random divination kit that we can enjoy and remember.

Once you commit to it, we have to see it through. We each have to get our kits completed. No one can get left behind.

Now. Let me know if I'm alone here or if other crazy divination junkies are out there wondering what they might get in their mailbox some day soon!

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Sign-Up for the Flotsam and Jetsam Junkies!

Sign-ups for the Divination Junkies has officially re-opened! LOL, we seem to be closing and opening here, but this is the final reopening announcement.


2. Tell all your divination junky friends they missed out!

3. We'll split into SEVERAL groups which I will randomize. Group size will be 5 per group, and Europeans or Australians or Americans who don't want to ship off continent will be placed with their confederates!

4. Start collecting your items as soon as you sign up! Find a big box or basket and start tossing stuff into it. Really challenge yourself to find unique weird, hyper strange things. You DO NOT need to send everyone in your group the same things!!!! We want as many one of a kind objects as possible.

5. Items should be smallish. If you would like to include a small cup or other scattering utensil to someone in your group this is fine. What you send to the others in your group is up to you.

6. Since we are limiting the size of each group the number of objects being sent out can now be increased! So feel free to send people in your group 3-5 things. I think that 3 is a doable number. However this is your choice. And once groups are assigned, I have no problem with the groups deciding amongst themselves how many objects to send or to iron out other details.

I'll allow another week after we close the sign-ups for people to build their collections up and to ear mark oddities, or discover treasures for to send.

You do not have to spend money for this project. In fact, the only money that needs to be spent is on postage. Get your creative juices flowing, search through your drawers, cupboards, jewelry boxes, crystal kits, button boxes, Aunty's house, cellar, husband's sock drawer, toy boxes, maybe even your attic and find cool stuff!

On your Mark, Get set, GO!

Participants with Junk to spare:

Satori-USA-willing to post worldwide
Wendy Wu-UK-worldwide
Anam Cara-USA-worldwide
Northern Tigress-USA-domestic

First Group:
The Sirens of Oosa
Northern Tigress-USA
faunabay-USA-Temp. placement

Second Group:
The Mermaids of BabbleOn

Third Group:
The Little Drummer Girls
Anam Cara-USA

Fourth Group:
The Lava Lamps
Wendy Wu-UK

I hope that everyone is happy with their groups! I tried to put folks where they requested and still add in an element of surprise!
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BRILLIANT!!! I am so in!
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I really want to do this, but I would only be able to send 1 item to each person if it goes over 20 people.
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perfect cardlady! I think one is fine, I added more because some folks have lots of stuff and are into overkill. Purely personal choice there, and not to feel bad about what you send or how much.

I think the main purpose here is to send interesting or unique items. I'd rather have one cool item sent from a few folks than tons of stuff that is not. Of course trying to come up with 30 unique items is challenging too. Looks like we should create a cap of how many to sign up.

Glad to have you on board Aulruna!!! I'm quite psyched to welcome you both. I had a moment of pure panic thinking...what if no one signs up???
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I am always in for your brilliant ideas!
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Gals should we limit the amount of folks who sign-up, or wait and see? What is the lowest number of cards in the lenormand decks? What is it, 24? I was thinking that might be a good number. Or-wait a minute, 22!

See the number is built into cardlady22's name!!! LOL. What say you? 22?
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*giggle* Lenormands are 36; Runes are 24.
22 seems more Tarot-based & we are more in oracles.
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I'd like to be in this, too, Satori Ever since I had a "junk" oracle reading on Etsy I've been wondering about doing it for myself. What time frame are you looking at, so I know to get cracking on looking for stuff?

\m/ Kat
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I already have my own system of random objects which I read with but each one came to me via different and sometimes remarkable reasons/events. So each item has a meaning and a memory attached.

Oddly enough, I am giving a workshop soon which incorporates this very type of personal divination system comprising of odd small items.

I will be interested to see how this project progresses and, if you all don't mind, may share some of your findings at the workshop if thats ok?
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