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Im in Oz, but worldwide is fine for me
Elven x
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I just came back online and saw your PM, Satori!

Sending stuff to five people sounds perfect, so I'm most happily in! Thank you so much for making this possible!!! (I hope I'm not too late?! )

I'm fine with a mix of European and overseas partners, and could also afford five overseas packages. In fact, part of what I find exciting is getting stuff from very far away - and likewise sending stuff from here to other faraway places. And with five envelopes to send, that's totally affordable for me.

Now I'll go and read the rest of the thread...
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Originally Posted by Apollonia
Hi, Satori! I'm in the US and would prefer to mail to the US if possible. Thanks!

I too would prefer to mail to the US if possible
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I am happy to post worldwide.
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To add to my previous post: I'm fine with sending out five packages, so groups of five or six people would be fine with me.

Originally Posted by Mi-Shell
From the tailings coming from a test dig just across from the Pyramid of the Moon I have quite a few fragments of Obsidian knifes. These rigorously cut to the truth of the matter with a precision like the one from Tezcalipoca, the Smoking Mirror..
I fully realize, that these are not necessarily energies that many of you guys would want to work with -
but - iffff .... Let me know....
I had no clue who Tezcalipoca was, but Wikipedia told me a few basics about him. Whoa, that really sounds like some intense, scary, and very fascinating energy (what's it with me and the blood, bones and knives? )!

Now I'm thinking about the theme of my bag... At first, I was all for total randomness, but I'd actually prefer a natural materials theme (bones, stones, fossils, fur, leather, wood, wool, shells, teeth, seeds, maybe also glass and metal...). I also think I'd prefer smaller items, so the entire oracle could be held in two cupped hands (if barely). I don't require particular shapes or easily recognizable "symbols." Oh, and I would prefer NOT to get any Christian/angel things. I'm also not too keen on fairies but wouldn't mind them.

I also have already found some odds and ends to send on, and I'm looking forward to go looking for more.

I'll post more as I think of it...
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Oh Cat* - glad you mentioned it 'cos I'm not really wanting angels, fairies and Christian symbols either ....

I am also planning a more natural based set of items - great minds and all that
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Those wanting a domestic group now have a group!!!

OK. I created the first group. Those persons who wanted to have a domestic USA group have one! The only thing is that right now there are 6 of you, and since faunabay is away she will let us know on Monday if she is a domestic vs worldwide shipper. For now, I have her in the domestic group, and she can switch out if she wants to.

I am posting the group lists in the second post. Please know that Milfoil, Mi-Shell and Chronata are very popular so they may not be in the same groups. I am trying to spread the shamanic/creative/artsy folks out. I also want you to know that everyone who replied gave a few ideas about who they would like to be with, but in the end everyone said put me anywhere!

I hope that this is okay for all of you, because it will make it easier for me to move on now and begin randomizing the rest of the people.

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I too do not want any Christian based symbols. I normally love angels and faeries, but this is my chance at building up a more nature based kit, a more shamanistic kit. My dreams of late have been about the spiral, the journey, and about puzzles, about the labyrinth. I am caring for my sister as she leaves this world and puts her foot to a new journey a new path, and so I am very much interested in Transitions. That is my kit's theme. Transitions.
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I see I'm placed in the USA group, that works out perfect for me because it will be cheaper shipping.
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I've sent you a PM, Satori, with my list. Just an idea, don't mind where I am really.

I'd just like to echo those who've said, angel-fairy-mermaid-sparkly-unicorn Doreen Virtue-type stuff is probably not the way to go for me

I love retro stuff, and funky found objects. I'm rather a fan of kid's toys as oracles, actually. And just any weird little things that capture the imagination - I found a tie pin in the op shop the other day in the shape of a bulldozer . . . now that, to me, has immense symbolism!

Shutting up now

\m/ Kat
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