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I don't know if anyone else from the Drummer Girls is online right now, but I wouldn't mind if you popped in for the Readings part!

UPDATE: We have 3 package sets sent; 1 received so far.
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I was just poking around the other groups threads and saw that packages are hitting the mail, and making their way round and round. Very nice!

I have no probs with anyone joining in for flotsam readings....
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I'm so excited to see what everyone sends to each other. I hope everyone can post pictures!

I've been thinking about Satori's Toy Oracle and it sounds really interesting. I've put together a few items for a Toy Oracle myself over the past few days.

I was going to post a picture of the throwing cloths I made for the Sirens but I'm going to wait until all the Sirens have received theirs first.
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Originally Posted by Satori
There are lots of us here on AT who've been collecting toys and other stuff and reading with it. In fact, there is even ZannaMarie who is an Animal Cracker reader. She does your reading and then eats it with a cup of tea afterwards.
Oh, that's GREAT!! I love it! I want a reading from her! And a great way to ground yourself afterwards, with food.

Originally Posted by Satori
I had no idea there was someone doing junk oracle readings on Etsy until Thor posted about it here. Hope that was successful for you.
I have been doing pretty well with the readings on Etsy. Although I offer several types (tarot, dice, junk), Junk is my best selling reading and the best seller overall in the shop, accounting for like 90% of my sales. It takes a little time to find the time to do them, though, because I like to leave the whole evening open. Usually they go pretty quickly once I start, but sometimes a particular piece gives me fits and I have to sit there and ponder its meaning. Get up from the table, throw a couple darts, shoot a little pool, maybe do the dishes, and come back to it. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Funny, in person I can just pop 'em out, bam bam bam. Maybe because I can ask the client "hey, what do you think about when you think of aardvarks?"

I do think that proximity has something to do with being able to do fast readings. I'm very good at cold reading people (from job experience in a former life in security). I never thought I would like doing online readings -- no warm body there -- until I tried it through Etsy.

I trade the ability to read people for the option of doing a little extra research online. Like I wasn't sure what the medical symbol stood for but it came up in a reading (where did that piece come from? I didn't know I had it) and so I could look it up and learn more about it and how it fit in. Or the time Kwan Yin didn't mean serenity but instead meant being really stubborn. I could have forced a decent reading from it in person, but the deeper meaning I got from research really improved it. I guess I could do it for all my pieces in advance, but :shrug:

I've heard that I'm kinda good at it, and people give me good feedback and some really cool private emails which help me learn and also to trust myself in the messages I get to pass to them. Sometimes I have no idea why I get a certain idea, and I say that: "I don't really know where this comes in, but I've just had a very strong impression of <something terribly weird>". And they always, always know exactly what it is. So I've learned just to spit it out and not wonder if I'm right or wrong. They will tell me.

They are safe in telling me, because I have a return policy on readings! If the first one doesn't make sense, I can recast or do a tarot reading, and if that doesn't make sense, then they get their money back. I occasionally (1 in 15 or so) have to do a recast, but nobody has ever had to get a refund.


Originally Posted by cardlady22
Welcome to the Purple Pages, lefthandedgoth!
I am liking the purple a LOT. This is a neat forum. Thanks for the hiya!

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Oh! I'd be so thankful! I'll start collecting today : ) (I know of a few pretties already...I'll gather them up, put them in a bag, shake them up and draw out 5 for some serendipity!)

So happy!

Thank You, Drummer Girls!

OmSeaweed ॐ
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Originally Posted by Rhombchick
I found it very hard to stick to the 5 item limit.
.... but I did, because I always go over limits!
only 5 items to be sent???!!!
Oh noooo ... I sent more than the limit - I couldn't stop - I need de-enabling badly now - but they're sent ... UhoH

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Originally Posted by cardlady22
I don't know if anyone else from the Drummer Girls is online right now, but I wouldn't mind if you popped in for the Readings part!
Have we already figured out how to go about the readings? Do we stay within our groups or do we mix up people again?

Also, does each person read for everyone else in the group? I don't mean to be the party pooper here, but I don't think I can handle more than the four readings for my fellow Drummer Girls at most. I'm just working too much these days and don't see an end to that anytime soon...

It would be different if we did a round robin or got together in pairs or threes for a reading exchange...

Satori, are we supposed to decide how to do our readings within our groups or would you like to suggest a way to go about them now that we have new interested parties? (I mean partnerings and such, not actual reading style.)
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I had suggested the round robin approach, where you read for the person below you, and so forth, until you hit the last person, and they read for the top person.

That way each Soul does only one reading, but everyone gets to test drive the Flotsam. And if Om wants to jump in on that I'm happy to have her.

I think there was some discussion about staying on our rooms because then folks got to talk about the kits and the bits with their roommates, so let's throw it out there again. Even if we do a round robin style in the rooms, I'm happy to have Om in with the Lamps.
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I like the idea of mixing our groups and letting others join in. Welcome Om!
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This is so cool that Omseaweed and Lefthandedgoth found us! Welcome, guys. Guess the Law of Attraction works for Junk Oracles, too.

I vote for doing readings all through the groups, but I'm trying the think of an easy way to facilitate that...
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