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computer games featuring tarot cards

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In the Starship Crusaders arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the combatants used Stands, personal daimon-like guardians named after the major arcana of the tarot. In the All Star Battle PS3 game, characters from that arc used their Stands as weapons. Dunno about the latest Eyes of Heaven game, but I think they appear there too.

Here are some stands btw:

BTW, to all anime enthusiasts out there, if you're into DBZ or perhaps even Naruto, do give the series a try. It's all sorts of awesome! So unapologetically testosterone-drenched, I think my natural speaking voice dropped an octave just watching the first season.

Originally Posted by Darkmage View Post
Bust A Move 4 on the Sega
Dreamcast has a Tarot reading program hidden in it. Well, it's not really an Easter egg as such--it's opened once you beat the game. 'Love' is the only topic selectable and it generates a six-card reading. That wasn't something I was expecting to find there.
I played that too, more than a decade ago with the ol PS. I loved unlocking each Major Arcana card after every few rounds. I think it's one of the things that led to my fascination with the tarot. In my country, it was distributed as Puzzle Bobble though.
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Other than the ones already mentioned, there are a couple of other games that come to mind:
There's an older game called "The Fool's Errand" ( which has puzzles and story based on the tarot. The Fool travels through every card and must solve an associated puzzle. Eventually you have to put together a map of his travels, featuring symbols from the tarot and defeat the High Priestess.

The TV show Carnivale had a game called "Fate: The Carnivale Game", which featured a card game using a RWS deck. There was also a small interactive story, where you would choose between two tarot cards, as to what happens next to your character. Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to find these days.

Fotonica ( is a first-person runner. It wasn't my cup of tea, so I'm not sure how tarot relates to its gameplay, but I noticed that its 5 Steam trading cards were tarot majors. You can view them here: .
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3 cards to midnight pc is a bigfishgames you have to focus on cards the reader puts infront of you, to remember parts of your life that youve forgotten.The start of the game shows a cards meanings, I havent completed the second one yet. the back of the cards are the cosmic tarot, id love to know what the card fronts are if anyone can figure it out please?.its a bit Noir reminds me of discworld noir the music or 7th guest.
Ive kept my mums gaming collection.Bubble Bobble/final fantasy/all ps. nintendo DS lite.
looking up games still and very interested in an emulator to try them yet I am unsure where to go without downloading a virus, I would like to try the fools errand. Looked at VR youtube link I like the way its been made, if have seen that as a child those graphics id probably wondering how far 3d is going to go I dont have 3DS due to headaches.I have my old consoles PS1/2/3. nintendo DS lite I barely use it sits collecting finding emulators not ignoring anyones posts reading replying as a whole and very interested in what everyones typing.
Steam I had keys to paid to join during E3 times and my laptop wouldnt handle the games. my laptops not powerful its serviceable and will accept older windows games.

OfF ToPiC!I have a deck close to Castlevania he Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night by Davide Corsi. I dont work with it, came with no book.
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I stick mostly with Linux and BSD, so I don't worry much about malware problems. You could use a VM if you are concerned about a virus, depending on your hardware and the emulator. Based on what you have said about your computer I recommend dual booting, using Linux or something for iffy tasks and emulators and games you don't think are safe, although it may require looking around a bit more. Some/many of your games may not have a Linux port, so you might need to try something like WINE.

I can also recommend some computer hardware that might fit your needs, depending on what they are, so that you can play other games.
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There are a lot of good emulator sites out there. Use your Google-fu. Nestopia is far and away the best NES emulator in my XP. ZSNES is your best bet for SNES games. Both work fine under Win10, though you may have to go to and download the latest version of Direct X if you don't have it. NEStopia won't work without it.

Unfortunately, there aren't any Tarot games for the NDS. I've got three working DS units (freebies ftw), and it's a great system. I spend a lot of time in doctors' offices and a lot of the quick arcade fare is great for the waiting room. My JRPGS stay at home for the most part. It would be great if there was a tarot game for it, but none was ever made to the best of my knowledge. :/

If you're running Mac hardware, I can't help you with emulators for that as I'm not familiar with Apple computers :/
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im running vista on a 2006 laptop. its better then nothing and it was given to me so, I will not turn my nose up at a free computer, it runs. as my tower decided to die a sad death middle of gaming too typical! it was an Iqon and it was main board issues the screen looked like an 80s medley of rainbow shades before it gave up on me.
just installed ZSNES vista froze had to go into task manager ctrl+alt+del shutdown.
found a blog on old games containing major arcana.sorry to hear you have been to drs so much hope you are doing better now.
I found a fortune teller pop up in a game called legends league of light its an android game. she uses a crystal ball to see where you are.
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Didn't Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy) have a tarot reading in it? Really liked that game - or most of it, went a bit weird towards the end.

I think one of the House of the Dead games had bosses that were named after the major arcana.

I'm sure there's another game but I can't remember...
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