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"Magician and Fool" novel by Barth Anderson

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"Magician and Fool" novel by Barth Anderson

I searched but found neither posts about this author, Barth Anderson, nor references to his novel, "The Magician and the Fool," which was nominated for a Lambda Award in 2008. Anyone wish to comment on this book or point me to the threads I've missed?

My public library has had this book on their "will arrive soon" list for two years. I see it on the shelves at B&N and wonder if I should simply invest although I'd buy it form a local bookseller.

> Now in his second novel which has been ten years in the making, Barth draws on his considerable experience as a tarot card reader—three decades worth—in crafting “The Magician and the Fool”, a fascinating contemporary tale of identity, love, redemption, and a thought-provoking mystery based on the origins of Tarot and the founding of Rome.<

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I read it and loved it. Totally whacked out tale. Unlimited by time, the plot thickens and simmers, and puzzling, it bursts forth. Huh? Read it's not that long! Ah-ha!!
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well, I do like a good read,and a tarot book would be a nice change from what I can get at our library

I do like David Skibbins' books, but they are not easy to get hold of (Star seems to be in the Bermuda Triangle somewhere, and Hanged Man is still quite expensive)


have ordered the Magician and Fool from Book Depository.

thanks for a heads up Read the reviews on Amazon which were quite mixed, but would expect that for any book though.

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