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Bohemian Gothic - Judgement

I just noticed that there were only twenty-one majors listed in the study group index. This is the "missing" major, and here is its thread.

This can be a somewhat unsettling card in any deck, and the Dark Sister does not disappoint. The resurrected soul looks somewhat like a reanimated zombie in one of my son's video games. It's something about the popping eyes.

In the Silver deck it's a little hard to interpret the scene in the mural behind the angel. By rights it "ought" to be a Last Judgment scene, but my eye keeps trying to "read" it as an Annunciation.

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The risen figure in this image is not facing the angel as it does in
other decks; rather, he has his back turned, The angel seems to
be imploring the "zombie" to turn around, to realize that it is time to
be guided in a new direction. But the zombie refuses to face the
angel and his future, and insists on staring into the direction he came
from, fixated on his past. He even lifts the blue shroud as a barrier,
symbolizing his emotions and how they are keeping him stuck in the
past. Judgement tells us it is time to wake up and move on, but this
particular card shows us that we are not always ready to do so.
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