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Arrow June's Rune Circle Sign-Up

June's Rune Circle Sign-Up

Everyone is invited to join in this month. But if you owe a reading to anyone on the entire AT forum, please fulfill your obligations before you commit yourself with us.

Once again, this month's rune circle will operate like previous rune reading circles.

We will post our readings on "June's Rune Reading" thread when I set it up.
This sign up thread is where we will keep our comments or questions. Our actual readings will stay on the June's reading thread! I will have them linked, so we won't get mixed up.

Lets go with a full question this month. No limit on words, this time around!
Feel free to toss, roll, lay out or however you want to use your runes to read.

Participants can use either rune cards or rune stones, it doesn't matter which. How you read them is entirely up to you, and how many. You will just know how many are right for who you are reading for.

Remember if a reading looks like it's personal, contact your partner via pm to see if they want you to post it.

*June 5th, I will post partners.
Readings are due by June 19th.
*Feedback will be due by June 26th.

***Please remember to bookmark this thread & the new one when I pair up everyone!

Junes Rune Reading Thread...
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I'll sign up. I post the question in the next few days.


ETA: my question. How can I stop doing something (an ongoing activity) when there are so many expectations on my continuing?
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You allow newbies in?

I'll give it a go but I will be clutching my cheat sheet (which is more like a cheat novella). I'll also wait a bit to post a question.


What things are ending in my life, and what new things will take their place?
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I would like to join in the Rune Reading Circle. I'm considering my question. Should I post it once formulated, or wait until reading partners are assigned?
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Yes, I'm back in! Will try to not be such a slacker this month.

I'll come back later with my question.


Here's my question:
How can I successfully transition to my new job?
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Ah. Oh Dear. Hummm. Surely I can think of a question by the morning of the 5th Maybe.
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I'm in!

I'd love to join in again this month.

Thanks for hosting again Barbaras Ahajusts!

My daughter is pregnant and I would like to know how everything is going to go.
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Barbaras Ahajusts 

Wow! Nice start up list. Welcome everyone!

I'm excited about the newbies, this month. Hello people! Hello .traveller. & I also have a few "novella" cheat sheets that I peruse off & on.

Anyone can come back to post your question if you don't have one formulated now. We will need them before I post partners, though.

I'm not sure if the energy, here, is ok for me to join this month, but this looks to be a fine rune reading month for everone
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I'll play.

A question... so I pulled 3 cards to help inspire me to think of an appropriate question or one that would be fitting. I used the Sweet twilight..... I think this is about me and how I view myself.

What do I need to know to go forward - to evolve - progress - rise and SHINE?

ETA I won't be around from the 12th - 19th.....so I will do it immediately and if my reading isn't up in time I will do the fb when I get back.
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Okay my question:
What career path should I seriously persue?

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