Medieval Scapini - Eight of Coins

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Medieval Scapini - Eight of Coins

The Artist - Scapini - : craftsmanship, one who is fast to learn, handiwork, personal effort and skill, apprenticeship, meeting deadlines, work rewarded, individuality appreciated.

Wife - : brunet girl, modesty, practicality, equality, late marriage, good position, fair division of property.

Daughter : innocence, Chasity, learning, step by step development, developing new skills or hobbies.



Cat : Vanity, a aloof, detached, insincerity, uncaring, unreliability, hidden fears, uncooperative, lack of ambition.

Daughter: Lack of training, unreliability, intrigue

Scapini: small risks, work problems, hypocrisy, conceit, idleness
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