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Companion Book Information

Hello everyone - I thought I would post a question here, since this thread concerns the companion book. I have been using the Bohemian Gothic daily since I received it, and it is now one of my favorite decks.

However, I do not have the companion book, and there is a question lingering in my mind concerning the artists' intent in the 8 of cups card. Would anyone be willing to check their book regarding the following - the large shadow behind the woman, to me, does not appear to be her shadow. At least, not of her as she is then standing. Her face is turned in a different direction than the shadow. Is the shadow something that is pursuing her? Or is it her own shadow, slightly forward, depicting that she will continue in her journey/exploration?

I have let my imagination run wild, but I was wondering if the book mentions the creators' interpretation. Thank you!
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Hi JenWt43

I also don't have the companion book, but I took it very much from the RWS meaning of moving on. In this case, I thought the shadow, whatever it is (a situation, a person) is what she has decided to leave. I also look forward to someone posting what the companion book says. But with the BG, I really just use RWS meanings to a great extent, with my own intuition and it has worked just fine for me. I agree, love this deck! :-)
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I do have the companion book, and the shadow is not mentioned. The usual explanations are described with reference to the metaphors in the image (eg: - if you're brave enough to walk down that dark corridor, there's a light at the end; transitions etc)

your own interpretations are perfect!

I love this deck

I'm posting a little more in the '8 of Cups' thread.
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Thank you both!
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I need two quotes from someone who has a copy of the Companion book. My copy was destroyed in a flood, and the insurance company will not replace it. I just need the explanation of Judgment and The World.
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