Shadowscapes Study: Ace of Pentacles

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Shadowscapes Study: Ace of Pentacles

The card shows what looks like a little forest filled with lizards. Many of them seem to be looking at a lizard on a branch with red toes.

The picture gives me the impression of abundance because there are so many lizards in a small space there must be plenty of food and water to support them all. So that's what I see in this card:Enough for everyone.
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At the intersection of the branches and above the pentacle, the young ones gather to hear the story of the elder who is perched on the highest branch. He or she is wise and pauses, perhaps in remembrance, before unfolding a tale of the wisdom and knowledge of Nature. They and their surroundings are many different shades of green signifying the many hues of Life.

This is a beautiful card.
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I like that! And if we look at Aces as the beginning here are all these new little lives beginning and they have the elder to guide them.
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So green!!! Anyone a fan of Futurama? Perhaps enough to remember Fry visiting the pet shop and deciding between the gifts of a squawking parrot and a swarm of lizards?? Later exclaiming to Leela, who saves his life, "I'm gonna get you so many lizards!!" Prosperous wise little lizards.... I notice a little cairn in the bottom right of the card, knowledge of the ancestors. This is a kingly lizard.
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Green and gold, the perfect color combination for a good and full life. I was thinking what this card would mean to me if I pulled this as a single card for my reading.

The big and conservative meddallion tells me that resources are in plenty. The big lizard with all the tiny ones looking around it signifies a settled family with everyone respecting the head. The hornlike point on the big lizard's head reminds me of that of a unicorn, with the power to grant wishes. All in all a very very reassuring card.
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