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Mythic Tarot - Ace Pentacles

Poseidon rises from the sea holding a giant orange pentacle in both hands. Hills can be seen in the background and crags laden with bunches of ripening grapes are in front of him.

  • son of Cronos and Rhea, brother of Zeus and Hades
  • god of the seas, lakes and rivers and the surface of the Earth itself
  • fertility god, husband of the great Earth Mother and lord of the physical universe; his name means “husband of the earth”
  • called “Earth-Shaker” and honored as a bull who was thought to live in the bowels of the Earth and stamp its feet, causing mountains to move and seas to flood the land
  • raw force of nature as a burst of new energy for material creation
  • turning creative potency downward into the world
  • the need to make real and create in the manifest world is at the root of all material ambitions
  • an upsurge of energy directed towards material gain
  • the energy needed to achieve financial security or status
  • a favorable sign for starting new businesses or enterprises that bring monetary reward
  • the right energy and external circumstances come together to create fertile ground for a venture
Random Thoughts
  • an unexpected windfall
  • the figure of man (upright pentacle) being raised high
  • abundance
  • the promise of good things to come
  • the physical/material takes precedence over the emotional/unconscious

Keyword/phrase from my workbook on 14Mar92 was "material achievement".

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