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Fairytale Tarot (MRP) -- Ace of Coins

The Ace of Coins is illustrated in this deck by the unusual story of the Superior Pet, one version of which can be found here. It appears to be originally from China, haven't found variations from other countries yet in my brief research.

This tale has none of the accoutrements of the usual fairy tales--glamorous princesses, handsome princes, evil ogres, etc. What it does have is a humble and touching story of a poor woman who finds it in her heart to befriend a mouse. She decides it is "superior" because its markings are different.

In the way of fairytales, however, kindness to a stranger ends up being richly rewarded. The mouse leads her to a treasure trove, and then, oddly, disappears.

This is a nice way of conveying the notion of new beginnings, especially regarding material ventures, that the Ace of Coins signifies.

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