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Fairytale Tarot (MRP) -- The Tower

The Tower--a card feared, I am told, by some--is illustrated in this deck by the tale of Deidre or Deirdre of the Sorrows, set forth at great length here. And set forth most poetically.

The story as it is told has a hint of Destiny about it that reminds me of tales of the Buddha in this limited sense--the seer predicts her role in the future, and her father tries to prevent it unsuccessfully. Unlike the Buddha, Deidre herself is unable to take her own fate into her own hands. It's a complicated three part story.

It also seems that her selection of Naoise as the man she must have is fundamentally capricious, which is why the tale is so painful for me to read.

The Tower frequently signifies cataclysmic change. This story portrays that well.

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