Bohemian Gothic: (2nd Edition) Nine of Cups

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I agree completely with that shadow element in the BG, and my first thought on the 'mass' was: viscera

That led me to think about how one wishes to see things in a different way, whether under the influence of absinthe, or from the inside-out, essentially the guts of the matter if you will, LOL

I like this card's alchemical (even apothecary-like) lean, but find that octopus-like mass to be gross, which may be the point: gross examination!


Thanks for the feedback
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Originally Posted by Orenda
Anyone else think absinthe?
A lot of people have thought absinthe. But even if it was just plain absinthe, in the olden days that drink had a reputation for being something like LSD--it was rumored to cause hallucinations and madness, which absinthe doesn't do, not at all, but, back in the day some bad absinthe made from bad distilling might have done some bad things to drinkers and, thus led to it's big, bad reputation.

This is the Bohemian Gothic and I think we can assume that nothing in any glass presented on any card in the deck is simply and only what it seems to be, just like no book in the deck is just a harmless book. So even if we say it's absinthe in the glass, I doubt we're suppose to think it's just a normal, after-dinner absinthe that anyone might drink.

Would you drink it if he offered it to you?
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I figured it was unaltered original wormwood-based absinthe, with all the shadow elements that goes with that... too bad it's not legal in Canada

Still working on the viscera on one's desk... weird stuff!
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