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Deviant Moon Companion Book

Helo everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that the companion book to the Deviant Moon Tarot is in the works and will be released by US Games very soon! It will have stories regarding the meaning as well as the creation of each card.

Writing begins each day at 4:44am and continues throughout the day. It has been a very inspirational journey, and I look forward to sharing it with you! (Updates can be found on the deviantmoon website..

Thanks so much!

Patrick Valenza
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Golden Moon 

YES!!!... I'll look forward in buying this book. I hope it's released early.

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Wow, that's really good news.
Well done you .
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Really looking forward to this book!!!
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This is on my wish list.
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This will a good addition to my collection. Looking forward to getting it.
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Le Fanu 

Fantastic! The perfect opportunity to enter even deeper into the mindset of the DM. I shall definitely get one.
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This news is excellent ! As the Deviant Moon is one of my most favorite decks, I am eagerly awaiting this book ! Yes !!! Thank you !
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Deviant Moon

Oh! I am so excited cannot wait to get my hands on this.....thank you so much! What an amazing deck this is I love it! O-Boy, O-Boy...Moonboy you are the greatest, Yepeeee...
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I'm using this deck most of the time, so for me, this one's a must have!

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