Tarot of the Witches (Fergus Hall) - High Priestess/ARK =womb

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Tarot of the Witches (Fergus Hall) - High Priestess/ARK =womb

In noticing the fool, within the Fergus Hall deck, discarding numerous stones before him, of which actually forms the constellation of the Pleiades, lead me to ponder further that in Hebrew, the formation of this constellation, coincides with the letter "TAV" with a further link found in Geneses 9:13 stating: "I have set my bow in the clouds..."

This bow, in the form of "U" produces an ARK. (in the "n" position, it produces the familiar rainbow).

Oddly enough, this Tav, rendered in Hebrew, has a strikingly similar ideograph, to that of a whale - enter Jonah's whale.

This Ark, is a vessel to traverse the netherworld, and is represented in various ways such as, the Phoenix's Ban Ban, Moses' wicker basket (upon the Nile) and of cause, Jonah's whale.

I considered the Magician as furbishing the Fool with the necessary diagram and tools, in which to build this Ark (or navigate) and thought further, this Ark is non-other than the High Priestess, her self. She indicates mastery/ownership over this "ark" (womb) as clearly depicted within the Waite deck. She is seated before the "duat" (veiled behind the pillars of Jachin and Boas) which I further consider as being represented as the checkered firmament, of which the Empress resides upon.

This is the timeless story of Osiris' decent into the duat, and although all the pieces have not fallen into place, as yet, I thought someone out there may know a little more.

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