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Just adding my thoughts...

This combo represents someone unpractical and not very grounded, who is easily self-absorved by abstract concepts, ideals and his own thoughts. He has a very rich inner-life.

He probably is a bit excentrical or bohemian. Has high moral standards, cares about people, but forgets about everything now and then. He has a lot of unfinished projects that seem hard to materialize.

He is an idealist of some sorts.
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what about a heart surgeon?

Or someone ready to handle everyone's problems but his own - in the same way that some counsellors are trying to work out (or avoid) their own suppressed emotional stuff through taking charge and telling their clients how they should be living their lives.
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KoC, KoS combination

King of Cups and King of Swords can represent kindness (KoC) as a strategy (KoS) as well. Or, King of Cups can represent government or bureaucracy, and King of Swords courts or the military. Watch for legal related cards such as Justice or the World in combination.

And both cards represent calm control (4oS and Temperance reinforce this).

Both of those kings can also be calm, crafty, double dealers. Watch for Moon cards in combination there.
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