Tarot of the Celtic Fairies Study Group and discussion thread

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Tarot of the Celtic Fairies Study Group and discussion thread

Are any of you interested in studying the Tarot of the Celtic Fairies?

I finally caved in and bought it after expressing much doubt and think it will be a great reading deck. It's full of substance and I love how faery/fairy lore and folklore is associated with the cards. The folklore stories don't seem stretched to accommodate the tarot archetypes but instead, compliment them.

I am going to start with observations about the card, and then delve further into the Celtic tale or folklore associated with the card. I won't go in any specific order. I don't know when I'll start posting...

We can use this thread for general discussion.

Does anyone else want to join?
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I love to see a new study group .

I've started an index thread for this group here (click) and I've added it to the Index of Study Groups.

Please let me know by private message when a new thread is started so I can index it. Letting me know by PM helps me not to miss any threads.

Have fun .

Sulis - Tarot Study Groups moderator
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