Medieval Scapini Tarot - Five of Swords

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Medieval Scapini Tarot - Five of Swords

Hilts - Vampires - 5 - which prey on the life force of others. adversaries may arise, destruction of other, Murder, Rape, Kidnapping, Theft at home, Slander.

Tumbling Shack - damages, Ruin, Devastation, Loss, Destruction.

The Man on the floor - smokes opium. shame, humiliation, defeat, misfortune.

Pray books - Conquest
Tombs of black magic - Malice, spite


Hilts - Vampires. funeral, burial, Mourning, pain, sorrows.

Falling shack - misfortune, trouble, losses, weakness, uncertain outlook.

Man laying on the floor - distress, dismay, remorse, dejection, sorrow, befalling a friend.

Books - Tombs -black magic: Vengeance, bad - for new ventures.

5 = The enemy triumphs at the moment one fancies that the victory is secured.


I have the most amazing thing that keeps calling me and won't stop every-time this card appears, and it is so strong, that all I see is her beautiful face.

there was girl the disappeared in our area, many yrs ago, I never knew her or knew what she looked like, she disappeared before I moved to town. this card kept showing up in my reading, and her face would appear in my minds eye, then I realized the reading weren't about me, but about her and what happened. I dedicate this card to her. this is her story, her tragedy. I even took the steps, talked with our local police.
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